Thursday, December 22, 2016

NOOKSACK EVICTION of Margretty Rabang REBUFFED with Restraining Order from Whatcom County Court

Great news coming from the Nooksack Reservation.  Well not so great if you are a corrupt council member and one who shouldn't even have a seat.

Just in time for Christmas, the Whatcom County court has HALTED the eviction process of Margretty Rabang, who was caring for two young children. The Nooksack council, headed by Bob Kelly were working to steal her home and force them onto the street.  Another product of disenrollment

The court said:  NO, I don't THINK SO!



Unknown said...


I don't see you leaving any comments now? What's up with that? Sure looks like JUSTICE is coming to the LIGHT! So it looks like your all keeping your cowardly ways in the dark what's wrong don't wanta look stupid for all the hateful things and supporting something that's just so damn wrong! Yeah I could just imagine how cowards like you feel you should just keep your mouth SHUT!

Anonymous said...

The TRUTH is some think its ok to strip others of their rights and dishonor our Ancestors who were already stripped of their rights by others. Why should custom and tradition be withheld in our history from within, especially after our Ancestors custom and tradition was stripped by outside land grabbers. The fact that disenrollment exists is because some bands decided to ignore the TRUTH and think apartheid is ok, even if their Ancestors already went through it from outsiders. Wait till you face the creator, what is your feelings and do you really believe its ok to strip others of their heritage? Good luck today, I hope you believe the TRUTH over the LIES.

Unknown said...

To the anonymous comment yes that is the TRUTH our Indian Oral Traditions are not honored by the so called council and chair of Nooksack. That was the first line of defense. It was not honored nor respected cause if it was all this wouldnt of even happened or gone this far. And to top it all off the damn chairman Bob Kelly ISNT EVEN NOOKSACK BLOOD it was my Ancestors who adopted his family in. The so called council have no Indian ways about them. My Uncle George Adams Nooksack Elder speaks the Nooksack language and during a council meeting he spoke Nooksack introducing himself and what it means to be Nooksack the chairman told my Uncle to speak English to sit down and shut up. Thats some TRUTH.

Unknown said...

PS...thats pretty damn UGLY too.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Once again it appears the Court believes it has jurisdiction over tribal leaders who have suspended elections and are no longer protected by sovereign immunity.

It is a very good time to sue them.

Anonymous said...

Pala and San Pasqual along with Pechanga should lose their Sovereign
Immunity status then see if they even consider any Dis-enrollments.
With all of this Court actions pending it won't be long before Congress grows some balls and puts an end to all of this bullshit action by corrupt Councils.