Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bureau of Indian Affairs Secretary Roberts LOWERS BOOM on Unrecognized NOOKSACK COUNCIL

Thank you Mr. Secretary.   This is a GOOD start.  DO NOT STOP  here, let's get after those tribes that have stripped Native Americans of their citizenship, including many like Pechanga, which acted OUTSIDE their own constitution.


"We do not view ...the general election scheduled for January 17 as legitimate and will not accept the results"      READ the letter below

"....actions inconsistent with the Tribal Court of appeals.......will not be recognized by the department"


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Maybe Acting Assistant Secretary Roberts will be able to make a change, after all!

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Like I say, these tribal leaders are not sovereign because the BIA says there is no quorum in two separate letters. Sue them now before they can conduct elections and "fix" the problem.


Well its about "That.. Dam time, Someone from the B.I.A did somthing right! Many are glad, The B.I.A. recognized the importance of a "Tribal Constitution, which is " The Soul Basis of Every tribe.."And any bi~ laws added, are not really effective, if not properly Conjoined in thought,with the well being of "Its People" our "Tribe whose Bi~laws were weaved by " Corrupted Individuals" with Greed in there hearts which spun into a great Webb of corruption.."Now Karma has them by the neck..

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Think carefully about the political process. A governing document (Constitution) is general in composition. It establishes the foundations of government and the intent of the governed. By-laws fill in the specific details that are not included in the governing document and are considered timely as opposed to timeless. They are subject to changing conditions, whereas the governing document must be static since it contains the principles of government.

Tribes need to become more savvy about the way in which by-laws are introduced and approved. Tribal leaders receive advice from attorneys that help them to usurp power from the general membership. This enables leaders to control the finances, the status of individual members, the assignment of land parcels, the distribution of federal funds and programs, and the manner in which tribal government is conducted.

Tribal members must work together to repeal by-laws that give tribal leaders authority to make decisions without the approval of the general membership. This is how tribal leaders gain control over the money and the power and use it against tribal members. If members do not protect their rights, the leaders will harm. This has been proven over and over again.

DO NOT TRUST YOUR LEADERS! There are no trustworthy leaders out there. They all are tempted by power and money. Protect yourselves by making sure decisions are made by the general membership. Also make sure your laws give you ample opportunity to remove leaders that turn against the members. You must protect yourselves against corruption, because the Federal Government protects corrupt leaders.

This has been proven over and over again.

Anonymous said...

"Pechanga" a band that honored ALL Ancestors and recorded their members when the reservation was created. A band that now takes away individual rights away from within and then goes outside and request it's rights be honored even if we ignore the TRUTH. "Pechanga" I want to settle our water rights, even though we have others living on their allotted lands within our reservation we took away their rights. "Pechanga" I will honor and allow an adopted member from after the reservation creation, to have more rights that others who have been recorded in oral depositions when the reservation was being created and federally allotted land. BIA allows too much and has allot to blame. Our Ancestors would appreciate correct honoring of ALL. The band did vote that in, but was ignored when the corrupt was faced with the TRUTH.

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