Thursday, December 3, 2015

Terror Attack by Radical Islam in San Bernardino. Is ISLAM to BLAME, or the NRA?

I stray a bit from the course of this blog, to put my thoughts out there in light of the murders perpetrated by radical Islamist extremists.   My, wonder why it's taking so long for our government to call it what it is.  RADICAL ISLAM MURDERS

At this point, I'm not aware of any of my friends who were there, but our daughter had a friend of a friend who was IN THE conference room.  My daughter works only a mile or so away, so well within the flight range of the bullets.

THIS WAS RADICAL ISLAM, people.  No matter if the male shooter, Sayed Farook was a U.S. citizen.  He was radicalized, and IN CONTACT with radical Islamists.  Something we KNEW about, yet took no action?   Really?  What were we waiting for?  Wonder if they were on Dianne Feinstein's NO FLY LIST?

President Obama is subdued today, not calling out the shooters as radical Islamist extremists, still trying to push on "workplace violence".  WHY CAN'T IT BE BOTH?  A perfect place to kill a number of people who may have said "mean things" or some other perceived slight like calling the party a "Christmas" Party.  Although, this radical Islamist extremist AND HIS WIFE, killed people who THREW them a baby maybe they hated the presents?  The wife DID NOT work for the county, so HOW could it still be workplace violence?

It's also rather convenient that Obama, when talking about "sensible gun laws" NEVER mentions the ILLEGAL guns he sold to Mexico that killed HUNDREDS of Mexican citizens. THOUSANDS of AK's to drug cartels...  should we call him the GUNRUNNER PRESIDENT?

Notice how the left blamed the NRA right away?   But they wouldn't think of going after radical Islam?   They blamed the NRA and our second amendment  rights for the guy who shot people at the Colorado Planned Parenthood baby killing factory.  In fact, they BLAMED those who TALKED about the baby selling videos...but not the, you know ACTUAL baby parts sellers for driving a crazed person to the shooting.

NO, not every Muslim is radical. But does that mean we shouldn't call out radical Muslims?  WHY, because they might kill us?   Political correctness LED TO THIS KILLING, as neighbors noticed the recent gathering of Middle Eastern men at this Redlands location.  But didn't want to "racial profile" or rather.. BE ACCUSED of racial profiling.

EVIL is evil and we need to be vigilant.   And we need to be HONEST.  This killing was  inspired by RADICAL ISLAM EXTREMISTS.....don't let other's tell you differently.  And don't let leftist tell you it was CLIMATE CHANGE...


Anonymous said...

The National Rifle Association (NRA) want to protect our constitutional rights, enumerated in the 2nd Amendment.

Islam wants to destroy our way of life, by either converting us to Islam, or killing us.

Anonymous said...

100% right!

Anonymous said...

Call a spade a spade..

Anonymous said...

I say recruit some of them and bring them to a Tribal Meeting.
That should level the playing field a little.

White Buffalo said...

You know it is very insensitive to politicize this tragic event. There are families who now have to bury their loved ones. At this point in time it does not matter. Point fingers and blame those you do not like, what good does that do. Nothing in this article is helpful to solving or comforting those who are directly involved. I work near there, but geez, my first thought was not to blame anyone, except the two people who killed and wounded others. Come on OP, you are better than this, at least I hope you are.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you White Buffalo, it is a sensitive thing, and I have been crying and praying for these people and their families. At the same time though this is also a political thing, it is terrorism and it is at our front doors, it needs to be stopped. We do not want to have to go through this over and over again until these higher ups admit that terrorism is here. They keep trying to sweep it under the rug because of Political Correctness and Sensitivity, tell that to the families who just had their whole worlds destroyed. The whole thing is very sad, and unfortunately the hate for Infidels has gotten so strong that there is no reasoning with them, no Americanizing them, and no understanding them. It really does matter. May those who passed away eternally Rest in Peace, and may those who are injured completely heal both physically and mentally and live wonderful lives. May God bring their families comfort, strength, and reassurance.

Anonymous said...

The safety of U.S citizen's does matter ,the fact they destroyed phones and computer's tell's us more people were involved.

Some people don't have time to stop and cry,they must protect American's.This is a case of radical Muslims killing people.
The case must be looked at hard to see why these normal American Muslim people turned on us and KILLED?
There have been Iraqi Christians here for 30 years in southern California and no problems?

BUT now Muslim's and Mosque's and all these problem's in America ? ( You figure it out )

Anonymous said...

Failing to call out who did this, is the same as hiding your head in the sand.

Not being aware is dangerous.