Monday, December 21, 2015

NIGC Enters Agreement with the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians to Reopen Casino

The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) has entered into a settlement agreement with Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians (Tribe) located in Coursegold, California.  In October, 2014, the Chairman issued a notice of violation and temporary closure order for all gaming activity at the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino because the Tribe was operating the gaming facility in a manner that threatened public health and safety. The Chairman had also issued notices of violation and a temporary closure order because the Tribe had failed to submit annual independent audits, financial statements, and agreed-upon procedure reports for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. The settlement agreement resolves these issues and seeks to ensure the on-going health and safety of the gaming operation and its employees and patrons. 
The settlement agreement allows the Tribe to reopen its gaming facility under certain conditions. A significant condition of the settlement agreement is that the Tribe agrees to pay a fine in the amount of $19,845,000, a portion of which will be suspended as long as the Tribe adheres to the settlement agreement.  The agreement further details both pre-opening conditions and post-opening conditions the Tribe must meet to ensure the safety and health of patrons and employees and compliance with NIGC audit regulations, including a requirement for the NIGC to conduct a full Internal Control Assessment within nine months of the opening date.
The Agreement specifies that if anything occurs to threaten the health and safety of the facility or its patrons and employees, the closure orders will be immediately reinstated and the suspended fine amount will be due. Furthermore, if deadlines or terms of the agreement are not met by the Tribe, the settlement agreement provides that the Tribe must cease and desist all gaming activity. NIGC will continue to monitor the Tribe’s gaming activity and enforce the settlement agreement, as well as investigate and enforce against any new or reoccurring threat to health and safety, or violations of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, NIGC’s regulations and the Tribe’s Gaming Ordinance.


Anonymous said...

The distributees will continue to fight for what's right. How the government can give sovereignty to a group of people who do not come from the sovereign land never have come from the land and will never have any piece of the sovereign land is ridiculous. The government is going to cause 100+ true chukchansi people who come from or live around the ACTUAL Picayune Rancheria to suffer even more than they already do and have under the run of these imposters. The only reason any government agency is signing anything is because they have been promised millions of dollars while actual blood chukchansi people go with out heat and electricity and the ability to eat a hot meal daily. Not one individual from the 2010 council is from or have ever been from the Picayune Rancheria. I doubt they have even stepped foot on the land ever. Those morons owe million s of dollars to the tribe for damages THEY caused during the riot. The buildings THEY destroyed. An entire race of people will be disgraced and forgotten because of false perpetrators pretending to be chukchansi and the government is only listening to them because they are the whiter of the factions! None of the hand chosen voters came from the land, they hand picked who got to vote, it was not a fair election, and is null and void.

Anonymous said...

Greedy distributee has followed the evil way of the white eye. Land with borders assigned by government intent on dividing, then assimilating, and ultimately eliminating the redskin.

If there's any moron, it would be the above poster who thinks only their one family was Chukchansi. Although the thoughts that come out of them do seem to suggest inbreeding has limited their mental capacity, the fact of the matter is Chuks were a much larger tribe than greed will allow them to consider.

And if you are worth a lick of anything you would not be sitting around blaming the government for your failure. Wouldn't be surprised if there's no heat because time and money are better spent getting high.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The Idiot/Moron who wrote the first post is as greedy as they come. I can't wait until they totally kick them off the land period. They are nothing and will be ejected like nothing. They are the ones who have caused big money to our tribe.

What we need to do away with these morons as soon as possible. don't they get it after 2 judges rejected their claim? Then again how do you explain this to a moron idiot? You can't because they do not have the brain capacity to grasp the concepts that they are not chukchansi as they claim to be. Ha ha ha! Sucks to be the fool like the so called only family who claims to be the ONLY chukchansi. Just shut up and go away. No body wants to hear you cry and bitch about what you claim to be. Bye losers!!!

Anonymous said...

What they claim they are the only chukchansi people? How stupid! Yes i agree, the idiot who wrote the first post is a MORON!

Haha hee heehee! Losers alright!

Anonymous said...

Tribe had failed to submit annual independent audits, Sounds like they got fat and lazy, like San Pasqual Tribal Administrators.