Monday, December 21, 2015

NOOKSACK Tribe Countersues Nooksack 306

The Nooksack Tribe, which recently had to shut down one of their underperforming casinos, has file a countersuit against the Nooksack 306.  They throw the term ineligible plaintiffs a lot...

Read the filing HERE

This will get interesting.   It would seem that if the Nooksack tribe spent as much time on their casino business, instead of violating civil and human rights...they would be more successful.


If the NOOKSACK 306  doesn't belong why does everything have to be amended.... YOUR Constitution, YOUR Ordinances, YOUR codes, resolutions and motions in court


Anonymous said...

See what trouble disenrolling members causes, members who were members when the Casinos opened, members that were needed for certain things to get done. Who are the only people winning in these disenrollments? The Tribal Leaders, the non-Indians who take handouts to turn a blind eye to corruption, and most of all the lawyers. When are you tribal leaders going to realize you are a pawn in their game to get more money from us dumb Indians and you are making the point loud and clear. What about the existing members of these tribes, what has disenrollment done for you, has it made your life better, has it made you more money, has it made your family closer, has it made your tribe accomplish great things, has it brought your community closer, has it taught the youth to respect all people especially elders and family? Why do you keep letting these things happen? Are you not brave enough to gather and fight these leaders you voted in? Do you not care about the future generation? What are you teaching them? Are you teaching them love or hate? Right or Wrong? Humility or pompousness? A man can sing and dance his people's songs all he wants but if he is not holding true what it represents then he is no man at all.

nickey said...

As a member of the Chukchansi tribe I watched nothing but hurt and destruction come from the disenrollments our tribe did. The hurt of disenrollment killed Alice Davis, an elder. Our Casino has been closed for over 1 year due to the hate and violence that disenrollment brought forth. Our present day Tribal Council leaders have blood stained hands from disenrolling people like Cathy Cory. Those leaders have no clue that they practice bad medicine. They have no clue that our struggles today stem from those disenrollment. Anonymous asked a lot of questions.. I think everyone on this page knows the sad answers.