Monday, December 7, 2015

Former San Manuel Chairman James Ramos Stands in STARK Contrast to Tribal Leaders Like Macarro of Pechanga and Smith of Pala

Watching this morning's news conference led by San Bernardino County Supervisors' chairman James Ramos, who was the former chairman of the San Manuel Band of Serrano Indians, showed marked contrasts in leadership.

While we get a view of corruption, cronyism and abuse from Mark Macarro and Robert Smith, Chairman Ramos showed compassion, leadership and competency in guiding this news conference as San Bernardino County reopens its facilities after last week's shootings by Islamic extremist terrorists.

Today, as we open back up, I think we all know the challenges,” Ramos said. “We’re here for our employees. We’re here for our directors. We’re here for our safety.”

Under the tightened security protocols at county buildings, some security guards who had previously been allowed only to observe and report incidents are now authorized to carry firearms and "engage and detain" assailants, James Ramos, chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, said.

Thank you Mr. Chairman, for your leadership, and your focus.  May the corrupt leaders in California's Indian Country learn from your example.


WeRone said...

Leaders who publically honor ALL members and the true story of their band. It's an honor to see people who can allow the truth to be told no matter what the truth is. Our Ancestors would be honored if ALL bands followed custom and tradition of the band, and not change custom and tradition to honor a few and not ALL.

Pete Trujillo sr. said...

Some times people forget that the Customs and Traditions of many Tribes are why we are here today. The teachings of our Ancestors should be like a guide for survival in todays world.
I will turn 67 on Tuesday the Dec 8, and I am a firm believer in our Customs and Traditions of our Tribe as was taught to me by my father.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Peter, you are showing the people that there are still very fine members of Pala that want only good for Pala and its members. Thank you for your courage and our family will prevail! Our Ancestors were good people always working for the people and the tribe, they had their land stolen from them, were cheated out of the chance to become Indian Landowners, were forced to Pala by some citizen Indians who somehow got enrolled and are the ancestors to the people who are hurting us now, and suffered through dealing with being shoved on land that had nothing that was promised to them. You do them and us proud!

White Buffalo said...

He has kept every promise he made to me.

Calvin Spears said...

Yes , Happy Birthday Mr. Trujillo and many more to you.
After looking through all of the post that involve you Mr. Trujillo sr.< I believe that you would stand a very good chance to voted in as the new Chairman of the Pala Reservation.
I hope that you would consider a run next year, I will be watching and will be willing to help with your campaign if you so decide.
I have been in Campaign management for many years and know what I am talking about.
I have a Management Firm here in Rancho Calif, and if ever I saw a popular vote it is you sir.
I will stay in touch so we can talk later on.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this Chief allow the MM to live on the San Manuel reservation? I remember reading it on this blog.