Thursday, May 28, 2015

Native Americans MUST Exercise COMPUTER ACTIVISM. Help San Pasqual People Restore Their Rights

The TRUE San Pasqual people have been a petition to demand action from the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs on the return of the rightful San Pasqual tribal members to their position in the tribe. This is NOT a "membership issue", this is a restoration of their rights, they are entitled to, which were usurped by what Al Sharpton would call "white interlopers".

By signing this petition, you will have exercised COMPUTER ACTIVISM, something we can all do from the comfort of our own homes.    Your signature on this petition will make a statement, one that will be received by Kevin Washburn.   DON'T let this opportunity be wasted.    Sign now, get your spouse to sign and any kid that has an email.

Take a look at these articles about San Pasqual:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Rick for your support

Anonymous said...

I wish there were 1000 of you rick,,,lol....god damn shame.

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sorry tomfoolery was for other post.

Anonymous said...

Mark said "We have a right to determine membership." Correct, the truth is WE ALREADY DETERMINED MEMBERSHIP, and our Ancestors were honored and respected. Now to have a faction led by Macarro et al thinking it's legal and ok to dishonor our Ancestors, determine membership on enrolled members who meet the requirements, take away all their rights and spend their share of everything the band has been allowed to participate in. Pechanga deserves to be honored with truth. Hunter family is Pechanga, no other family is more Pechanga than Paulina and her descendants. Your Ancestors knew the truth and filed oral depositions on Allotted Indians. The reservation and Casino would not be here today if the Ancestors did not record the truth. Honor them NOW!