Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Conrad Foreman, grandson of the REDDING RANCHERIA's original tribal chairman, Bob Foreman, had this to say today:

Did Redding Rancheria forget what they did 10 years ago, my signs outside should help them remember, because its about to hit them hard! 

JUSTICE FOR THE FOREMAN FAMILY! 99.98% MOTHER and DAUGHTER! Everyone who voted my family out did it for MONEY, how can you say no to DNA evidence? Money over their own people. Im asking my family to share this status, and any tribal members who sees this, do whats RIGHT! 

This is a corrupted tribe and i fight for my Ancestors before me and most of all my Grandfather Bob Foreman. this is happening all over Indian country, this evil needs to be STOPPED!

Take a look at  for the story.

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t'eetilawuncha! said...

It's grounding to see the young understand. Hopefully "ALL" will see what has happened is not our custom or tradition.