Wednesday, June 18, 2014

While Redskins Lose Trademark, GOVERNMENT IGNORES the ABUSES in Indian Country.

While America's Senators and government agencies ignore the REAL damages to Indian Country via disenrollment, segregation, apartheid, elder abuse, theft of per capita, loss of voting rights, the Washington Redskins have lost their trademark registration

In the latest blow to the N.F.L.'s defense of the Redskins as a team name, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, part of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, canceled the trademark registration of the name Redskins for use in connection with a professional football team, saying that “a substantial composite of Native Americans found the term Redskins to be disparaging.”

The decision was hailed by some Native American groups and members of Congress who have pressured Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the N.F.L., to force Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, to abandon the name.

The board does not have the authority to ban the use of the term, and the registration of the trademark is likely to be held intact while the team appeals, so there will be little immediate impact on sales of team merchandise.


Anonymous said...

"...there will be little immediate impact on sales of team merchandise <."

Buy NOW, the collector value of items with the Redskin logo should go through the roof!

Anonymous said...

Can't sue a tribe AG ,shove that Cig up your butt!

Anonymous said...

Change is good, but acts being allowed inside that our ancestors went through from outsiders is not our way I believe (apartheid, dis enrollment, lies, greed ect.). Criminal acts (unwanted sexual acts, drug use, stealing ect.) on others is different. Disagreements & unsettled questions is a different thing and should be handled together inside. Misusing customs and traditions to hold power, telling lies to outsiders to justify your actions is not our way either. These acts are running through because $$ is blinding, and people are forgetting these acts could be used against them. They would feel uncomfortable too, feeling their children watch the bad mistakes. No one is going anywhere.