Thursday, June 19, 2014


The Morongo tribe and its card club allies oppose the bill because it would effectively exclude their partner PokerStars.
In a statement, the Morongos said: “We strongly oppose the so-called ‘bad actor’ language that is nothing other than a blatant attempt to provide certain interests with unfair competitive advantage by arbitrarily locking out trusted brands.
“We will vigorously oppose any legislation that includes this language.”
PokerStars remains the largest online poker site in the world and is the subject of a $4.9bn buy-out by the Montreal-based Amaya Gaming.
Whether the acquisition and associated board changes at PokerStars will enable the operator to access US markets from which it has to date been excluded remains to be seen.
Some of the signatories to the Poker bill are well known BAD ACTORS themselves, including the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians led by Mark Macarro.


t'eetilawuncha! said...

Morongo Thank You and the notice is crystal clear. Bad actors need to straighten out "ALL" the language and lies broadcast outside to try and justify the corrupt acts of the Bad Actor association. Bad actors asking others to listen to them after they intentionally try to lie and cover arbitrarily locking out trusted people. "ALL MEANS ALL". Our ancestors knew trusted people when they where Allotted trust property. Do the bad actors know what their ancestors knew, truthfully?

Anonymous said...

Bad actors saying "ALL" is me taking from you because I say so. My ancestors are no longer here and I can cause all the misinformation and lies to be broadcast because I have Bad Actor support. Financially we get more if "ALL" is a club we dictate not following custom or tradition or what our ancestors created. "ALL" is what the bad actors say and tell you about, not what the truth is.

Anonymous said...

Change is good, but acts being allowed inside that our ancestors went through from outsiders is not our way I believe (apartheid, dis enrollment, lies, greed ect.). Criminal acts (unwanted sexual acts, drug use, stealing ect.) on others is different. Disagreements & unsettled questions is a different thing and should be handled together inside. Misusing customs and traditions to hold power, telling lies to outsiders to justify your actions is not our way either. These acts are running through because $$ is blinding, and people are forgetting these acts could be used against them. They would feel uncomfortable too, feeling their children watch the bad mistakes. No one is going anywhere.