Saturday, April 5, 2014


National Congress of American Indians President Brian Cladoosby has an article of the recent establishment of a charitible foundation by Washington Redskin's owner Snyder.   As if a mascot is MORE important than the abuse HIS MEMBER TRIBES are foisting on their own people.   Disenrollment, banishment, moratoriums, voting rights abuse, theft of per capita...  YOU CAN'T be SERIOUS, Brian.

Read the OP/ED here

My comment on NCAI President Brian Cladoosby's op/ed in the Washington POST:

Mr. Cladoosby's opinion on the Redskins and Snyder's Foundation shows the complete lack of seriousness of this matter compared to what is happening in INDIAN COUNTRY. While I do think the Redskin nickname has racist connotations, as a Native American, I think the NCAI and Mr. Cladoosby should be looking INWARD first. 

Indian Country is INFECTED with civil & human rights violations, tribal disenrollment, theft of per capita and APARTHEID. Compare that to a NAME, Mr. Cladoosby, and then you look foolish.

Ask Pechanga Band Chairman Mark Macarro why he keeps his own family out of the tribe and why his council did not follow TRIBAL LAW in ending ALL disenrollments from the tribe. 

Ask Pala Band Chair Robert Smith why he believes abusing 15% of his tribe is proper. 

Ask the 3 STOOGES of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians WHY they eliminated 70% of their tribe. THEN LOOK IN THE MIRROR and ask yourself why you aren't looking at THEM first. has MORE.


Anonymous said...

A other question for Mark Macarro why didn't Pechanga follow its own tribal process as written in their tribal by laws for disenrolling. and Pechanga hired a expert the renown anthropologist Dr. John Johnson to do a history report on the Hunter Family. His report came out that the hunters were 100% Pechanga's. So how did Mark Macarro and the enrollment committee handle the report they threw it out. Now as a government how would you feel if congress or the senate had expert testimony or evident and reports thrown out just because it was not what they wanted to hear. this act show that these tribal government's are not true government's but criminals taking over and hiding behind Sovereignty with out checks and balances to in force tribal laws. If congress will enforce the Commission of Authority Regarding Tribal Enactments Section 18 Paragraph 3) States Tribal enactments disenrolling persons found not to meet the established enrollment criteria. The commissioner’s approval of such action shall be subject to appeal to the Secretary of the Interior.
Paragraph 4) The commissioner shall forward to the secretary, with a recommendation, ordinance, resolution, or contracts which, in the opinion of the commissioner are: inconsistent with an act of congress or with a treaty or with tribal constitution or charter under which the ordinance, resolution or contract was adopted, enacted, or negotiated; or should be disapproved or rescinded for any other reason.
Paragraph 5) Notwithstanding the provision of section 25 of this order, the Commissioner shall not redelegate the authority granted in this paragraph to any officer or employee who pursuant to a tribal constitution or charter passes upon ordinance, resolution, or contracts.
This federal statue does not infringes on sovereignty it enforces tribal constitution ruling will be based on tribal constitution only so if the tribal government has not broken tribal laws then what they have been saying will stand and all this mess will be in the open for all people to see not just Indians.

Anonymous said...

The NCAI can not claim to represent American Indians or their interests if it does not issue a statement and/or declaration regarding the practice of illegal disenrollment. There must also be a concerted effort to address the civil rights violations, and blatant corruption inherent in mass disenrollments executed in order to decrease tribal membership and increase per-capita shares.

Are these not the most glaring and heinous actions in Indian Country? What organization that claims to represent American Indians can fail to recognize the importance of bringing these crimes to light, and opposing those who seek to destroy American Indians by stealing their benefits, abusing their rights, denying their benefits, and denigrating their heritage?

I suggest that all American Indians withdraw from the NCAI and refuse to fund their activities until they act publicly to denounce disenrollment and civil rights violations. This kind of discrimination makes name calling look like a child's game.

Anonymous said...

The only time i would ask Robert Smith anything is, when i wanted to hear what a lie sounds like.
Thats all that motherfuc$er does is lie.He wouldn't know truth if it shot him through heart. Which is really not a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

The band should remember that Macarro said to Congress that no Allotted members have been dis-enrolled. By saying this he proved he is a lier, and that is not the only misinformation he tried to produce. He also said he thought that Dr. John Johnsons report said the Hunters where 90% possible Indian, however Dr. John Johnsons report paid for by the band says the Hunters are 100%. Misinformation and lies broadcast by the corrupt factions of Pechanga is what is shedding the light outside to everyone. It's time to correct the mistakes that have been made so we can move on.

'aamokat said...

Mark Macarro said that tribes, not anthropologists decide who is a tribal member. OK, point taken as really Dr. Johnson verified what elders from the historical period said, that Paulina Hunter was a Pechanga Indian.

So tribal members from the formation of the reservation in the late 1800s, who would know who was a tribal member and who wasn't, so the bogus contention was that the Hunters' ancestor wasn't one, does not hold water

Pechanga elder Antonio Ashman in a notarized statement said when he was asked, "Did you know Paulina Hunter as a member of the Band?" His answer was, "yes, I knew her as such."

Pechanga elder Dolores Tortuga said in a notarized statement when she was asked. "Did you know or were you aquainted with the diseased Pechanga Indian allotee Paulina Hunter?" Her answer was, "yes, I knew her as neighbor when we Pechanga Indians lived at the Pauba Ranch near Temecula, California."

Plus the fact that Paulina was on every census of the late 1800s up until her death in 1899 is just some of the evidence Dr. Johnson considered in his findings.

Anonymous said...

What Mark forgets is the tribe did decide who is in the band, all the way back to the creation of the reservation. For the corrupt to step forward and disrespect the tribal elders who have passed away but left certified depositions to the creation of the band is sick. These corrupt actions are not Indian, they are corrupt acts of fake Indians. Disrespecting elders is an unfortunate act theat needs to be stopped even by force if necessary.