Wednesday, September 4, 2013

La Jolla Tribe's RON ANDRADE, Who Paid for Votes AGAINST Indian Civil Rights, Is Concerned about OBAMACARE

In November 2007 we wrote about Ron Andrade, who sent out an email on his government email asking for support in defeating civil rights for American Indians. AND paying for membership in the party

We are asking for you to attend the Native American Caucus of the Democratic party on Friday at 8pm at the Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim. We will pay for your membership and we will provide dinner.

So, is each membership coming out of Andrade's pocket? Or out of COUNTY funds? As the joke goes... Tonto says, "what do you mean WE, Kemo Sabe?"

How did Ron know that all the people he was buying memberships for were Democrats? Does Art Torres know about this?  

Now, the anti-civil rights supporter Andrade is concerned about Obamacare harming Indians who live off the reservation.   Imagine that, standing with Pechanga to harm HUNDREDS of Indians and by supporting the opposition to civil rights, THOUSANDS of CA Indians...NOW, he's concerned?

The passage of the Affordable Care Act has been hailed as a major advance for health care for tribal communities. There have been continuous articles from the White House and American Indian interpreters/apologists explaining the "historic" benefit to tribal communities. These may be some great advances – though there is little information or explanations as to the specific benefits which we can only hope will be coming soon.

I am concerned that nothing has been spoken of the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the off-reservation American Indian communities.
The United States government has spent years trying to get the American Indians to leave their reservations and to some extent they have been successful according to the US Census Bureau which claims that nearly 80 percent of American Indians live off the reservation.

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Anonymous said...

Is this a Democrat thing? Or a politician thing? Or was he just trying to curry favor?

No matter, he harmed THOUSANDS of Indians with his support...

Anonymous said...

Andrade used city funds? Or County funds?

Anonymous said...

He paid for the registration out of his own pocket so that Pechanga's busload of kids could vote against civil rights.

Anonymous said...

I'm not clear based on this article, how was he or Pechanga's busload of kids against Indian Civil Rights as it says?