Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Portion of Corrupt Chukchansi Tribal Govt. Pays Bills Early.

They may be jerks who let 70% of their tribe suffer through disenrollment and loss of heritage, but they pay their bills... Reggie Lewis faction are jerks too...which is better?  A full complete tribe with all people brought home!

The Chukchansi Tribal Council, headed by Tribal Chairwoman Nancy Ayala, today announced a pre-payment of $5.9 million to its casino bondholders, an amount that represents half of the Tribe’s biannual bond payment of about $12 million, due in full on September 30, 2013. The pre-payment made by the on-rancheria Ayala Quorum Council is meant to reassure bondholders, vendors, business partners and the Tribe’s more than 900 members that the Tribe is moving forward and operating efficiently despite a series of legal challenges and complaints made by former Council members, said Chairwoman Ayala.
The payment is also meant to ensure that services to Tribal families, elders and children continue uninterrupted and to protect the more than 1,200 jobs created by the Chukchansi casino.
“We continue to work hard seven days a week to keep the Chukchansi Gold casino operating efficiently and driving our Tribe’s economy,” said Ayala. “Our Chukchansi Economic Development Authority (CEDA), working closely with top casino management, approved this $5.9 million payment to make a statement. We have our eyes on the ball, and we’re determined to protect our Tribe’s largest and most critical asset.”

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