Monday, September 9, 2013

Interlude: A BIG Piece of our Lives in S. Calif Has Passed: Cal Worthington Dead at 92

Sad news today:

Famed businessman Cal Worthington's car dealership ads were powerful earworms for generations with their repeated urgings for you to "Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal." Worthington died this weekend at the age of 92 at his ranch in Orland, California.
Worthington died Sunday, at his Big W Ranch of natural causes, according to the Daily Breeze. Or, as TMZ puts it, Worthington "went on to that great used car lot in the sky."
Worthington, known for featuring "his dog Spot"(never a dog) in his beloved ads, "has sold over a million cars and trucks and has probably sold more cars and trucks than anyone in the world," his website proudly declares. Four dealerships bear the Worthington name, in San Diego and Long Beach in California, and in Phoenix, Arizona and Anchorage, Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

RIP Cal, I will always remember your commercials.