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Saturday, September 21, 2013

NOOKSACK 306 March Against Their Disenrollment in Seattle. Send to Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chair Maria Cantwell

Our friends from the Nooksack Tribe who have been given notice of disenrollment marched on Friday in Seattle Washintong. They are fighting the largest disenrollment in Washington State history. Here is a YOUTUBE video, PLEASE WATCH, PLEASE SHARE:


Anonymous said...

Excellent example of unity for a cause.

We need more of that!

Anonymous said...

Let us all pray for them to get positive results. More power to them to gather together and march, while they are still enrolled members. If they win then other disenrolled can find strength through their journey to fight for their rights and win. This is really helping to get the public to notice the atrocity of disenrollments, the stripping of our rights and our heritage. God be with them.

Anonymous said...

This makes me so very SAD. Senator Cantwell, Mr. Washburn, Please, please Help the Native Americans. This just is not right. This can be stopped and you have the power to help these poor people. The law is wrong to allow this to happen. The laws of America have been wrong in the past and were corrected. So it can be corrected again. Please.

Anonymous said...

I am a disenrolled and I know most are illegal and political or for $$$$ but some r legit. The BIA needs to get involved on a case by case basis. True members r disenrolled when they try to fight against council members that r not true members or corrupt. The councils r not the tribe..the people r the tribe "the majority"