Monday, April 1, 2013

The Despicable Leadership of the Picayune Rancheria Runs Ad in Fresno Bee

You can find it at this LINK

The tribe is in such bad shape, they may be defaulting on their notes again, they can't find their ass from a whole in the ground, so they have their PR people put up an ad.

Take a look


Anonymous said...

does anyone know if they made there loan payment? There dead line was today April 1st

Anonymous said...

Defaulting on loans is often a strategy among corrupt tribes who leverage debt to invest in lucrative private equity funds.

Banks understand that they cannot pursue tribes for return of the investment nor take possession fo their property, which is either held in trust or owned by the tribe withoug scaling legislative hurdles and receiving tribal permission, which isn't granted.

When tribes default, they appeal to the federal government for more taxpayer subsidies. The greater the poverty and suffering of Indians, the more money tribes stand to receive from the federal government to alleviate that suffering while the corrupt tribal leaders and their advisers make off like bandits.

Defaulting on loans is therefore a strategy employed by corrupt tribal leaders to rip off the taxpayers and tribal members.

Susan Bradford

smokeybear said...

And the "B.I.A. stands Idly by!
"Eagle Eyes."

Erick Rhoan said...

Not sure what I'm supposed to see. Looks like the ad is down, perhaps?