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Susan Bradford on Dale Kildee's Return to the "scene of the crime"

Investigative reporter Susan Bradford has an essay on AKIN GUMP and IETAN Consulting lobbyist Dale Kildee

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Saginaw Chippewa Indians report that retired Congressman Dale Kildee, who recently joined powerful lobbying firms, Akin Gump and IETAN Consulting, as a tribal consultant has returned to their tribe seeking work.
“Kildee’s nephew, Dan, ran for an uncontested seat,” tribal sources said. “No one else wanted to represent Flint. None of the Indians want Kildee back on our reservation. We thought after the pedophile scandal, that Congressman Kildee wouldn’t darken our reservation again. We don’t want to be tainted by his sordid reputation. His presence here embarrasses us. He has always come to our tribe with his hand out for our money.”

Saginaw Chippewa whistleblowers also complained that Rosenthal blocked their efforts to initate an investigation into the takeover of their tribe in 1986 by fictitious Indians through an illegal constitutional rewrite driven by Kildee and other members of the Michigan delegation.

Tribal Council resolutions document that the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council voted in 2010 to submit a letter to Doc Hastings, a Republican Chairman of the House Resources Committee, to investigate the fraudulent takeover.  Shortly after the letter was submitted to Congress, tribal members overheard Rosenthal tell a tribal leader, Milton “Beaver” Pelcher, that he would block the investigation.

Recently Saginaw Chippewa Chief Vinnie Kequom informed tribal members that Hastings responded to the letter, which was then forwarded to Rosenthal, the tribe’s Washington, DC lobbyist who has apparently squashed the appeal for an investigation.

“We love the Chief, but he is so gullible and naive, just too easy for Rosenthal to manipulate,” tribal sources said. “While he expected that Rosenthal would know what to do with Hastings’ letter, he never expected that Rosenthal would derail our efforts. Rosenthal is just protecting Kildee and his allies here.”
In 1999, when the Indians attempted to remove the fictitious Indians from their tribe, Rosenthal and Kildee staged a coup d’etat to stymie their efforts and shore up power for the non-Native infiltrators, who acquired their membership through fraud, according to tribal documents.
Tribal members leaked tribal documents which exposed some of the shenangians undertaken by Rosenthal, Kildee, and their allies during the takeover of their tribe with the hope that federal investigators might take notice and investigate them:  

In August of 1999 Kevin Gover through collusion, seated another Tribal Council.  He insisted he didn’t, yet documentation shows his phone calls, meetings, and intervention to see that these people were in fact seated as the Tribal Council and that the previous council, the Chamberlain Administration was removed by Tribal Police, with the help of local law enforcement agencies.  Kevin Gover personally called Isabella County Prosecutor, Larry Burdick, and informed him that he was to consider his decision as federally lawful and that local agencies could and should back up Tribal Police.  Prosecutor Larry Burdick can testify to his conversation with Gover.
Among the people Kevin Gover seated as council, were several who did not in fact qualify themselves constitutionally to be members of this tribe.  Numerous elections (4) had been protested by tribal members and nullified by the Chamberlain administration because of an on going investigation into documents, or lack there of,  involving several of the candidates running in the elections. Kevin Gover was made aware of this prior to the A takeover, and shown the evidence of possible fraud in enrollment by some of the candidates regarding their membership in the tribe.  A formal investigation had been in progress and those initial findings were shown to Kevin Gover.  Tribal Police had twice intervened and tried to stop these investigations.  That is why an independent investigator had been hired.  Several of those under investigation were installed by Kevin Gover. The plan had already been in place for enrollment problems to be rectified, an election was scheduled, a caucus committee selected, notifications to tribal members, sent out, candidates submitted their petitions of intent to run, and the primary election was to be held two weeks prior to the August 10thGover’s interference in the internal affairs of this tribe  denied the tribe the opportunity to correct enrollment problems, and in fact helped individuals who defrauded the tribe to gain membership for themselves or family members. Also certain individuals were claiming blood quantum from a tribe that was not and still is not Federally Recognized.  This also was in violation of our Tribal Constitution.
The current Chief, Phil Peters Sr. did not and does not qualify to be a member of this tribe.  Ronald John Jackson, councilman, is not enough blood quantum, he is not one quarter, also claiming blood from an unrecognized tribe, William Federico, councilman, only claims his one quarter blood quantum from an unrecognized tribe, Sue Durfee, councilman, used fraudulent documentation to obtain membership, Ruth Moses, councilman used fraudulent documentation to obtain membership, Arlene Molina, councilman, used fraudulent documentation to obtain enough blood quantum for membership, all of this was and is documented and was given to Kevin Gover. He ignored it.  Phil Peters put his adopted non-Indian daughter on the Roll and her three children. All are non-Indian.  Again in violation of Tribal Constitution.  The BIA in the Michigan Agency knew about it.  Kevin Gover was shown the proof.  It had been documented. 
We believe all of Kevin Gover’s actions tie in with political contributions, for a number of politicians with the help of Larry Rosenthal, a lobbyist, who was former aide to Congressman Dale Kildee, and also served on the National Indian Gaming Commission.  Much of this can also be documented.  Some already is.  If an investigation was done it could easily be exposed.  We would certainly like to know what the motives of Kevin Gover were, and what some individuals gained from the takeover. We do know that after the takeover, several members of the Peters council and some of their family members were paid settlements in cash.  As to why they received this money was not made known by them.  They refused to tell tribal embers.   Also their Financial  CEO Val Tweedie, refused to say when questioned by tribal members.  Her husband was given an executive position in charge of all construction projects for the tribe. 
David Otto, on Council and Darryl Jackson, son of councilman Delmer Jackson were invited to the White House to a dinner with President Clinton and his guest, the Detroit Red Wings.  One week prior to the Presidential elections, the Peter’s Council went to Lansing, Michigan  to meet with Al Gore during his campaign swing.  They have met with several politicians.  Including a dinner with Dale Kildee in Traverse City.  Obviously, “soft money” has been slipped under the table.  How much we don’t know.  We do know what the portfolio was when they took over, and what they report is off by more then a hundred million dollars.   
An investigation needs to be done regarding the fraud perpetrated in the enrollment department.  Each tribal member receives approximately $35,000 a year in per capita payments, plus many other perks, such as trips to Hawaii, cruises to the Bahamas, etc.  Currently the FBI was ordered by someone to investigate the possibility of fraud , however, the agent they sent, Dallas Kunkle, is biased and is buddies with the corrupt tribal police officials.  This tribe has provided over 43 million dollars to the community of Isabella County to go for various things.  From roads, schools, fire equipment, police equipment, etc.  The local law agencies are reluctant to say anything for fear of losing all of the freebies they get now.  Local law enforcement receives upwards of $300,000, a year through the tribe.   
Prior to the takeover, the banks in charge of the tribe’s accounts had already prepared for the transition of power.  How did it happen and by whose orders?  We tried to talk to the bank officials, they refused.  Why did Kevin Gover, Assistant Secretary of Interior, for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, call the local Isabella County Prosecutor, so law enforcement backup would be provided for the takeover?  When Judge Hinmon issued a Court Order on August 10, 1999,  for tribal police to cease aiding the take over, the court order was disobeyed by the tribal police.  The BIA investigator, Levi Carrick was at the tribal police department and it was the BIA who pushed the takeover by police.  It was nothing short of a military style armed force overtaking the Chamberlain administration and tribal building.  There were SWAT teams, FBI, including the head of the Michigan Bureau, Walt Reynolds, BIA, other police from Michigan tribes, command post, cameras mounted on rifle stocks, State Police, City Police, Sheriff’s Department, University Police, barricades, helicopters with people filming, and probably more we don’t know about.  An officer has said there is a cover up about what happened here.  He will talk if we get an investigation on a federal level.  So will Kay Davis about the fraud in the enrollment office.  And the private investigators who were working on things. 
All we are asking for is a thorough investigation into enrollment, finances, payoffs, kickbacks, and why Kevin Gover would install individuals who were under investigation.  They kept using the excuse of four elections being thrown out.  Two of those were only a primary election.  While they kept publicizing this, they were covering up why and screaming for the “will of the people”.   Many tribal members knew there were people on the Rolls through fraud and wanted something done about it.  So they filed election protest.  When the Chamberlain administration went to the tribal police to investigate, they had no idea the Chief of police and his lieutenant would undermine the investigation.  When one of the detectives told Chamberlain about it, Chamberlain hired outside help. This is why the delay for a proper election.   
Chamberlain had no idea he was being undermined by the police, the BIA, and people in Washington who were seeking his removal before he found out to much.  By the time he found out, it was too late.  Many of the people installed by Gover had cut deals with certain politicians before and were willing to expose things if they were found out.  The quote one of them made in the Morning Sun newspaper of Mt. Pleasant is “if I go down, they’re going with me.”  Quoted by Josephine Jackson, sister of current council members, Sue Durfee, and Ruth Moses.  She was the General Manager of Gaming, and several years prior had worked closely with Fred Dakota from another Michigan tribe, who had been indicted for criminal activity while he was the Chief of his tribe.   
Chamberlain had a lot of the evidence in his office at the tribal building.  When they took over, tribal police would not allow him to ever enter the building again or his office.  They confiscated everything in his office and sifted through all of it.  We don’t know what happened to most of it. Approximately six months after the takeover, Chamberlain was finally given a box of his personal belongings, family pictures, etc. To this day there are plain clothes armed guards stationed at the tribal building.  Surveillance cameras everywhere, and a police unit outside. 

Besides all of this, all reported illegal activity that goes on at the casino is being ignored the National Indian Gaming Commission.  A number of individuals personally spoke with Richard Lunderman from the Commission and nothing was done.  The connection between members of the appointed Commission should be investigated.  This commission is appointed by the White House, I believe.  What happened with the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe Takeover, has happened among other tribes as well.  Gover has intervened by installing who he chose.  With the Shockopee, the Kickapoo, and an unknown amount of others.  These are gaming tribes.  Why?  It certainly merits an investigation. 

Obviously, there are other ways besides Federally Recognizing a people to become a Recognized Tribe, to gain access to big money.  Gover also did a recent federal recognition of a Gun Lake Band of Pottawatamie Indians in Michigan.  Of the slightly over two hundred members, all are from one family.  Sprague is the last name.  They had no land, no treaties, and Lansing, Michigan, state historian James McClurken, who works on behalf of many other tribes, found no historical base for them to become a recognized tribe.  They do however, have a multi-millionaire backer for building a casino.  This is already in the works.  Connecticut isn’t the only place that needs investigating.       

  Greg Falsetta was terminated for signing contracts personally with a vending machine company, not for the tribal entity Soaring Eagle or Saginaw Chippewa Tribe.  Then along with his brother Max Schoen, would count the change, using Bingo workers or Security to help, and did it in an area not covered by surveillance cameras.  There was no accounting for this money or where it went.  The was not only unethical, but against employee policy, tribal entity ownership, and as a key employee, he knew better.  What happened to the money?  He did not have the authority to sign contracts for the tribe.  He failed to implement adequate financial accounting systems.  He failed to act in the best interest of the tribe and the business. Any and all contracts with outside vendors should have been under the umbrella of the tribe, not an employee.  Although there was a police investigation, there was not enough evidence to support theft of money, since they counted the money themselves, and not under the scrutiny of surveillance cameras.  There was no way to determine how much money was made or what happened to it.  The amount would easily be several thousand over a period of time. CURRENTLY GREG FALSETTA, AKA: GREG SCHOEN IS CHAIRPERSON OF THE GAMING COMMISSION
Bernie Sprague was terminated for signing contracts personally with a vending machine company, rather under the umbrella of the tribal entity.  He did not have the authority to sign contracts for the tribe.  He failed to implement adequate financial accounting systems.  The way this issue was handled, much the same as Greg Falsetta, was unethical and as a key employee he should have known better.  Although there was a police investigation, again there was no way to acquire enough evidence to support theft. There was no way to determine how much money or where it went, except for a portion of which he gave to the Montessori school.  Whether or not he used the donation on his income tax, was not established, since again, no one knew the total amount of money acquired.

  Darryl Jackson was under a contract, and it simply was not renewed.  He was not fired.  Darryl was the director of table games.  Several key employees under his supervision were not showing up for work on a regular basis yet collecting a full salary.  It had been going on for years.  He was aware of this, he also was doing it, and did nothing to rectify the situation until it was brought to the attention of the tribal council by the CEO.  As the Director it was Darryl’s responsibility, as a tribal member he also had a responsibility to the other members, and the business entity of the tribe.  He never reprimanded them, never wrote them up, never disciplined them in any way, nor did he require them to fill out leave slips.  He admitted to Council that he knew what they were doing, but did not know how to deal with it or stop it.  He didn’t want people mad at him so he did it too.  At that time Council instructed Darryl to deal with it, disciplining them, that was his job responsibility.    Instead of any form of discipline, he gave them a raise in salary instead.  Deliberately, flaunting his irresponsibility to the council and failing to protect the tribe’s assets.  After they were given a raise, they just continued not coming to work, including Darryl.  Darryl is also the individual who has been head of the tip stealing and slush fund which has been going on for years.  Last year alone this theft cost workers over $364,000 in       salaries.  Who has this money, and how many tribal members are involved in splitting it up between themselves.  This scheme has gone on for over ten years.  There is documented proof.

Orville Jackson, Frank Davis, and George Mandoka were not terminated.  They had not been showing up for work for days at a time, never filled out leave slips, and were collecting full pay.  They were offered an opportunity to rectify the situation without losing their job through the Employee Assistance Program.  Under a Personal Improvement Plan, each would be required to return to a regular work schedule of 40 hours a week, under the stipulation they miss no time, and would be on probation for six months.  They all refused and quit their job.  They did not return to work.  One other person who was offered the same assistance was Ray Davis, which he accepted and continued to work.

Ellie VanHorn was terminated for failing to act on numerous complaints of sexual harassment, and in fact aided in covering them up.  Complaints were missing from files, etc.  Nothing was being done by Ms. Van Horn to remedy the situation which was her responsibility as Director of Human Resources.  Numerous complaints had come to the tribal council from other employees, the Michigan Department of Labor, and finally, Congressman Dave Camp’s office regarding the sexual harassment going on at the Casino.  It involved Brad Mandoka, among others.  Brad’s cousin Lori Hall was his immediate supervisor, and she too, was covering up for him.  Written complaints were missing from the Human Resource files.  Dozens of them.  Finally one of the female employees who quit because of the sexual harassment, hired an attorney, and contacted several other female employees who were sexually harassed by these individuals, and threatened a class action lawsuit against Brad Mandoka, and others personally, as well as the tribe.  Mike Phelan and Christine Swanick both were aware of this entire incident.  Christine talked to some of the females.  Legal Counsel advised tribal council to act with disciplinary action as soon as possible to avoid serious trouble for the tribe and that they may have to make some sort of settlement with these women.  There are Federal Laws about this which the tribe would be subject to, as an employer.   Ellie refused to co-operate, and ignored everything.


Mac Schoen voluntarily quit.  He was not terminated.  He is a tribal member, and brother of Greg Falsetta.  The council was not involved, nor were they aware of the circumstances surrounding his quitting.  There are however, more then one disciplinary actions (DAN) written about him, and complaints by other workers.  It was known he was helping Greg Falsetta count the coin removed from the vending machines in an area that had no camera surveillance.  There was absolutely no basis for him to have received monetary settlement from the tribal monies. 
Frank Cloutier violated National Indian Gaming Laws and was terminated for acting beyond the scope of his authority.  As the Gaming Commission Chairperson, he overstepped his authority and the legal boundaries of Indian Gaming Regulations by hand writing on a legal pad, his authorization of four gaming licenses, and the individuals were put to work on the gaming floor, without the knowledge of the rest of the Gaming Commissioners.  Mr. Cloutier did not follow policy, law, or procedure.  He did not do background checks, nor wait for them to be done on these individuals.  The other Gaming Commissioners filed a written complaint to the tribal council.  Mr. Cloutier was illegally issuing Gaming Licenses on his own.


Ronald J. Jackson was terminated from his job in maintenance.  Two employees in maintenance, both tribal members, turned in to the council in writing, their witnessing and charging that Mr. Jackson deliberately sabotaged one of the largest trade shows at the hotel.  The Sysco Corporation.  He ordered some employees to deliberately cause problems with electricity, etc., anything to create problems with people from the Sysco Corporation who were setting up individual booths in the Ballroom.  Bob Ash also was in collusion with Mr. Jackson, to carry out the plan.  Mr. Ash was a former employee of Dow who was Phil Peters co-worker for several years, and upon coming to the Soaring Eagle, was given a lucrative position as a building inspector by Phil Peters.  Bob Ash was being paid $55.00 an hour.  He had no previous skill as a building inspector and in fact was receiving kickbacks from many subcontractors, which was being investigated by the Facilities Director.   He did not do his job, and as a result there were many faulty and shoddy building practices going on, which cost the tribe hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair after the hotel opened.  Such as, no insulation between the outside wall and the inner wall, which caused water pipes to freeze, which broke, and flooded the Water Lily.  This is just one example.  Mr. Jackson and Mr. Ash were reported to Hotel and Facilities management and they brought the issue to the council, along with the written statements of the witnesses.  In previous years Bonnie Quigno had talked with Richard Mahon in June of 1996 about Mr. Jackson being a trouble maker with a bad record.  This was also in writing from Mr. Mahon.  Yet Mr. Jackson was paid a large monetary settlement, and currently is Director of Saginaw Chippewa Housing.  Neither Mr. Jackson nor Mr. Ash had any regard for the tribe or how much damage they caused.  By his own record he has shown he is not to be trusted, doesn’t care about the tribal entity, and isn’t above sabotaging the tribe should he want to do so at any cost to serve his own purposes. 

Bonnie Quigno was not terminated by the council.  Her supervisor, Jess Hinkle fired her for insubordination, and conspiracy to undermine his work as Casino General Manager.  In writing she refused to co-operate with Mr. Hinkle.  He discovered along with her secretary, Kim Cronkite, to be deliberately creating problems for Mr. Hinkle and the operations of the Casino Management.  His mail was being diverted, tampered with, memos sent without his approval, and memos kept from him.  Several memos were written, and letters to the council.  Both Ms. Quigno and Mr. Hinkle were having a power struggle.  Mr. Hinkle was under contract and was the General Manager.  Ms. Quigno was an “at will” employee, not under contract.  There was no reason she should have been given a monetary settlement.
 There were also some others who received cash settlements as well, yet are not named here. Chief  Financial Officer, Val Tweedie, confirmed that all these settlements, were cash settlements, and did not show on the books.  Two tribal members who questioned her about this recorded her response.  She refused to tell how much money and to whom it was paid. 
All of these people who received money which belongs to the tribal members, should have to return it through deductions from their per capita.  If they are allowed to keep the monies, then there are a number of employees who were also let go by the Peters Administration only for political reasons, who should also be entitled to back pay , their job, time of service, and benefits.


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