Sunday, April 28, 2013

CA Rep. Tom McClintock REFUSES to Get Involved in Chukchansi Dispute. Won't Stand up For Disenrolled Native American.

CA Rep. Tom McClintock.

The struggle by feuding factions for control of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians -- and its Highway 41 casino assets -- took a new twist last week when one faction announced the results of a referendum to determine who is in charge and also called on the federal government to take a more active role in settling the ongoing dispute.

The group led by Reggie Lewis now claims to have regained control of the tribal council, based on the tribal referendum and a council vote last Thursday.

But the opposing faction, led by council member Nancy Ayala, questions whether the referendum that returned Lewis and others to the council was legal.

Confusion over who are the rightfully elected tribal council members led Rabobank to freeze the tribe's bank account, preventing it from making a complete payment this month on bonds for Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino.

Gaming experts estimate that the Chukchansi casino, which opened in 2003 off Highway 41 near Coarsegold, hauls in about $9 million a month from slot machines and table games. A portion of those proceeds go to tribal members as monthly benefits and also to pay off bond indebtedness.

Even though the multi-year dispute has exploded in several violent skirmishes, including a riot in February 2012 and recent reports of shots fired on a process server, federal officials say they are keeping their hands off.

Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Elk Grove, whose 4th Congressional District includes the Coarsegold area, met briefly Friday with Chukchansi members and told them he doesn't take sides on tribal disputes, said his press secretary, Bill George.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is precluded from stepping into the fray pending an appeal by a third faction led by Morris Reid to the U.S. Department of Interior's Board of Indian Appeals over proposed casino operation amendments, BIA spokesman Harley Long said.



Reinstatement_Restitution said...

And still there is no Representative, Senator, Governor, Federal Official, or Judge that will come out and say that disenrollment is a bad thing. They all play this stupid game: sit on the fence, don't take sides, we have a policy of non-interference. What a bunch of gutless wonders.

Is it so hard to speak out against greedy bastards that get rid of family members so they can grab a few extra bucks? Is it so difficult to point out civil rights violations, champion the disenfranchised, and stand up for freedom and democracy? They do it in foreign countries all the time; why not denounce dictators, fascists, and apartheid that is happening on American Soil?

There are no votes to be lost by standing upright on this issue. It is only about campaign contributions and towing the party line. I am sickened and disgusted by American politics where Indians are concerned. They all hate us, love our money, and would turn on us in a second if there was good enough reason.

'aamokat said...

It isn't towing the party line but bowing the parties lines as both major parties are two sides of the same coin, a bunch of good for nothing do nothings.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

I agree that neither party has any intention of representing the best interests of Indians. It should the policy of the Federal Government and its representatives to promote the goodwill of Indians. Instead it appears they want to stand on the sidelines and watch tribes self-destruct, and perhaps sweep in afterward and take whatever is left of value.

The future for Indians is bleak if self-serving tribal leaders continue to diminish their people through disenrollment.

White Buffalo said...

I agree that when it comes to Indians and gamming both sides have a vested interest in gaining contributions. This new Indian policy is working let them self destruct. Non-interference policy is just a new term for termination policy. It sure smells of organized crime, and with the politicians getting paid to look the other way their plan to subvert is slowly working.

Anonymous said...

after a while you wont have to worry about Chukchansi...the federal government won't need to terminate Chukchansi in Coarsegold Ca they are doing it themselves, they have all these different faction all the inside stealing, you have 2010 paying a gaming commission, the casino is closed been closed since October, paying stc an $17,000 hour, paying salary to the tune of $30,000 plus (up to the end of april and they don't meet because they suspended no quorum, selling everything that is not nail down,so much for togetherness,

Anonymous said...