Monday, April 8, 2013

Chukchansi Corruption III: A Disenrolled Members Response to Deposed Reggie Lewis

Here is a response from Facebook by a citizen of Chukchansi terminated by the corrupt leadership

 I am writing in response to the "Letter to the Editor" of April 7th, submitted by one of three self-proclaimed "chairmen" of Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, Reggie Lewis. Truth? Putting the best interest of the tribe first? 

 You won't get that from "chairman" Reggie Lewis, or from "Chairman" Nancy Ayala or Morris Reid, for that matter. Why? Because the real truth is ugly--over a thousand Chukchansi People arbitrarily and capriciously dismembered from PRCI since 1999, their tribal, civil, and human rights horrifically violated, and with more to come. 

 The reason? Greed...plain and simple. As our ancestors look down and weep at the shame and destruction that our "leaders" of today have brought our People, about the ONLY thing these three "factions" of our tribe can agree upon is fighting our neighbors--the North Fork Mono--tooth and nail to prevent development of their casino. 

This is NOT the way Indian People behave 

 Cathy Cory

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