Friday, April 27, 2012

When a Gaming Tribe Cheats Its OWN PEOPLE, Can They Be Trusted To Be Honest With Their Customers?

As a customer, what would you want in an entertainment venue, where games of chance purport to make you a winner? Would honesty be one of those characteristics?

How can customers of tribal casinos across the state, which have stolen from their people, violated their own constitutions, stripped the citizenship of thousands, abused their elders, forced some to dig up ancestors to provide DNA, trust that their slot machines are not rigged?

How can they trust a casino, run by leaders who have embezzled from tribes, be on the up and up. THAT'S what you should be asking yourselves before you go. Think about that before visiting:

Pechanga Resort &

Casino Pala Resort & Casino

Valley View Casino

Win River Casino

Chukchansi Gold Casino

Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino


Anonymous said...

Something else to think about it when you spend your money there. Your money helps fund Tribal Members being disenrolled and harmed. A birthright, not something they can give and take away. Boycott the CASINO'S!!!!! Let them know why.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Snoqualmie Casino, OP!

Anonymous said...

Don't just stop going, CALL them and thell them WHY you ain't going back.

nickey said...

YES!!!!! BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't go to any of these casinos but i know the masiel family is connected to soboba so i am think of not going to soboba too.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I see another comment about Snoqualmie Casino. Something definitely sketchy going on with their slot machines. There's got to be a communique link to the machine manufacturers and the offsite servers that can override the chip. Call me paranoid but I've logged several playing sessions where the reels are like photographs, the same reel combinations keep appearing.