Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tribal Terrorists from San Pascual Sues CA for $200,000,000

The same tribe that abused its members and disenrolled over 80 people, now feels butt-hurt by our state of CA:

San Pascual Lawsuit

To the tune of $200,000,000

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San Pascual Split

San Pascual Must Lose Right to Run Valley View

San Pascual Members DENIED their Civil Rights says BIA director who stood by while Pechanga violated its members civil rights


Anonymous said...

Is the alto case still active in court?

Anonymous said...

WTF?...the State should wake up and so should the citizens of gambling to all and destroy these tribal abuses...

Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of the end of Indian Gaming. California voters are not going to put up with the constant corruption happening throughout the state from the executive committees and now that they are suing the state for even more money, it will soon become a proposition on the ballots to end gaming all together. The federal government knows that the committees are their own worst enemies and will eventually implode all progress that they have made and they are sitting back watching and laughing as their pawns make stupid moves over and over until they no longer have tribal members left, except of course for the committees themselves. Then the government will pass a new Indian Act Law that will say a reservation must have so many members to be considered a tribal sovereignty and when they do not have enough members they can close off the reservation, keep the land federal, and shut down the Casinos. It's coming and the executive committee members are to blinded by greed to see it. They are no longer Indian, and they do not believe in the Indian Way, they have proven to the nation that greed can overtake anyone and compassion for their brother has completely disappeared. The unity is broken and the white man has won.

Anonymous said...


stand your ground said...

That last sentence...and the white man has won...Yep, you are digging your own grave by disenrolling, corruption, denial of ancestry
et cetera....all due to tribal corruption with no end in sight.