Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thuggish Chukchansi Indians Strongarming Madera Businesses to Oppose North Fork Rancheria

Marc Benjamin of the Fresno Bee continues his exposure of the actions of the despicable Chukchansi Indians of Coarsegold, near Sacramento.   Here he details how the thuggish Chukchansi tribe has strongarmed local businesses to come out against the North Fork Rancheria, which is looking to reservation shop and open on Hwy. 99.

Representatives of two eastern Madera County organizations that receive funding from the tribe that runs Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino say they've been pressured to come out against another tribe's casino plans.

Members of the Coarsegold Rodeo Association and the president of the Bass Lake Chamber of Commerce both said they've been asked to put their organizations on record either opposing or remaining neutral on the North Fork Mono Rancheria's proposed casino and resort on Highway 99 north of Madera.

Rodeo officials said they felt Chukchansi's $15,000 pledge for their 60th annual event, scheduled May 4-6, was at stake if they didn't oppose the Highway 99 casino. The rodeo association eventually told Chukchansi it couldn't come out against the Highway 99 casino plans, because that would jeopardize its nonprofit status.

Rodeo association officials said they still hope to receive Chukchansi's financial support.

Roger Salazar, spokesman for the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, didn't confirm that tribal officials had made a link between rancheria donations and opposition to the Highway 99 casino. But, he said, the tribe has a right to enlist support for its campaign opposing the casino project, because a new casino would cut into Chukchansi's revenues and impede the tribe's ability to assist local nonprofits.

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Anonymous said...

Simply put, this is called "Dangle the Carrot Theory".....those willing to grovel will in deed bit....those of higher standards will dismiss the attempt.

Anonymous said...

Another Bribery tactic. They think money talks. Also Jennifer Stanley tried to bribe the Oakhurst Community Center to not let the Reid Council have their meetings there. They didn't take it though. It's good to know people still have morals.

Anonymous said...

it's good to know SOME people still have morals...too bad ALL don't!

we all know that the money being thrown at politicians by corrupt tribal governments such as picayune's also comes at the price of those "receiving" politicians supporting said tribes "issues"...

and shame on picayune tribal council member jennifer stanley for her bribery attempt...AND the lewis led tribal council for "allegedly" utilizing ammunition from picayune's newly purchased gun shop in oakhurst to bear arms against their own elders and future generations in the ensuing "takeover" melee at the tribal office...cause word on the street is that, again, "allegedly", a huge supply of bear mace used by the lewis supporters against the reid council and supporters--as well as tasers, which were not used at that time-- actually came from sportsmans's den through facilitation by the lewis council...

THUGS and CRIMINALS...where is the united states department of justice and fbi on THIS one???

Anonymous said...

Oakhurst is a small town of course we would hear about the bear mace. We knew it was bought by Chance Alberta before it got to Coarsegold. We also have an email to Reggie Lewis , Jennifer, Nancy and to a person on our side. Stating"They used to burn wood rats out in the old days...I agree with Dana...burn um out! Prayers sent. Stay Safe." You could match the time with the 911 calls. Pretty crazy what they are getting away with. There is always that one person who ruins it for the rest of us. They are going to ruin Tribal Gaming for all Tribes trying to start. It was suppose to help us, not pay for all of these disenrollments.