Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Questioning Pala Chairman Robert Smith's Pala Lineage

One of our commenters had some information on Pala Chairman Robert Smith's ancestry. We have a 160 page letter to the Pala People, here's some questions back to him:

I'd like to share this information about Robert Smith's lineage. I bold/italic the parts I found interesting. (Starting with the Pala website info about the council, where Chairman Smith's profile states he is the grandson of Annie Moro) "Dominguez Moro is chief of police and farm instructor at the Indian reservation at Pala in San Diego County. He is of native stock, of Indian and Spanish lineage, and represents the old aristocratic and land holding element of the old as well as the new California.

He was born at Warner's Springs, in 1870. His grandfather, Jose Maria Moro was chief of the Indian tribes at Warner's Hot Springs. The father of Dominguez Moro, was a Sonoma Indian, was born near San Francisco about 1830, and was brought captive by Ramon Carillo, a Spaniard, to Los Angeles when a boy. He died when his son was a young boy and in the home of his grandfather Dominguez Moro grew up, acquiring a good education. He has been a naturalized citizen of the United States since 1902. For many years he farmed his own land and in 1920 sold his ranch of 1381/k acres at Warner's Hot Springs for ten thousand dollars. This was largely a fruit ranch. He has been chief of police since 1903 and part of the time has been deputized as a United States marshal and deputy constable. In 1893 he married Nicholasa Lubo. They have two children: Annie, wife of Henry Smith, and Katharine.

Mr. Moro comes of a family that has been well off financially for generations, and has always had property to manage. He is a man of strong character, industrious, ambitious, and has a highly respected place in the citizenship in San Diego County."~Published 1922 Now, it says that Mr. Dominguez Moro was of Indian and SPANISH stock. I don't know about you, but to me SPANISH implies SPAIN which is in Europe, and NOT AMERICAN INDIAN. So whatever he is claiming his own blood quantum, go back up his family tree and cut it in half for Dominguez Moro's father, who was according to this article only part Indian. (Dominguez Moro's father's parents are unknown to me, so he may be less than half)Dominguez Moro's mother was the daughter of Jose Maria Moro, of Warner's Ranch (Agua Caliente/Kupa) and she was Native American and Cupeno. I believe that all California Indian descendents should have their blood counted, and that there should be collective support for your rights. However, this information keeps making me think about "what the pot called the kettle." when talking about the disenrollments.

Not only does this article state the SPANISH lineage, but also states that Mr. Moro's father was not from Kupa. As I said before, that information does not matter to me, because he was from California Indian descent (in part) but it may matter to the members and should-be members of Pala because(as I understand it)the Pala governing documents state that the blood counted has to be "of the Band". Furthermore, Annie Moro Smith's 1928 Application #1341(thanks to the Freedom of Information Act you can request this from Riverside, San Bruno National Archives or Washington D.C. National Archives..they have to give you a copy if you request it under FOIA)she states that her father's mother Silvestria Moro was Agua Caliente, but her mother's father Patricio Lubo was Cahuilla, and her mother's mother Beninia Canero was Cahuilla.

(Sorry about the spellings, my photocopy is dark and hard to read.) She also states her father's father was born near San Francisco. She also states on this 1928 Application that her husband Henry Smith is one-quater Indian blood from Agua Caliente. Now I ask you, those who are enrolled as well as those dis-enrolled, what you think of this information? Did you know this? Is this common knowledge at Pala?

I lost track of where this puts Mr. Smith's "blood degree of the Pala Band" at exactly. Perhaps someone else would like to figure it out for me.


Anonymous said...

Robert Smith's was not even raised by his parents, he was raised by his wife's uncle, and not quite sure who his father was since his mom was known to keep a lot of male company. Sounds like his Pala blood is less than 1/16 which is the requirement for Pala, and it does not sound like he possesses any Luiseno blood which is another requirement. HMMM, maybe he should give himself the axe. That's just what Leroy wants, because he wants to be chairman and he does not have the blood either. Unfortunately no one is brave enough to stand against them and the corrupt things they do. They are cowards hiding behind the "I don't get involved in the politics of the tribe" but then they bad mouth them the whole time. Very few people like Robert and Leroy, and now their families are being talked about. Won't be long til the skeletons are out of the closets.

Anonymous said...

Time for some Pala disenrollees to OCCUPY the government center. Make sure you call the news.

Don't be weak and ineffective going out like Pechanga disenrollees were.

Anonymous said...

The Spaniard Chief who isn't 1/16th..what a mess!!!

I love smith's cover letter to his remaining kingdom that they can share "facts to loved ones" that in "1989 Margarita's blood came into question." (facts and question?--oxymoron) It was actually 100% determined and rendered "a final decision" from the BIA that she was 4/4 and Pala was ordered to correct the problem and they did--just like they should do now in this case, especially since Smith and company do not even recognize or respect that this document exists. However, for 'some strange reason' the BIA uses language like "recommendation." Thanks Howard Dickstein for your advice--you are a sovereign genius$$$$

Thank you Chairman smith for once again violating your own constitution of keeping family enrollment information confidential. Not just one person's enrollment information but over 200 pages worth of violations. And...what page numbers/probates of the 200+ implicated the 162's lineage as not enough. Could you at least cite specific evidence (i.e. on page # you'll see...)in your letter something other than reminding your remaining tribe members that you and and your EC have absolute power to enroll and disenroll? Its like somehow out of these 200+ pages there is obvious "proof" as to why these folks were expelled. There is nothing about significant about Margarita at all, let alone a justifiable reason to disenroll!!

Along with "full power" you can enroll and disenroll whether 1/16th or not? That is a scare tactic to the fullest extent. You should just say "do not protest this matter at a meeting or talk about me in a negative light or you are next and there is nothing you can do about it. The only people who are truly sovereign are me and my ec".. Thanks again Howard for your advice and ripping this tribe apart!!

Just some advice for smith and co--you have committed a "breach of allegiance" otherwise known as treason by not adhering to the 1989 decision of the US government. The United States of America allows tribes to exist in a sovereign state. But when tribal leaders act as you have and disregard government documents and rulings, officials above your friends and partnerships at the BIA will eventually step in. Time is running out!

Did I mention Margarita was also 4/4 on the 1915 ORIGINAL PALA ALLOTMENT ROLL, which is the basis for determining enrollment? I believe Robert Eden (BIA) suggested to smith in his 200+ pages that 1928 probates do not determine membership--another violation/cover up?

Time is running out!!

smokeybear said...

You know I did mention, several posts back, that "Smith's Lineage" needed a look see, and "Low and Behold?"..."Eagle Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Talk about "throwing stones and living in a glass house" or a Spanish glass house that is..I wonder if one of Smith's supposedly 5 residences is actually located in Spain, or better yet, left to him through an inheritance..(should we go ahead and consider this information as factual--one of the elders told me it was a fact--why not, everything SMITH hears from the elders in his favor is fact according to him--nctimes article-"fixing what is right")

EVERYTHING mentioned in Smith's cover letter in regards to making their decision is violation after violation of Pala's Constitution (or should I say Articles of Association). The constitution isn't valid, and he cites rules such that "both parents have to be 4/4 to be 4/4" and "EC has absolute power to disenroll and enroll whether 1/16th or not (is that how he himself is enrolled??). Enrollment is clearly determined through the original allotments. Even further, since the 'new invalid constitution' was passed, it too was still violated in regards to things like 'savings clauses' and 'due process' along many other errors.

These are examples how things changed with $$$ and greed due to the "fact" (Smith's favorite word when he makes decisions that benefit him) that smith and EC, under the emotional influence of extreme hatred and vengeance towards a former leader of the tribe and a "snake in the grass" lawyer, completely changed Pala's laws and how they conduct business. The original Articles were illegally changed to a constitution with 25 MEMBERS(a quorum), which gave him a 'magic wand' to adopt revised enrollment ordinances and cite b.s. rules of absolute power and enrollment that no one has ever heard of.

These are clear violations because the majority of the tribe (300+ at that time) needed to vote yes in order for this 'invalid constitution' to be passed, for the simple reason of preventing a single person from bullying 25 people into voting for something that wasn't in the best interest of the tribe--another fact. In other words, these recent disenrollment ordinances were 'snuck in' and now they are used as bedrock law of the tribe.

I am not a tribal member, nor disenrolled, but here are just a FEW of the "FACTS" that led up to disenrollment of the 162.

1-Robert Smith was discovered by authorities urinating in a corner of his "casino" completely intoxicated and barely standing..Public Indecency, Public Intoxication, resisting arrest, etc...

2-Leroy Miranda was arrested for soliciting a male prostitute. (can you say sex crime offender?)

3-One of the former leaders rightfully demanded accountability for these actions at one or more of the tribal council meetings. Leaders of the tribe are absolutely subject to be recalled if convicted of a crime---Leroy had no choice but to plead guilty!

4-Less than a month after Leroy's situation was brought to the table, the 'magic wand' was brought out, Leroy was 'off the hook' (petition signatures disappeared--poof!), and 8 of the former leader's descendents were expelled.

5-Once smith and leroy realized their absolute power and the inaction of the BIA, they along with the rest of the EC, expelled the other 154 months later.

6-smith sends out a ridiculous letter along with over 150+
pages of historical records that conclude nothing and in violation of tribal law, trying to convince everyone of his compassion and making things right.

7-Now that more facts are out, even more factual information regarding Margarita being 4/4, the walls are starting to crumble around smith and leroy.

8--Maybe if the rest of tribe will work half as hard as smith did against Margarita and decide his "factual" lineage to be of "spanish descent" and less than 1/16th, this tyrant will be out of power and out of the tribe and Indian country forever, along with leroy and howard.

Anonymous said...

I am pursuing to have Howard Dickstein disbarred. He is corrupt and so is his wife who is presently under FBI investigation. Next will be Robert and Leroy and then Theresa and Dion, hope they are ready for their finances will be under complete investigation by forensic accountants who can find all hidden money and any taxes not paid. Justice will prevail, hopefully not too late though, since the tribe is in such havoc, and since other tribes causing the same injustices might bring an end to Indian Gaming all together. Maybe that would be for the best.

nickey said...

Looks like it's getting ready to blow at the Pala tribe. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and then FIGHT back some more. Don't let up. Save your tribe.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted the bia to have them give thier "recommendation" to the eligibility of his enrollment status. I'd love to see the results of that history research. Smiths castle is beginning to crumble around him and the court jesters(Miranda,nieto,and the rest of his cronies) will soon have to start protecting themselves from the falling debris.

Anonymous said...

This article was from City of San Diego and San Diego County: The Birthplace of California, Volume 2
By Clarence Alan McGrew, American Historical Society published in 1922 page 490-491. It can be found using Google books.

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the research on the City of San Diego! Very interesting!

You asked if smith's lineage is common knowledge--I do not know, but I would bet that this information might circulate around especially since he most likely isn't enough indian for one, and the indian blood he does have is Sonoma blood. What comes around goes around might be the theme here. I hope the tribe has mercy on him as he has wronged so many through vengeance, lies, and cover-ups..The latest 'smoke and mirrors' is smith sent out the 150 plus pages of 1920's probates (that do not determine membership anyway) to the rest of the currently enrolled that proved nothing, but he and ec concluded Margarita's father was unknown anyway--justifying the disenrollment process. However, the kicker is smith intentionally left out the probate of sworn testimony (same year/era--20 some more pages) that proves margarita's father was Pelegrino Ortega, a TRUE Cupan Indian--not Agua Caliente, nor Sonoma, but Cupan!! Without going into too much detail and repetition, this was proven, stamped, and put to bed in 1989, way back when and smith knew this document was out there. Apparently smith kept this document out of circulation, possibly hoping it wouldn't resurface, but here it is...Again.. and like it has been said over and over, through the Original Allotments of 1913, Margarita was 4/4, then it was proven again in the probates of 1928, then it was proven again and rendered "FINAL DECISION" in 1989 by the federal government. What else do these Pala Indians need to do??

Anonymous said...

where is kilma? He was a part of the original 8 disenrollment process. Before the expulsion letters went to the next 154 he resigned.

Looking at his bio on the pala website, KL has a lot going for him--impressive educational background: Harvard, USC, UCSB, officer in the military, among many other impressive things--see for yourself.

I can understand kilma abstaining (almost from the second round, that is) and removing himself from this spectacle of events. He has a reputation and an impressive resume to keep clean--or is it??

Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

Smith did intentionally leave those pages out that prove who her father was. Smith truly believes he is above God and all others. He is disregarding the 1989 final DECISION by the BIA and has disenrolled the 162 members using irrelevant, useless information that do no more than to prove he has no proof. He sent a packet that he knows no one is going to take the time to read because of the size and the clarity of the paperwork. What his thoughts are that people will see this "official" looking document with a bunch of papers amd think "oh well the EC must have really done their homework they must have proof" and when in actuality the material in the packet was irrelevant and had nothing to do with margarita or it was a bunch of BS. I hope Smiths plan backfired and people did actually take the time to read the packet as I did and they will see he has no proof and the packet he sent out should not have been used in the decision to disenroll.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they sure stacked those "official" documents in that packet didn't they?

Did anyone else see the common theme (or should I say common person)in those documents?

I laughed before I cried. One manipulation after another starting sometime in the early 1900's.

If the US Federal Government can see through this manipulation, then why can't the Pala Executive Council?

Wait, I know why. The US Government did not have a bias when making their decision in 1989. The Pala Executive Council had power and money as reasons to be biased.

Justice, perhaps you are like me. I get through each day knowing the truth.

anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Smith,

Do you know what the definition of KARMA is? Let me quote it for you "The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining a person's destiny." I sure hope KARMA comes back and bites you in the butt.

Anonymous said...

Hey r s. I use lower case initials because you are not worthy of upper case letter. You self absorbed little man. Hopefully you can see what's happening at pechanga. Guess what little Napoleon. Your next!!!!!! Time is running out for you and the rest of your court jesters. Get ready. Your sovereignty will not protect you from federal prosecution. But to all the currently enrolled members. This man that you call your chairman will lie cheat steal every last penny he can and I fear he will stop at nothing even not stopping short to think if he can't be king no more then no one will and he will burn that golden egg laying goose ( pala casino and resort ) to the ground. My warning to all enrolled members. Be careful the snake charmer that has fooled the lot of you. He will take it down if he can't have any. Mark my words. That's where it's headed. So speak up and make this tribe respectable again. Now Is the time. Don't hesitate and take control of your lives before the e c takes it all away.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last anonymous. I am a enrolled member at pala who thinks that these disenrollment is an abomination of a wonderful people. I think we enrolled need to group together and speak for what is right. We must band together and defeat this cancer which is growing at an alarming rate. We are not stage four yet. So it is defeat able. I believe it is time for our voice to be heard. The threats of more disenrollments should not be a deterrent. It's time to clean house and fight for what is right.

justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

For those of you who dont know or who have not already done there has been a petition set up for the white house. We need 150 signatures to get it online with the White House and 25,000 to get them to act on it it for Indian Civil Rights. go to http://wh.gov/Ed1 to sign the petition. You will first need to create an account (name city and email) it will then send you an email (within a minute or so) and you then click on the link and hit sign petition. Send this to family and friends who know of your situation. I also sent out a text to those in my phone book (sorry not all of you are in my address book) explaining why it is important they sign and sent it to a them this creates a direct link if they have a smart phone. Please everyone do this we need to get these congressional efforts exploding. I know that everyone can take just a few minutes out of their day to sign and send to friends and family. Once a person has signed if you scroll down on page it will show first name, last initial, city and state and what # signature they are.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to sign the petition but I'm not getting anywhere with that address. Could you double check it and re-post it please?

justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

Thank you anonymous 9:08 the website is http://wh.gov/Ed1. You will need to create an account giving your name, city and state and email. It will then email you back. you click on the link and then hit sign petition. Please ask your family and friends to sign as well.

Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

A comment made by Leroy Miranda when askEd about his bloodline was that well his grandmother was on original 1913 allotment roll. Umm well that's funny Leroy so is MB and she is listed as 4/4 on the original copy housed in DC. Hmmm so tell me again Why is it that is what you go by for you but not for all??? Sounds a little crooked to me. I think the whole EC's blloodline, financials , criminal records, and whatever else needs to be looked into. We already know Miranda has a record!!

Anonymous said...

Those of you that believe this is about blood degree are incorrect. As others have already commented, Robert Smith has the same blood degree as those he disenrolled. This is about money that is being skimmed from the casino, about keeping the true financial records secret, about a family fued of sorts, and about protecting power by eliminating opposition.

The disenrollees have no recourse because they can't participate in tribal politics, the Executive Committee refuses to meet with them, the BIA says it can't overturn the disenrollment because the enrollment ordinance only allows them to make a recommendation. Now that the EC has committed this crime, they are doing everything in their power to cover it up, and to disrupt the appeal of the disenrollees.

If I was a member of the Tribe, I would be asking plenty of questions. Like how much was spent to get rid of valued members of the tribe. Or how much it costs to draft a treason ordinance to intimidate enrolled members who might side with the disenrolled? Or why isn't all the money that is supposed to be distributed to tribal members being distributed?

Some members rejoiced at the disenrollments, and ridiculed those that lost everything. They should instead spend their time fighting the corrupt members of the Executive Committee, because there is every reason to believe that there will be more disenrollments.

Anonymous said...

Get Rid Of The Pala Executive Committee ,