Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pechanga Tribe Opposes Murrietta's Future Development

Let's see, Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro once said, "what goes on at Pechanga is NO BUSINESS of the White Man", yet the tribe wants a say in what goes on in the city of Menifee?

The Pechanga Tribe joined some residents and developers in opposing a plan that maps out Murrieta's future development for the next several decades.

A public hearing for the General Plan 2035 was held last week.

"This is the legally enforceable document for the city and we are concerned that it doesn’t protect the city or the tribe or the resources within the city," said Anna Hoover, cultural analyst for the Pechanga Tribe, in reference to the city's proposed stipulations for protecting cultural resources.

"The mitigation measures that are proposed are somewhat vague, are lacking a few things," Hoover said.   OP:  Is that "vague" like Pechanga putting in slot machines that look like slot machines, but called them bingo machines?

"We have no concern with the human remains condition," she continued. "At this point in time we are asking for a continuance of this project. We would like to work with planning staff to develop something with a little more teeth so that we can address these before we get to the City Council."

City planners remained firm on the 300-page document, stating that many of the issues could be resolved through further cooperation but did not call for major changes to the document prior to its adoption.

Planning Commission Vice Chair Gregory Goodman likened the detailed document to reading the Bible.

"The General Plan is a living document, it can change over long as we maintain the flexibility of how to get there," said Mary Lanier, community development director for the City of Murrieta.

Now that the plan was approved by the Planning Commission, it moves on for City Council review, which is slated for July.
Lanier said the update to the plan started in fall 2009 and was built with the City Council's stated objective: economic development.

"So all of our focus has been on that," Lanier said.

"Great places really evolve over time and Murrieta has evolved to a great place.”

The elements of the plan -- a document required by the State of California that guides development and forms the basis for city services, ordinances and regulations -- includes policies and goals for land use, housing, circulation, conservation, open space, noise and safety. Included in that is an Environmental Impact Report.

Pechanga Tribe's Concerns

In a letter submitted to Murrieta City Planner Greg Smith, the Pechanga Tribe wrote that it was concerned that the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) contained in the plan did not spell out specific enough guidelines should developers unknowingly unearth human remains during excavation.

"...the Tribe is concerned that this lack of specificity may cause potential conflict and confusion in guidance of future development projects," wrote Hoover on behalf of Pechanga Cultural Resources, Temecula Band of LuiseƱo Indians.

As the most likely descendant within city boundaries, the Pechanga Tribe seeks an added clause to the city's FEIR that all future developers be required to conduct cultural resources studies for archaeological, historical and paleontological significance.     OP:  The tribe seems more concerned with bones, rather than their people.   They had no respect for their own hired archaeologist's report of tribal ancestry.   Why are they concerned NOW?   The put a GOLF COURSE over the bones of our ancestors.   Pechanga's concern is nothing but tripe.

"We are happy to meet with Pechanga represenatives to discuss wording but at this time we do not recommend including them in the General Plan because it is much more specific than the General Plan calls for," Lanier said in response. "We are willing to work with tribal representatives before it goes to City Council."

The city received 18 comments on its FEIR during a 45-day public comment window, the correspondence from Pechanga among them. Other concerns were also raised.

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Anonymous said...

I heard that at the tribal meeting for June Pechanga is opposing the quarry in Temecula.