Monday, June 27, 2011

Pechanga Tribe Hilariously Gives Recorded Oral History as Evidence in Quarry Battle

The Pechanga Tribal representatives are trying to convince county supervisors that the land that Granite Corp is looking to mine in the Liberty Quarry is sacred, they used, recorded oral history?    All of a sudden, they believe in recorded oral history.   In their own disenrollment actions, they IGNORED, sworn testimony taken in the Luiseno language that Paulina Hunter was a Original Pechanga Person.    They ignored the oral history of Antonio Ashman, our vaunted elder of the tribe.

They ignored written documentation of their own hired historian, and NOW, they want us to believe they give a rat's ass about a mountain?    Remember, the council came to the tribe wanting to BUY the QUARRY to expand our business into....wait for it......GRANITE MINING!

Noting that there are maps, field notes and recorded oral histories that back up the importance of the land to the Pechanga, Petty asked, "Are we that linear that we have to go find something on the site?" The crowd, which included numerous tribe members, applauded him vigorously.

Tribal officials are scheduled to meet Thursday with county officials in Riverside to continue discussing this issue.

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'aamokat said...

Are the tribal officials and tribal members kidding? They act like they care about Luiseno historical and cultural sites but the fact is the tribe promised in 2002 that if the Great Oak Ranch was put into trust and made part of the reservation that the tribe would do no changes whatsoever but once the tribe got the land as trust land they tore up a large portion of it and today part of the Journey at Pechanga golf course sits on that land.

Pechanga chairman Macarro made the same argument to the United States congress and to the U.S. Department of Interior about the Great Oak Ranch property that they are using regarding the Liberty Quarry project that, by the way, I am against.

Let the public record speak for itself regarding the tribe's environmental and cultural behavior.

Below is from the United States congressional record, April 17, 2002:

Mr. Hayworth. "Thank you, Mr. Avery.
Chairman Macarro, does the Pechanga Tribe have any plans
for development of any kind on the Great Oak Ranch property?"

Mr. Macarro. "No, we don't. As stated in our application to
Interior/BIA, we stated or have designated there is no change
of use in the property, and the intended use and purpose is to
preserve and protect the resources that are there."

Mr. Hayworth. "Without objection, we would welcome that.
Just one follow-up, and for purposes of the record, Mr.
Chairman, does the tribe plan to use the Great Oak Ranch for
gaming purposes or any purposes other than what you have just

Mr. Macarro. No, the tribe does not."

No I don't want the Liberty Quarry project to forever change the fabric of an important cultural and historical Luiseno site but the tribe has a lot of nerve to make it sound like they give 'one rat's ass' about the land when their track record says otherwise.

When I recently spoke to a tribal member and his wife they seemed surprised that I think of the Journey at Pechanga golf course as an insult to the Luiseno people.

The wife in particular, said, "well they saved the important parts" but regarding changing other parts of the land the tribe promised to protect and make no changes to she said, "well it is a business isn't it?"

Regarding the tribe having a quarry of their own, it is true that at one time they were considering it and while I don't remember specifically it was the same land that Liberty Quarry is proposed for, it still would have been on undeveloped land that the tribe likes to say they want kept natural.

Anonymous said...

The Pechanga quarry is located on the north side of Jorneu on the mountain above the man made water hazzard.It was a functioning quarry where the granite for the state capital as well building as other construction were mined.This was before Pechanga purchased the Paulson properties.

Anonymous said...

They speak with pitchfork tongues...the only reason I do not say anything at this point is that I am praying that no more destruction is committed.

The quarry will be devastating to ALL humans in Temecula.

The council and Quarry reps are no dummies; they are aware of what thieves and liars are representating; that they care nothing of the land and what it represents.

During the question period, did people see the response to the ? if other developments were made to cultural sensitive land?

Laura Miranda was holding her ass; hoping she would not have to answer...the white attorney handed her the hot potato....what a sight!

They are pulling a shuck and jive; they use Apis lineage in spite of disenrollment..if people thinking chicken or egg, then Apis is chicken and jackasses are illegitimate descendants...however, John Macarro himself named jackasses; all as 'adopted'..therefore, adopted do not meet criteria for enrollment. The fact that they were a factor of disenrollment deems disenrollment null and void for fraud.

Anonymous said...

If Pechanga gets the quarry, they WILL turn it into a working money producing quarry bussness. Mark my word, after all they have stated in the past that once land becomes part of the Reservation, they can do what they want with it.

Anonymous said...

Then...... Temecula will skin his lying black ass alive and hang his figs in front of the flag pole.

Anonymous said...

One day you guys are going to get the biggest bust!!!! This will haunt you down forever you know you and everyone will always will get krama forever you seem like you don't care and you are cold hearted ! You people destroyed the truth of the tribe that now you are a member of your own fake tribe! So it your big responsibility for the tribe P.S mark you are an bedevil and torment of the truth tribe!

Anonymous said...

keep hearing laura miranda's name?

Anonymous said...

Who's husband is Laura taking now?

Anonymous said...

you guys still trying to get enrolled? give it up you will never ever be enrolled get on with whats left of your lives moratorium or disenrolled if u havent been enrolled now u never will ever sorry give up the fighting1

Anonymous said...

Today there is nomore pechanga bloodline age ! Dr Jonson said already it done! What ever mark want to do one day who come later future where we belong will kick them out ! Same as karma !

'aamokat said...

Does anybody have a copy of the actual moratorium petition that was passed in 1996?

I was not at that vote but I was at the vote in 2000 when it was extended and I don't remember anything about tribal members minor children being exceptions to the moratorium

Anonymous said...

It does not Matter as you know the rules and enrollment bylaws change with no notification by tribe to anyone on moritorium It does seem VERY SELF SERVING THOUGH as well as Ben and Paul or john munoa not standing up for thier NATIVE BLOOD as many other members whom do not fight for native blood in moritorium we recieve no response from TRIBAL COUNCIL OR ENROLLMENT COMMITEE When we sent banishment and enrollment review and request to lift Banishment AMY Duestch was informed of every thing in our meeting even the audio tape PECHANGA YOU MUST CHANGE TO TRADITION OF YOUR ANCESTERS AND SAVE YOUR PEOPLE ,we will fight to unite FOREVER ,POLYSQWALIS SAYS