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Update:Pechanga's Masiel Crime Family is Four Generations Long

Update from Pechanga protest: Leiva family members, better known as the Masiel Basquez crime family were harassing protesters at Pechanga resort and Casinp. Felon Raymond Basquez Jr. One of the more stupid members of the family was one and Yolie "they are just herbs" McCarter was another. They had no effect

I've had requests to move this up again, so here it is.

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has a crime family that spans GENERATIONS.

It's well known that the young, thuggish generation of the Masiel-Basquez crime family are violent offenders, which we reported on HERE and HERE the next older generation of criminals HERE and HERE and HERE and NOW WE KNOW where they get it from:

Francisca Leivas Basquez
As shown below there are two pieces of evidence that show the Matriach of the Basquez family, Francisca Leyva (Leivas) tried to defraud the government and gain of three per capita checks when only one was legal. Fraud, such as her family then perpetrated on the Pechanga Band.
Sins of the mother, passed on to her progeny.
How can the Pechanga Members continue to support them? How much theft has to happen?



Pechanga Man said...

Why didn't you include the criminal conspiracy to defraud a tribal government and its people?

Not to mention the theft of MILLIONS of dollars in per capita and health care from rightful members in the moratorium

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Francisca din't know who she was and that's why she used so many different names?

Was she senile, feeble or just guided by someone else, like her adopted daughter, Ruth?

What did Jennie tell the enrollment committee? Andrew Masiel once said he knew who he was, I'd say he then KNEW he wasn't PECHANGA.

Anonymous said...

Mark and The Council have known that the Maciels and the Basquez families were phonies and that the disenrolled families are legitimate from the very beginning. Their fraud is now under investigation by agencies outside the tribes’ control. There will be indictments, jail sentences, and restitutions required from all of the participants in illegal activities including the lawyers and Government Officials involved in the corrupt acts. The charges will include bribery, extortion, embezzlement, forgery, and corruption of public officials, election law violations, conspiracy, and racketeering and income tax evasion.

These are criminal matters and Tribal Sovereignty is not a defense. Many of our current tribal leaders will face long prison sentences and will be stripped of their current possessions and future income. The arrogance and greed, coupled with plain stupidity and pigishness of these so-called “leaders” are coming to a predictable conclusion. It is just sad that a few fools will forever taint the reputation of Pechanga as the Indian Tribe hijacked by criminals

Anonymous said...

I think that there is NO investigations of Pechanga, you are lying

'aamokat said...

My question to the CPP is why are you bringing this up now as the Hunters and Manuela Mirandas presented a lot of what you are presenting here to the enrollment committee in 2003 or 2004 regarding the Basquez/Masiels before they were disenrolled?

The CPP knew about the questionable linage of the Basquez/Masiels but they moved against the Hunters and M. Mirandas, with help from the Basquez/Masiels, instead.

From the research I have done, Ruth Masiel is the blood daughter of Francisca Leyvas as she is listed in some of the census records as Janet Leyvas until she was about two years old.

She was then adopted by the Flores/Salazar family in the 1920s and renamed Ruth Flores not Ruth Garcia unless that is an also known as name.

And even though it doesn't change the fact that Ruth likely is not Pechanga it does show some twisting or misrepresentation of the facts, a typical CPP trick.

There are also some other contradictions in some of this information including the statement that Vincente Leyvas wasn't listed as living with Josepha until 1903 when in another paragraph it says the 1902 census lists Josepha with Vincente.

But anyway a lot of what the CPP presented here is accurate and there are serious questions regarding the legitimacy of the Francisca Leyvas descendants.

But again CPP why bring this up now when you knew about this in 2004 or even before then?

Was it because you wanted to use the help of the Basquez/Masiels against the now disenrolled families and you don't need them anymore and that is why you are throwing them under the bus now?

Anonymous said...

Isn't under the bus where the Basquez' belong? After all, Ihrene STOLE from the tribe, meaning she stole from ALL of us. Anyone question that she could have done somthing shady while at the BIA?
Oh no, a thief wouldn't do that

'aamokat said...

But why is the CPP doing this now and why didn't they present this information before?

They've known about the discrepancies of the linage of the Basquez/Masiels for years and yet they did nothing about it.

As I said, the Hunters and M. Mirandas presented a lot of this information to the enrollment committee when they counter-filed disenrollment charges against the Basquez/Masiels.

So not only did the CPP not challenge the Basquez/Masiels prior to the disenrollment of the Hunters and M. Mirandas, the Basquez/Masiels were part of the CPP when they kicked the Hunters and M. Mirandas out of the tribe.

I am sure the Basquez/Masiels will argue that disenrollment has been illegal since 2005 despite the fact that reportedly they tried to get other Pechanga families disnenrolled this year (2009) and that they saw no contradiction to disenrolling the Hunters in 2006 despite the law that was passed the previous year forbidding disenrollments.

'aamokat said...

Add on to my last post:

My point is the Basquez/Masiels didn't care that they helped get rid of legitimate Pechanga families who have more of a claim on tribal membership than they do.

So I don't think people are going to be sympethetic concerning their plight now.

I am not defending them in anyway I was just saying that the CPP are snakes as well.

But what is that old saying?

"What goes around, comes around?"

One thing for sure is that it is a fact that Joshepha Garcia was married to Felipe Cascara in 1898 the year of Basquez/Masiel ancestor Francisca Leyvas' birth but Francisca is not listed on the census records until a few years later but even then she was not listed with her supposed mother.

So what the CPP is saying on this is true that Josepha was likely Francisca's step mother so if that is the case that would mean the Basquez/Masiels do not have a bonefide claim on tribal membership.

Hates Tribal Corruption said...

Meanwhile, Frances Miranda supported the Masiel Crime Family in their efforts to remove her OWN relatives, the Manuela Miranda.

If she believes in God, she has to believe in Hell, and guess where she'll end up?

Anonymous said...

How can government entities take the Pechanga Tribe seriously when they perpetrate acts of corruption on their own people?

When will families like the Vasquez and Manoas stand up? What about the Garbanis?

Anonymous said...

Jennie miranda your days are numbered, its about time, you thought you were so smart! Take your bald mother with you! Sorry but im very upset!

Anonymous said...

You people are weak with no backbone and Jennie is strong enough to manipulate our entire tribe.

That's why we put up with Andy and Junior Basquez

Phil Cuevas said...

"You people are weak with no backbone and Jennie is strong enough to manipulate our entire tribe.
That's why we put up with Andy and Junior Basquez"

What do you mean "You people"? Your statement implies that YOU are the weak people. Otherwise why would YOU "put up" with them?? We may have fought and lost be at least we fought. Go back and bury your head back in the sand you idiot!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the Masiels were raised with no moral compass to guide them.

Great Grandmother Francisca taught them how to cheat and they learned that lesson well.

Congratulations to all the Masiel Crime family for being good students

Anonymous said...

bone heads theres a 20 page criminal complaint in front of the us attorney generals office right now but your out of the loop because you choose to follow certain people,just sit on the side line and eat some popcorn.

bull frog ,croak croak

Anonymous said...

croak croak ,wow I give credit to phil cuevas for posting his real name and thoughts ,what about the rest of you?

bull frog

Anonymous said...

The Masiels and Mirandas have always been together in the corruption. They all banded together as the CPP to manipulate the Pechanga people and get control of the tribe. The reason why they disenrolled the M Mirandas and the Hunters is because the members of those families who were on the enrollment committee found out the truth about their corruption, especially about people they stuck in the moratorium that should not have been there. So, they had to get rid of them! And they did it with Mark Macarros help!!

As aamokat said, "What comes around goes around!" Frances isn't the only one going to hell! If I were you Mark Maccarro, I would make amends and reverse the disenrollments now. Because I have seen your future and it isn't pretty!!!!!

JaSinner said...

OUCH! sounds like one of the Masiel's just coughed up 100k in bail because they couldn't get their family member to show up for court..

Temecula Man said...

HOW MUCH would the remaining tribal members get in per capita if they got rid of ALL MASIEL-Basquez Line?

Would just the peace of mind knowing that a crime family member won't be evading the police be enough?

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of the fat, lying, disgusting, Masiels makes me sick. But their family history shows, once a thief always a thief.

Anonymous said...

Hey, not all Masiels are fat..

Lying and disgusting...

Anonymous said...

they are all ugly

polysqawlis said...

polysqawlis says
the moritorium true blood descendents need to pull together and fight RIGHT NOW TO REGAIN THIER heritage not sit on behinds and do nothing NOW IS the time for actions NOT JUST WORDS post to all

Anonymous said...

tosobal family please let us inroll we can prove who are ancester are back to 1700

OPechanga said...

I agree with Polysqawlis that the moritorium true blood descendents need to pull together and fight RIGHT NOW.
That's why this post has been available for THREE WEEKS now for them to come here and tell their stories.
LOOK, the clock is ticking and so far, few moratorium people seem willing to fight for their rights.

NOW, WHY should a politician waste ANY political capital on YOU?

Allen L. Lee said...

"TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 47 > § 1028
Prev | Next
§ 1028. Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information

….(D) an offense under paragraph (7) of such subsection that involves the transfer, possession, or use of 1 or more means of identification if, as a result of the offense, any individual committing the offense obtains anything of value aggregating $1,000 or more during any 1-year period;... "

Anonymous said...

I am a moritorium true blood and I do want to fight. I've sent the letter, emailed senators and even met with the BIA. I truly want to fight but I don't know how or what to do. We cant go to court becuase of the soveriegn thing and no one seems willing to remove the moritorium. I want to fight so please tell me what to do. I will stand with anyone and do anything but I seriously don't know what to do.

OPechanga said...

Moratorium True Blood, this is a fight that's NOT going to end in a knockout.
There are many areas in which to fight.
1. Enlist your family and friends in your struggle. TELL THEM about what Pechanga has done and ask them to tell their friends.
2. Create letters for them to send on your behalf to their congresspeople. Some won't read emails if it's not in their districts.
3. Visit sites like Original Pechanga's Blog and Tribal so that their traffic gets built up.

Politicians DO take notice, but frankly they are swayed by money from deep pocket tribes like Pechanga and the Cherokee. What we have to counterbalance that is: Time, energy, and allies. We have to make it uncomfortable for Pechanga. Say, we cost them business, it may bring them to their senses that doing what is right is good business.

Imagine the headlines in the papers:
PECHANGA TRIBE BRINGS ALL THEIR PEOPLE HOME and the stories that could go with it?
That would be good for business and much more cost effective than the $80 million they spent on their proposition. Seriously, having 300 more people talking about how they did was right, versus hundreds who are touting what WRONG with Pechanga...which would you choose.

Look, Pechanga checks this site 5-10 times per day and that's MORE than anyone else, but ME. If all YOUR family and friends, plus all the Manuela Miranda families and friends and the HUNTER family and friends did the SAME AS PECHANGA, this blog would JUMP in traffic and get more notice. We get seen by Washington DC and they see our traffic.

YOU can help by visiting here often.

Anonymous said...

This not true. There has been nothing submitted. Spreading untrue rumors hurts not helps the Hunter cause.

Anonymous said...

Which rumors are untrue

Anonymous said...

I heard the rumors WERE true, the CPP must be tired of the control the criminals exert over them and the tribe....

Anonymous said...

Cpp not after the family you suggest. No documents were submitted to enrollment committee by cpp. Tribe is in fear of these families and know that speaking against them is the kiss of death, example Hunter clan.

'aamokat said...

So Anonymous of November 20, 2009, 5:06 PM is admitting that what we have been saying about corruption in the Pechanga tribe is true and that is the reason we are no longer tribal members.

What, do don't support the rule of law and the rights of individuals to have due process?

You think your are untouchable and that is going to be all of your downfalls.

Pride comes before a fall.

I believe it is true that the CPP is after the Masiel/Basquez but our anonymous "friend" wants to reassure those Masiel/Basquez family members who are reading this blog that they aren't a target.

This letter is in the same style of the propaganda pieces that were submitted against my family.

Except in regards to the Masiel/Basquez submission that although there are a few isolated half truths and twists of the facts, most of the CPP's letter is factual and essentially what we submitted when we counter filed disenrollment challenges to that family's membership before we were disenrolled.

'aamokat said...

I meant "you don't" not do don't.

Lately I have been letting typos get by me.

Luiseno said...

Remember when Mark M. got up before the membership and stated that "No familys were up for disenrollment. That it was just a rumor and NOT true".

That was just before disenrolling us.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why the Basquez's connection isn't to Vincente and Jeppa (Joespha) Leivas. They appear on Pechanga census records. How was it determined the Joespha Leivas is the same person as Joespha Garcia. If I had to guess I’d say Francisca Leivas was just claiming to be a Garcia to get more per cap or to steal land.

Also, above it states that Ruth Masiel was adopted by the Flores/Salazar family and that her previous name was Janet Leivas. Is this a fact or assumed? How exactly did this supposedly work: Francisca Leivas (Garcia) had Janet Leivas (Ruth Masiel) who was adopted in 1929 by Petronilla (Flores) Salazar but still shows up as Janet and with Francisca on the 1930 – 1940 census; then Francisca married Arthur Basquez and in 1933 had Irene, but none of Ruth and Irene’s siblings are list on any of the census records, such as Arthur Jr., Tony, Raymond, Amelia or Marcella. Why is that; are all of them supposedly Pechanga or was Francisca not the mother of some of them, because the 1931 census says that Francisca is said to be married to Reginaldo Duro who is not enrolled. Additionally, it appears that Ruth is really only a half sister with the rest of her siblings; is that correct?

'aamokat said...

There are so many questions about the Masiel/Basquez family it isn't funny not the least of which is that Francisca Leyvas was born in 1898 but she was not listed on any Pechanga censuses until 1902 but even then she isn't listed with her "supposed" mother Josepha.

In the census records of the 1890's Josepha Garcia, in particular in 1898 the year of Francisca's birth, is listed as married to Felipe Cascara not to anyone named Leyvas (or any of its variations).

So if Francisca was her daughter, then why wasn't she listed with her mother when she was born and not at all until years later if in fact Jeppa Leyvas was in fact Josepha (Garcia) Cascara?

Your guess is as good as ours as to these questions and these people are the people who truly know who the true Pechanga people are when it looks like they can't prove that they really are themselves?

And they sat in judgment of us?!

Add to that the conflicting enrollment and per capita applications of Francisca with the state of California so who really are these people?

No wonder they pushed for recognition by oral tradition and not paperwork as it appears they don't have any documentation of who they are.

I would assume that Ruth is the half sibling of the others.

Anonymous said...

Cuevas is no more a Pechanga descendant than the Masiels,murphies,Calacs,Magee and all the other crooks enrolled by fraud.

Did you know....Antonio Ashman was San Luis Rey?

'aamokat said...


CENSUS of the Temecula Reservation
July 1895 San Luis Rey Tribe

Anonymous of January 28, 2010 2:09PM, This is the title of the reservation census record for 1895 so was your ancestor(s) on this census record?

If so and if you are a current tribal member, than maybe you should be disenrolled but if you are a moratorium person, than by your reasoning you should never be let into the tribe because the whole tribe is on this record so according to this record everyone is San Luis Rey.

so does that mean everyone should be disenrolled?

Where do you think the name Luiseno came from?

My point is that, depending on what year the census was taken, the tribe was indentified as being Temecula, Temecula-San Luis Rey, or Pechanga so the names were clearly interchangable.

So saying Antonio Ashman or Paulina Hunter, or for that matter, anyone else past or present was San Luis Rey is in the historical context the same thing as saying Temecula, Pechanga or Temecula-San Luis Rey (Luiseno).

So your statment about Mr. Ashman proves nothing.

By the way, sanjuanflorist if you read this, that was the reasoning for disenrolling us, that Paulina Hunter was San Luis Rey and not Pechanga according to the bogus ruling of the disenrollment committee.

Yes there is an unrecognized tribe called the San Luis Rey tribe based in Oceanside from the mission but if we tried to join that group, which none us have done, they would not accept us.


Because they would say we are from the Temecula tribe of Luiseno and not from the Oceanside tribe of Luiseno.

Anonymous said...

You did not park your arses;invade parked your arses in temecula.

Read the history of California;southern California, San Diego, Riverside. You will see invaders stole for themselves everything that belonged to Indians.

Grant lands were stolen lands.

Many of the names of allottments included whites, favored scoundrels of Pico, etc.
Masiel/basque,Baron,Levias, Murphy,Flores,etc all feel entitled to steal what is not theirs because they have been conditioned by generations before them to believe it is their right.

Paul Whitten said...

Ya "Anonymous January 28, 2010 7:40 PM" is right. All our ancestors could not wait to get ahold of this barren land. It was prime property, no running water, no wood for the winter, and the sand bed makes great land to produce vegitation. NOT!

Apparently anonymous must have forgot to read the book Ramona, during her research.

Were in your history books, did it talk about the story you are portraying? Grant lands stolen???

For your information Dr. Johnson a curator and expert in the California Mission indian history says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

for your information, did Johnson have access to CIDB? Access to Interior/big files?

Anonymous said...

BIA files?

'Grant lands' were stolen from Indians and given to 'favorites' of Mexicans.

You are young. Your elders have not told you of their conspiracies. Greedy eyes; greedy hearts.

Why are the Hunters/Apish not in same room as others? Why are their
information held in a separate room at laguna? Hmmmm What does your CIDB say?

Anonymous said...

correction...'must have forgotten.; not must have forgot.'

Paul Whitten said...

My Great great Grandmother is listed as Mission Indian and Pechanga on info at Laguna. Dr. Johnson had mission Padrones,BIA documents and depositions from Pechanga elders who knew the history of Temecula/Pechanga indians to help him come to his conclusion. Again he is a Professor, I'm sure he knows what he is doing.

San Luis Rey indians and Luiseno are interchangeable. Futhermore, Pechanga was set aside for Temecula mission indians. Paulina Hunters father is the only indian listed as being born at Pechanga. It's a recorded fact.

Yes, I am young. My grandfather enrolled me at Pechanga when I was 7yrs. old. 1977. Why? Stolen land? I don't think so. I don't have family falsifying documents at the BIA. Do you?

Anonymous said...


'aamokat said...

The tribe had 25 years to dispute the allotments so if some people got land under false pretences, then why didn't the tribe dispute them?

So our anonymous critic is just another expounder of conspiracy theories.

Oh by the way, when I was researching the records at the national archvies in Laguna in 2005and 2006 all of the records were in the same room so I don't know where you get the idea that our family and the Apish descendants had seperate areas for their info.

Our CDIBs say the same thing as other Pechanga members but we, the Hunters, actually have something better than that, we have eye witness testimony from other Pechanga Indians from the historical period verifying that we are Pechanga.

You claim noted Pechanga elder who gave notarized testimony in the Hunters behalf, Antonio Ashman, was San Luis Rey but he even if he was, which I doubt, what about Dolores Tortuga and Jose David Rodriguez who also verified our tribal idenity during Paulina's probate in 1915?

But I suppose you probably don't think they are either.

This person maybe is a Macarro who is stuck in the moratorium with no help from the family in getting in as there was a person related to them who used to post at that almost everyone else besides them are frauds.

But consider it is documented that their elder Juan Macarro himself was not Pechanga but he had been living there when he married a woman named Isabel Tapia in the 1890's, who by the way was related to Paulina Hunter, so that is the only way the Macarros alive today can claim Pechanga tribal membership.

Juan Macarro himself was from Pauma it says so in the marriage record from the San Luis Rey Mission of his wedding to Isabel T.

Anonymous said...

SNOOKER! This site is just as much baloney and the other sites passing off baloney to justify their fraud.

Investigate ALL clans; Macarro included. CIBDs can help to clarify;
reveal deceptions. All clans have descendants who have predators who would f their own mothers for financial gain.

Tapia, Mexican blacksmith from Mexico?

Ashman, Tortuga(Turtle),Jose David
Rodrigues (trujillo/apis?) hmmmm

Throw into the mix; Pico, Apis,Masiel/basquez/, Munio, Munoa,etc.

Masiel/Basquez, Frances Miranda et al are the core prob...throw in Macarro brothers and Picos for good measure.

Pechanga has always been in the grip of predators. Born again victims were the predators of yesterday.

All children of all clans are the real victims here. We owe THEM
every honest effort to clean up this mess.

Census, BIA documents, padrones, etc. all are part of big picture.

This is the computer age; Intelligent people that we are;lol
are now in a position to access information that was difficult to obtain previously.

Like it or is in the interest of all of us to work together.

Masiel/Basquez etal are now posing and infiltrating all aspects of California politics(Bustamante) is closely tied to them.

Many hispanic politicians from Mexican dons and donas are in political positions in California today and Masiel/Basquez clans are intimate with them.

To be continued

Anonymous said...

Does any one know what Frances Miranda's mother's name was? I think her last name was Salazar but not sure what her first name was. Thanks

Anonymous said...

One of my notes said Salazar.
Let me discuss Francisca Garcia; identified as Mexican on the 1910
U.S. Census.

Then I saw her identified as Francisca Leivas on the California Indian Census instead of Francisca Garcia...She identified herself as sister to Maxey Leivas. Francisca Leivas is really Francisca GARCIA;mexican

Levia, Janet appears on Pechanga census image 498 pg 16

According to notes, which may or not b accurate. she was adopted by Flores/Salazar in 1920.

Fast forward to Richard Miranda.
check stats for him and see who he married. I remember seeing Frances' mother was Salazar(remember, Francisca is really GARCIA;MEXICAN (she wove quite a tangled web.) FISHY FISHY FISHY

There appears to be tampering with documents pertaining to Francisca Garcia, Leivas, Basquez.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION; Frances' birth recorded mother's name as FLORES

Anonymous said...

Couple things Janet Leivas was born in 1923. The 1929 Pechanga census states that Janet was "Adopted by Petronilla Flores Salazar Riverside Co. Court. Baptized Ruth Agnes"; but then she was still always listed with her mother on the census records until at least 1940, which is a little weird.

To comment on the above, if I had to guess Francisca Leivas was probably Francisca Garcia and she probably figured out a way to claim she was Indian so she would get money from the government. It’s not really a far stretch especially if her really mother happened to be named Josephine Garcia. Can you tell who Francisca Garcia’s parents are on the 1910 census?

Frances Miranda's parents were Beatrice Flores Salazar and Richard Miranda (NE). Beatrice Salazar and Petronilla Salazar were sisters; with their parents being Ramon Salazar (NE) and Roberta Flores; and Roberta's mother being Candelaria Nesicat Flores. One thing with Frances that is a bit strange is that her mother and sister Georgina are listed on censuses from 1936 to 1940 but Frances is not listed; I wonder why this is? I thought Frances was born in 1935 but that's the year Georgina was born, which made me think they might be the same person but then on various obituaries they are both listed and as being sisters. Was Frances Miranda adopted?

Anonymous said...

I wondered the same thing about Frances. Do you subscribe to It will enable you to access a wealth of information.
That way we can work together.I have to leave for a few hours. I will continue to focus on this when I return.

Some of the Garcia line have Mexican roots and some have Spanish roots documented in Spain's archives available through

Anonymous said...

I previously had and from that I download censuses for Pechanga from 1850 to 1940. I really like looking at the history of the tribe. I'd really be interested to know who all of the families that are in ancestors were. That way I could build a complete family tree for the entire tribe.

Anonymous said...

RE: Josephine Garcie abt 1800
1910 census says other than direct relationship to household single
John Miranda white 30 married Spain abt 1850

Manuela Miranda white 24 married california abt 1856

Freddie Miranda white 1 abt 1879

1910 census lists other Josephine Garcia abt 1894

Anonymous said...

There is a wonderful picture of maria solida trujillo holding ella.

It's a great resource for researching tribe. Many surprises. only costs 20$ @ mo.
I am going to upgrade and pay 24.

You can join 4 20 and cancel b4 next month.. they renew automatically if u do not cancel.

California Indian Census, Federal Census, much more.

will continue to focus on francisca, frances, and ruth

Anonymous said...

RE: 1900 Census

Father: Epitosio 1851


lope daughter 1882

Audras? son 1886

Teresa daughter 1888

Sara daughter 1891

FRANCISCA daughter may 1897


Amalima California

Whole family listed as Mexican but
someone tried to cover shows through.

Anonymous said...

in response to various comments about tracing lineage of all the tribal members and moratorium families, I say yea and lets all work together to prevent anymore disenrollments and to close the moratorium.

If we were to all work together on what we know, we could be quite powerful with knowledge and proof so when the current government is overthrown, we have a more positive leader to follow.

While we are at it, we should hire Mr. Lee to represent us all the way to the federal government. Class Action Suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Levias and Janet

Found most brazen tampering on 1930 pechanga census....Someone crossed out a typed MARY; f for female and handwrote in MAXIE m for male.

Computer is dying...have to order new battery..may take few days.

Slow going on Beatrice-Frances connection. Beatrice was social butterfly :) A wedding photo of her family appears on Ancestry.

Frances appears just as mythical as Janet. still looking.

Anonymous said...

Janet Leivas doesn't really appear mythically. She was born 12/16/1923 and appears on the 1924 Pechanga census dated 1/1/1924. It's her mother Francisca Leivas which has the strange connection. For example the 1920 Pechanga census has her as the daughter of Edwardo Garcia. Then the 1913-1918 Pechanga census had her mother as Josepha Leivas who's listed as a widow and the census has Edwardo Garcia listed as a widower. Then in 1910-1911 Edwardo is listed as being married to Dolores Garcia, but from 1903-1909 Dolores Garcia is listed as his sister/widow. Then in 1902-1903 Josepha is listed as being married to Vicente Leivas with their daughter being Francisca Leivas.

Anonymous said...

I found Ruth Flores! I am using old;slow computer while I wait 4 new adapter to arrive in few days. will post as soon as I can retrieve it.

'aamokat said...

My copies of the censuses are on my old computer but as I remember, Francisca was not listed with Vicente and Josepha until years after 1902 and 1903.

That her name is on the census but not listed with them until later.

If she was really Josepha's daughter, then why wasn't she listed with her in 1898, the year of her birth or at least 1899?

One thing is clear though, Josepha was married to one Felipe Cascara in the 1890s and although there are conflicting census data for other tribal members as well, it seems that the Garcia/Leyvas/Masiel-Basquez connection has a lot more questions than others do.

Add that to the reported conflicting 1928 applications and several applications for a per capita payment in the 1950's for Francisca, when records were better kept, begs the question, who are these people and how did they get so much power in the tribe?

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many Pechanga specific censuses you've found on I found 1888, 1890, 1893-1903, 1905-1911, 1913-1920, 1922-1934, 1936-1937 & 1940. Let me know, thanks.

'aamokat said...

I wasn't aware there were any before 1890 but really, the only one's that most important are the ones from the 1800's, not the 1900's as that is when the reservation was created.

I have some of the same ones you have but you have more of the later ones and I can't get those at the moment as my subscription lasped.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for 1888 I have a Pechanga, Rincon and Pauma. I also have some none Pechanga specific ones from 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880, for Temecula and San Luis Rey. Those ones are far less helpful though because they are mostly non-Indians.

'aamokat said...

I thought the 1888 census was for San Luis Rey as that is, as I remember, what was on file at Laguna in the national archives.

Maybe I should renew my supscription again.

Anonymous said...

The one I have for Pechanga I titled Mission Indians at Pechango Tribe, San Louis Rey.

I wish they had more info on there like the stuff that Dr. Johnson has.

Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree that the Masiels ARE a Crime Family and they stink like one rotted fish.

They have brought blackheartedness and grief to the reservation

Anonymous said...

what years from the san luis rey mission are missing??

Anonymous said...

What were yolie and raymond Jr going to do with their video of the protest? Shouldn’t they be more concern of their paper work they are of the Leivas line? Then there was edd burbee with his camera taken pitchers. What allotment is he on is he an original allotee. vincent showed up one day taken care of an elder if you call locking her up in a room taken care of and had her sign her allotment over to him. Nobody knows where he came from. Back in the day vincent and edd used to go to the archives a lot perhaps looking for names to be taken for there benefit.

'aamokat said...

I didn't see Raymond Jr and Yolie out there taking a video or Ed the Potato Head either.

Makes one wonder why they even care about our protest as, didn't they win already?

They must be worried about something.

I got a kick out of a heckler yelling foul language at one of our protesters getting pulled over by the cops!

Anonymous said...

Raymond JR and Yolie, They should be worried, They know that they have absolutely no and I mean NO Indian blood in them and there day will come and Mark Macarro will not be there to support or hide there lies….I remember Ray Jr. use to say that he was 100 proof Luiseno Indian, and every one on the Rez would laugh at him, They would call him susngalum and would say “what does he think he is, a bottle of Booze”. Him and the entire Leivas family is a running joke with in Indian country.

'aamokat said...

susngalum? I know $u$ngalum means women, more than one woman.

Where they calling him a woman.

If not, what does susngalum mean?

Anonymous said...

Raymond Jr says he is 100 percent Luiseno? Well even if his ancestor Francisca is Luiseno, her husband Arturo Basquez is clearly listed as being Mexican. So for him to be 100 percent Luiseno is impossible. Why does Raymond Jr deny his own grandfather?