Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bill John Baker elected Principal Chief of Cherokee Nation; Chad Smith OUSTED

In a close election Bill John Baker sent Hall of Shame member Chad Smith packing. May he do what's right by the Cherokee Freedmen. Congratulations to the Nation,for ridding itself of an individual that has done so much harm to so many.
More than 15,000 votes were cast, and the margin between the men had been fewer than 30 since late Saturday.

The Cherokee Nation is Oklahoma's largest American Indian tribe and one of the nation's biggest, with a membership approaching 300,000 people. The Tahlequah-based tribe has a 14-county jurisdiction in eastern Oklahoma.
Baker, a Tahlequah businessman, will take the oath of office on Aug. 14.
The campaign between Baker and Smith was often contentious. The two men combined to spend nearly a half-million dollars as they sought the chief's job.
During the campaign, Smith emphasized the tribe's economic success during his tenure. He touted the creation of more than 5,000 "stable jobs" by the tribe during the past decade and said that most of those jobs had gone to Cherokees, something Baker disputed.

Baker criticized Smith for using a tribal airplane for travel and called for the tribe to spend more of its gaming revenues on health care. Baker said the tribe shouldn't settle for being good when it could be better


'aamokat said...

Let's hope that the powers that be there who want to keep the status quo don't find a way to take away his victory. After all if it is that close, maybe they could find a way to manipulate the final vote to go their way.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Yip! Just like that , they pull another rabbit outta their azzes, again!

This is happening in alot of tribal elections thrughout Indian Country. Always finding the other vote or votes, that fall outta thin air, phantom votes...Acorn votes!

Why wasn't it a big surprise this would happen...geez, it's the trend!

Prentendians finding ways to take another victory away from, the original tribal atmospheric Native borned Indians.

Ietan lurking & creeping & prowling for the swear-ins to continue their quest on creating/orchestrating fictional indians for non-Indian tribes!
Fictional Indian casinos, fictional Indian chiefs, phoney granddas and grandmas.
Skip three generations oh look we all have white full blood indians utilizing our Indian reservations governmental-day-in & day-out livihoods, controlling our every move.
When will this stop?!? Stop these fake Indians in our tribal organization/club/outfit/company/business
Fakie - fakie = two fakie!

Anonymous said...

what happened to Jorome Levine? thought he was "adopted" :(