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Friday, July 2, 2010

Rep. Boren of OK to Meet With Pechanga Disenrolled Seeking his Help

The word from an Oklahoma contingent of Pechanga Tribal Members who were terminated from the tribe, is that they will meet with Rep. Dan Boren on Saturday, July 3.

They will be discussing the injustice against terminated Native Americans and those in the moratorium. There are Hunter family who have been in the moratorium since day one.

Hunter family members will be seeking his assistance in gaining a hearing on the enformcement of the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1967. The hearing has been requested by Rep. Mike Thompsen of CA to Rep. Nick Rahall who is committee chairman.

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, currently headed by the less than honorable Mark Macarro have elections upcoming.


Anonymous said...

Meeting with your representative is a good thing. Get them involved, make them aware.

Anonymous said...

Of course that little weasals gonna win the elections,everyone in the tribe is afraid of him.Theirs all mexicans with a crimal recored, the others are to stupid to figure things out on their own.moratorium and disenrolled will never get in, they figure stupid reasons to keep us out.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention 84 absentee ballads that have NO signature's and no one knows who these "tribal members" are. They get per cap checks, or at least they have them deposited into their accounts. Are they real people or are they going straight into Mark and Jenny's fictitious account. Some how their lineal descent has never come up. Only true members are questioned...
Pechanga members wake up! Your being robbed by your own government!

Anonymous said...

OP I love your site! And yes I Agree they only question Real Pechangans. Get a clue people!!! I heard who was running for council, let me say they aren't the brightiest crayons in the box.