Monday, July 12, 2010

The Moral Question on Pechanga Terminations: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


Pechanga (meaning the tribal council and disenrollment committee) has CHEATED its members, by disenrolling them from the tribe. They have wronged over 500 people, when you include spouses and children who cannot claim membership from their ancestors who started the reservation.

Since 1995, almost 15 years, they have been paying per capita to each member of Pechanga. Here is the breakdown as they give for loan authorizations for the first years:
1995: $1,075 1996: $3,360 1997: $20,204 1998: $39,853

Now, bear in mind that by 1998, this is MORE money than many of the tribe has made in a year, EVER. You'd think that people would be HAPPY to be making an extra $3,000 a month.
1999: $44,071 2000: $47,744 2001: 63,800 2002: $91,000

Well now, in 8 short years, tribal members are making $7,500 per month, got health care approved and guess what? CPP started getting JEALOUS of what San Manuel was making (significantly more, due to smaller membership) so they started looking at how they could get more money.

Was setting a positive example of tribal unity and good public relations to build business and relationships the way?


Was getting rid of some members so you could control power and get their per capita the way?

Which would you choose? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


Anonymous said...

If I was the NAACP, I'd make sure I got MONEY for supporting their Proposition for expanded gaming and wouldn't care about civil rights violations.

Anonymous said...

When I pondered the various members in government and wondered about there in-action, a new idea just came to me today on a possible avenue of attack we might try.

I had to ask myself just why were people afraid or unwilling to take action in Indian Country on the stripping of our civil rights and the misuse of power. And I concluded that is most likely the result of the history of the United States and there attempt at genocide that may be at the root of there fear to take action. They may be afraid of it appearing that the government is again attacking the Indian People. There for we need to take advantage of this and turn it in our favor.

We should make it clear that there inactivity, and refusal to take action is in itself a attack on the Indian People, that there support of tribes that have done such horrendous things to there own people is a support of Indian genocide. That by refusing to take action is a action in itself. We need to ask them, "why do you support the ripping away of American Citizens civil rights"? We need to make them look BAD because of there inaction. Are they unresponsive because of the huge sums of donations that they have received from corrupt tribes?

Anonymous said...

Was Sophia enrolled?

Anonymous said...

If you mean Sophia Madariaga, no she wasn't enrolled.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites did exactly the same thing.:(

Anonymous said...

I would try to make sure that all the tribal members were included in anything benefitting them. Hey, wait, I DID. I voted against the moratorium and to stop all the disenrollments.

Even when those who had their chance for DECADES to enroll.

Anonymous said...

You chant mantra of corrupt with no CIBD

'aamokat said...

"You chant mantra of corrupt with no CIBD"

How do you know we have no CIBDs?

Last time I checked Hunters do have them.

Besides, the CDIBs were not even part of our disenrollment cases.

Don't you think if the biased slim majority on the enrollment committee and their cronies could have used lack of CDIB's against us wouldn't they have done so?

Anonymous said...

You fool... CDIBs were turned in by the Hunters. Who ever you are getting your information from is LIEING TO YOU . Why do you keep bringing up CDIB's when those that were turned in were completely ignored.

Anonymous said...

There have been people that have spoken up on the disenrollment. one elder was told by mark m that his family could be disenrolled. Then there were three members that went to the B.I.A. on the petion. They were brout befor the tribal counil and told if they push on this matter they will be disenrolled. Then after each family was disenrolled a bonus check was given out. So ther are some that are not for the disenrollment and the rest are given money to forget what has happened.

Anonymous said...

That short little shit will rot in hell,mark my words!

Anonymous said...

Mark"hitler" macarro is who im referring to

Anonymous said...

What happens to John the shorter?
They have stolen 40mil so far from us

Anonymous said...

Why is it only women stick necks out.

Where are the documents that over-turned the Masiel clan takeover?

Any witnesses vouch for threats? documents?

'aamokat said...

I sometimes talk to the step brother of a tribal member and the last time I talked to him he said that his step sister didn't know anything about what happened regarding the disenrollments.

The young man is in his early 20's and his step sister is about in the same age bracket.

On another note I was talking to a U.S. census worker who told me that a Pechanga tribal member recently let go of a house and her attitude was that she could just go out and buy another one.

It wouldn't suprise me if this person is from the one family that have been a thorn in the side of all of us.

But even the next older generation, the parents, the aunts, and the uncles of the twenty somethings don't really, in some instances, know what happened.

He seemed surprised that his step great uncles were some of the people who supported us the Hunters in our fight against our disenrollment.

So it is kind of discouraging to think that something that is a big deal to us isn't something that a lot of tribal members even give a second thought to, out of sight, out of mind I guess.

Anonymous said...

tought on comment:

'aamokat said...

July 15, 2010 12:44 PM

Here you talk about people not knowing or wanting to know the truth. What I have to say about that is this. The truth is at your finger tips go find it… This is where we will all be empowered to do great things that are in the path before us. Truth, I encourage you to look… no, I dare you to see for yourselves.
The facts are crystal clear. Paulina Hunter is certainly a Pechanga Indian without a doubt. Not some words put together to look like it might be true. No, it is documented truth… notarized and certified, truth that can be seen and felt.
The lie is that Tribal autonomy and sovereignty must be preserved or it weakens the Tribe. This is a false truth because it only preserves for the money hungry few that pervert the power of their elected office which does weaken the Tribe.
However, here is where there is no trust. Lies covered by more lies made alright with cash. The cost is the integrity of sovereignty and self determination.
The CPP don't want to be a tribe. They want to be a club of the few.
The need is to keep the majority silent. People who do not want to know the truth or if they choose to learn the truth they face reprisal from the few that pervert the power of the elected offices. Through promise of threat to all who want to bring the truth to light lies the perversion.
The deception is that the tribe is weekend by everyone that does not go along for the ride. This is the only truth that is allowed and will continue to be the glue that binds. For now….
Think of this. I have the control and power. I say to you through action and purpose "you have no rights to take my place in power because you have not the experience to do what is needed. Your trying to take what I have built.” This is a deficit realization to most. There is a word for this belief. FEAR...
FEAR is what keeps the powers that be in positions of influence to continue their perversion of office.

Anonymous said...

WELL SAID..............