Monday, July 19, 2010

Win A Jackpot at Casino Pauma, Get Banned For Life As Undesirable

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. You lose MANY of your rights when you visit a Tribal Casino.

Laura (left) and Jill Waters, sisters-in-law, both in their late 50s, have been barred for life from the Pauma Casino. They are considered undesirables and were accused of money laundering.

All sisters-in-law Jill and Laura Waters of San Marcos wanted to do that night in late May was earn enough credits on their Casino Pauma rewards cards to get two free sets of china.

By the end of the evening, they were banished from the casino for life, accused of being money launderers and denied the $2,000 jackpot they had won.

Here’s what happened, according to the women:

It was getting late, and the women had earned enough points playing slots to receive the dishes. They were thinking about leaving until an announcement came over the loudspeakers at midnight about $1 hot dogs. Laura Waters went to get some franks for the two of them. Her card was in a Super 8 Race slot machine, and Jill Waters took her sister-in-law’s place in front of it.

The women said they visit various Indian casinos, share their cards and split their winnings.

On this night, one yellow car, two cars, then eight cars popped up on the slot machine’s screen. It seemed to take forever for the last wheel to stop spinning: another car. Jackpot. $2,000.

“I’d never seen anyone get all nine symbols,” Jill Waters said.

Laura Waters, 62, had returned by then with the hot dogs. Because it was her card in the machine, she took over the spot that Jill had occupied temporarily.

Eventually, a casino worker came over. Laura Waters gave the employee her driver’s license because jackpots surpassing $1,199 must be declared for tax reasons. Fifteen minutes went by before a security agent approached the women and asked who pushed the winning jackpot button, the sisters-in-law remembered.

Jill Waters, 57, said it was she and explained why they later switched seats.

The security agent began shaking his head and repeating the words “malicious intent” and later “seat switching,” the women recalled.

One thing led to another, and finally the women were led to a hallway in the back part of the casino. They were followed by several security guards.

“They remained behind us like a barrier,” Jill Waters said. “I guess they thought two old ladies were going to bolt and make a run for it.”

Then, the women said, they were taken into a locked room.

“The next thing I see was a bench with built-in handcuffs,” Jill Waters said. “This was not a commissioner’s office. It was an interrogation room.”

A guard was posted at the door while another man began filling out paperwork, asking Jill Waters questions such as whether she had any scars or tattoos and what her maiden name was.

“We were uncomfortable but still trying to laugh about it. We were waiting for someone to come in with common sense and explain what was going on,” Jill Waters said. “But no one ever did.”

Their photographs were taken and copies of their driver’s licenses were made, the sisters-in-law recounted.

Hours had gone by when the women had some papers put in front of them. It was explained that by signing the papers, they were acknowledging that they were banned from the casino and could be arrested if they ever tried to re-enter.

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'aamokat said...

“The next thing I see was a bench with built-in handcuffs,” Jill Waters said. “This was not a commissioner’s office. It was an interrogation room.”

Now that is scary, a bench with built in handcuffs.

What do they do cuff people, work them over, to get confessions out of people?

Folks this just goes to show that when you enter casinos on reservation lands you are leaving the protection of the good old USA and entering the realm of the third world goon squads.

This is very disturbing to me.

What is next, water boarding?

It is not just tribal members and former tribal members whose rights could be violated it sounds like the general public could be taking their lives into their hands by entering Indian casinos.

'aamokat said...

One more thing, it sounds like an honest mistake that the one woman thought that since her card was in the machine, that she was the one who had to claim the prize.

Pauma security, are you proud of yourselves for scaring two harmless older women half to death?

JT said...

Pauma sucks anyways. No one should ever play at that crappy tent. It's not even a casino. It's a crappy tent with machines in it and tweekers. They lay off good employees, and they treat their guests like crap. Hope that tent burns to the ground.

Anonymous said...

When are the next pechanga elections...i know they usually have pdc in june and council in july...if happened what were the results?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why doesnt California wake up??...we have a 3rd world country right in our own State with these tribal Casinos...they skip the State taxes, live off the reservations and pretend they live on them or keep a shell house to avoid taxes and yet they treat the very people that are making them rich like criminals..California needs to take back Gambling from the tribes...or treat the huge per capitas as business earnings and tax the hell out of them...not exempt them from State tax...and Jerry Brown needs to investigate all criminal acts on the reservation and Casinos and check into the banishment of the kicked out members.This is becoming a dictatorship by Macarro not a sovereign government...we have our own Castro right here in California...

Bettie said...

'aamokat, it's not just Indian casinos that have interrogation rooms with handcuffs on the wall or a bench. Those rooms are prevalent in Las Vegas casinos, as well. I know plenty of people who were subjected to this kind of treatment for false crimes (thought to be someone else) or for merely card counting. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

As a California Indian Casino tribes make me sick. Things were different 30 years ago, 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. Now there is only money pride. No more Native Pride.

Anonymous said...

As long as there is no term limits in governments, like in Pechanga, you will have dictatorships and dictators. People are afraid ... yes, it is like Cuba and Castro. Good analogy.

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Julio De Guzman said...

That sure is disturbing. Have they been tried in court? It's not that I don't believe their accounts, but I want to hear the other side and their opinions about the girls' jackpot.

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Anonymous said...

You people are sick.......Seriously???????? malicious intent seat switching.I am glad I visited one time I will never go there again. Indian casinos are now ripping people off. Plus they falsely advertise winners. Hell winners date back to 2007.

Japanese Used Cars said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so upset about this its sick. I was banned from pauma at one time for something bogus. I had to go in front of the commission to get reinstated to be able to come back and gamble there.i went in before i was reinstated and had been caught tresspassing. I had money in my machine which they took and said when i go in front of board to be reinstated i would get it back. However when i went to the meeting they said no they dont dealwith thatthere. That i had to go backk down to casino and ask forit. So i asked the first suit i saw and he laughed and said u dont get that back. Thats a tresspassing fee. Later that day i explained what happened to the bartender and he said the security guards pocket that money wen they kik someone out for tresspassing. What a joke. Anyway dont get me started. So many more true stories i have but too little time... btw it is very hard to finnd an atty to take any case against the indian reservation commision . I have found.

Anonymous said...

Wow everyone has negative negative reply's I bet all who made comments have been banned rite probably for something ridiculous because u all are ridiculous grow up look at the positive also those tribal people u dont care for and are saying the people no longer have Native pride u all are speaking about money and criticism towards them seems to me if this is true u are just as sick as the ones u point fingers to

Anonymous said...

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