Thursday, July 1, 2010

Civil Rights Violating Pechanga Band will Host Pow Wow, Will Hide What they Have Done to Indian People

Pechanga's 15th Annual Pow Wow will be this weekend. They sure won't be discussing the fact that the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians has harmed more Indians than the "White Man" has in the Temecula area.

This tribe is well know for violating the civil rights and basic human rights of their people. Keep your children close, if you attend and support what Pechanga has done. They have at least one child molestor walking around.

It's a good opportunity to NOT spend money at the casino, not support ANY booth that is run by a Pechanga member and to ASK anyone you talk to if they have read this blog.

Simply tell them to read


Anonymous said...

Makes sense for swine to host pow wow on July 4 weekend. Honor theives who continue to cause chaos in Indian Country.

Anonymous said...

Pablo Apis's descendent is doing a good job of putting this on. Why does the tribal hack say that Apis relatives aren't part of the tribe?

Anonymous said...

Why celebrate the occupation of Indian Country? Fourth of July celebrates the occupation of Indian Country.

'aamokat said...

"Pablo Apis's descendent is doing a good job of putting this on. Why does the tribal hack say that Apis relatives aren't part of the tribe?"

It is true, Norman Pico Sr is in charge of the Pow Wow and he is a descendant of Pablo.

It was the descendants of Pablo's granddaughter Manueal Miranda who were disenrolled not all of his descendants.

The fact that they were Pablo's descendants had nothing to do with the case against them and, as stated many times before here on this blog, there are many of his descedants still in the tribe including the Picos, Lukers, Barrientos, Mcgees, and others.

The enrollment committee claimed that M. Miranda cut her ties to the tribe and wasn't living at Pechanga during the period when the reservation was created.

However the blood relatives of M. Miranda the descendants of Canderalria Nesecat Flores who was M. Mirandas half sister also were not living there in the late 1800's but they were cleared from disenrollment.

So why was one part of their family cleared while another part of their family disenrolled.

By the way, the reason why M. Miranda moved away to live with an older relative was because her mother died when she was a five year old child so the tribe disenrolled her family over a century after the fact for something that was out of her control, very cruel.

The relative she moved in with was none other than C.N. Flores.

The descendants of M. Miranda were still recognized as part of the Band by non CPP tribal members over the years as they continued to have close contact with the tribe and they shouldn't have been disenrolled.

A side not about the Pow Wow, it seems the people who have perpetrated the injustices at Pechanga over the years didn't seem to have much to do with it as people like Mark Macarro never seemed to have much of a presence there.

I used to go every year but I don't remember seeing him there very much at all.

Anonymous said...

Are their any non-members living on the reservation? If so who are they?

Red said...

The Pico Family is not even from Pechanga they are all from San Luis Rey that is where they originated.They just squated on land out in Pechanga a long time ago and now they think that's where they are from.They act like they are full blood Pechanga WRONG WRONG WRONG look it up I have the proof they are not.Old old papers they can not hide the papers from anyone who already has them. When will all these fakes and posers ever leave.Never I guess because it's just one fraud after another no matter where you look.Corrupt Pechanga Posers your day will come the truth shall prevail you bunch of liars and thieves of real blood people.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts right, from what I have read NO ONE is from Pechanga, they ALL just squated on the land a long time ago when they were kicked out of the origional Temecula Indian Village (Unless you count the Hunter family who has the ONLY family member listed as being born at Pechanga in the origional mission records).

Pechanga was a place, not an Indian Tribe, they were origionally Temecula Indians under the jurisdiction and control of the San Luis Rey Mission (i.e. ALL Indians under there jurisdiction were refered as San Luis Rey Mission Indians (even those from Temecula).

Anonymous said...

I shure get tired of hearing about hunters being the original indians, so why are they disenrolled?

'aamokat said...

We the Hunters were unlawfully disenrolled in 2006 because biased enrollment commitee members decided before the fact to disenroll us regardless of what we turned in and despite the fact that disenrollment didn't even exist as a part of tribal law after the July 2005 vote of the tribal General Membership to outlaw the practice.

They had a slight one vote majority on both the committee and the tribal council.

Even so, if the slight majority of the committee, who were close family members of most of the people who submitted and/or signed statements against our membership, had been made to step aside from ruling on our case because of a clear conflict of interest, we wouldn't have been disenrolled.

Article V of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians' constitution and bylaws, sometimes referred to as the Pechanga Band, states the following:


I have said this, it seems, a thousand times but I will continue to say it until we all come home to our tribe, both the disenrolled and the people stuck in the unconstitutional moratorium (I have posted elsewhere why the moratorium should have been ruled unconstitional).

'aamokat said...

In fairness to the moratorium people, I will again state why this bogus law should have been thrown out long ago.

Article VIII of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians', sometimes referred to as the Pechanga Band, constitution and bylaws states under the section regarding meetings of the General membership of the tribe the following:

"The simple majority of members present shall rule and decide in all matters of government and business of the Band, unless stipulated otherwise in these Bylaws.

The following is stipulated in these Bylaws under Article II in the section regarding membership:

The membership enrollment will be opened the first month of each year by the Band's Enrollment Committee.

So tribal members, insist that the tribe follow your own constitution and bylaws and let the moratorium people in already!