Friday, October 30, 2009

San Manuel Tribe Donates $250,000. Pechanga, who stole Hundreds of Millions from Members Watch from the Sidelines

James Ramos, chairman fo the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians, will present a a check for $250,000 to Priscilla's Helping Hands, a community outreach program, Friday in the PHH offices on Date Street in San Bernardino. The Pechanga Tribe of Temecula, led my Mark Macarro, which has stolen over $200 MILLION from rightful members, keep that kind of loot for themselves.

Priscilla's Helping Hands addresses the immediate needs of families for food, clothing and shelter, then works to set out a path to self sufficiency through adult education and social services for families living within San Bernardino and neighboring communities.

It is part of San Manuel's ongoing efforts to recognize smaller, lesser known community based organizations responsible for making a positive impact in the community, Ramos said.

"Our support of Priscilla's Helping Hands reflects our intent to reach out to groups that have their roots in San Bernardino and are often the first place families turn in times of need," Ramos said in a news release.

PHH was established in 1995 as part of the outreach efforts of Ecclesia Christian Fellowship in response to the expressed needs of underserved populations of San Bernardino. The organization provides aid to residents in Highland, Redlands, Colton, Rialto and San Bernardino.

We at Original Pechanga's Blog applaud the San Manuel tribe for their charitable work. We ask readers to tell their friends that Pechanga cheats their own people, so they should support a tribe, like San Manuel that opens their hearts and pocketbooks.


pechanga person said...

Over $1 million dollar each stolen from the Hunters, more fromt the Apis clan and for those in the moratorium....add it up. And that lying bastard Macarro said it 'wasn't about the money'???

atalanta said...

For more information

November 4, 2009, Nationwide Protest to stop Amendments to 1934 IRA!
Stop the broken Carcieri fixes!

Immediately tell your congressman "NO" on HR 3742, HR 3697 and S 1703.
Demand a congressional investigation of the BIA cover-up.

These bills don't protect Native Americans or the Tax Payers of US, they absolve the Secretary of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian affairs from 200 years of corruption and failure to protect and administer the congress’s treaties made with the Native American’s.
• Were you dis-enrolled?
• Was your tribal identity stolen by an imposter tribe?
• Have you been excluded from the entitlements you've been seeing your leaders get?
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Anonymous said...

Thats a drop in the bucket...doesn't each tribal member get about $100,000 a month at San Manuel...just another those annoying TV commercials playing 100 times a day by San Manuel..and didnt they allow the MM to live on the they still??

OPechanga said...

This donation was from the tribal government. Tribal members donate separately. Pechanga members make over $30,000 per month and there are TEN TIMES the members even WITH 25% of the tribe terminated.