Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pechanga Tribe Will Re-Write it's History to Erase Tribal Members

Pechanga of Temecula is looking to rewrite history, eliminating historical band members from their rolls. Paulina Hunter was proven Pechanga by the band's own hired expert, yet her family is terminated and now, the eraser is out.

Pechanga Meeting Notice


cideways said...

The current Tribal Chair and Council wants to eliminate ALL Pechanga history except for the "adopted" people and others that do not have the original documents ie. original allottee, original census.

Anonymous said...

Any tribal members need to go out and vote for their tribe, stand up to the CPP Corrupt Pechanga People!

esthersalinasflorin said...

This is nauseating. It shows the depth and scope of true EVIL that these people are capable of. As if we didn't know it before.

This "vote is on the 18th - so what time does the demonstration start?

I'm thinking a good sign would be,
"Pablo Apis died for your Sins"

'aamokat said...

“The ancestors of all currently enrolled members have historically been recognized by our Enrollment Committee as original Pechanga Temecula people as they process and approve applications for the membership.”

This is a lie as all currently enrolled (2009) Pechanga tribal members have not been historically recognized as original Pechanga Temecula people as seen by these excerpts from a Special Membership meeting that was held in 1986.

Pechanga Indian Reservation

Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians

Special Meeting

April 20, 1986

12:00 NOON

“The meeting was brought to order by Spokesman Gabriel Pico at 12:30.
Council members present were: Marie Russell, Gabriel Pico, Stella Serna, and Dolly Toomey

Spokesman Pico read the topic of this Special Meeting. The topic is: Heirs of Rose Murphy Enrollment appeal. Discussion. Vote needed.

Marie Russell read and reviewed and explained the By-Laws of the Pechanga enrollment.

Marie also explained WHY THE MURPHY FAMILY WAS DENIED ENROLLMENT. Marie explained.”

And although the minutes left out the reasoning behind turning down the Murphys for enrollment, the title page with the minutes of this meeting says, “ADOPTEE-A Person who is adopted by the tribe.”

Unfortunately the tribe did vote to take the Muprhys in by a vote of 40 yes, 14 no, and 1 abstention.

The Truth said...

Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

Butch, you could always speak up and do the right thing. It's not to late. Macarro you can too, you can always do whats right. Let the peace begin, right now with you.

'aamokat said...

I would also like to point out that as recently as 1994 the enrollment committee went to the tribal council for clarification on whether to enroll lineal descendants of Rose Murphy and although she may have have been adopted by the tribe prior to 1928, a tribal constitution requirment, obviously none or her descendants could meet this requirment.

In fact when the tribe was drafting its written enrollment application they sought advice from Indian legal services who said that an adopted member's descendants don't automatically qualify for membership.

Anonymous said...

Crap mark signed that?

is he smoking crack?

conspiracy to hold out or screw real blood!

I guess no letter is a secret around there!

Anonymous said...

What dirty little secrets do they have on each other I wonder that they would lie cheat steal for each other?
Butch and Mark...the truth will come out very soon, don't be fooled.