Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why The Pechanga Tribe of Temecula Deserves YOUR MORAL OUTRAGE

and certainly should not be enriched by your hard earned dollars.

WE will be away from the computer a lot next week and here's a repost of a blog that deserves a re-read

Drive by the casino to another property and keep the thugs of Pechanga from profiting from destroying families. The Tribe has VIOLATED the civil rights and human rights of 25% of it's people, that's equivalent of 8 MILLION Californians in terms of population. UPDATE: It's EASY to avoid the equivilency whey it's only a few HUNDRED people, but that's what it equates to. Too MANY people who rightfully belong have NEVER shared in the prosperity that Pechanga leads you to believe is available to Pechanga People.

Over the course of the past few years, those of us who have been disenrolled, which was told in KNBC's Without a Tribe in Feb. 2007 and in quite a few articles including A Paper Trail of Tears, in Harpers, and numerous stories in local papers including Pechanga's Expert Contradicts Tribe, have been trying to get the story of Pechanga's despicable actions into the mainstream. Many are being kept from their rightful place in the tribe, via unconstitutional actions of the tribal council (Pechanga's Constitution)

Pechanga, whose leader is Mark Macarro, of Colton High School, (NOT BORN in Poverty on the Rez) now on the DNC's platform committee, (which shows the DNC's lack of concern over the civil rights and ICRA violations) has become the place for scoundrels. It's important that the people exercise good judgement and avoid a tribal enterprise that is corrupt. Recently indicted Tribal Chairman Robert Salgado of Soboba is a hero of Macarro.

Please spread the word by sending this blog address to your friends and family:


Your help in increasing traffic will ensure that our voices are heard. It's a small request, one that can be done from the comfort of your desks. We have a new Speaker of the House in California and we hope for more support for civil rights from Karen Bass. At worst, Pechanga will have to spend more money to grease the palm of another politician. We've already forced them to spend $50 MILLION more than the other tribes to ensure their proposition passed. They had NO confidence that their bad acts would not count against them. AND, if we had more voices, that most probably would have been true.

Thank you from the family of Paulina Hunter and Pablo Apis and the Tosobals.


OPechanga said...

People say, "but what about the free hotel rooms Pechanga gave to some tribes when the fire happened?"

Bad people can do good things, but do free hotel rooms make up for the suffering caused to 25% of the tribe? To the elders who helped build the reservation up? To the children who were their future. To say to another member, YOU aren't Indian because I got my mother and aunt to vote you DOWN? Even though my mother was incapable of understanding the law and the papers?

Why should criminal acts and hate be rewarded by the public?

Anonymous said...

Help fire victims my foot. We have lived here at Pechanga for over 60 years. When the fire approached us causing severe smoke inallation, the tribal council called an emergency meeting with all residents but purposly excluding residents that were disenrolled members, to update everyone on evacuation plans and offer seniors free rooms at the Pech hotel. All they offered disenrolled member residents is a cheap paper mask that did nothing and told us to stay in-doors. We were completely excluded from any emergency plans or protection. It's obivious they want us dead!

OPechanga said...

I do believe that many of the CPP,not only do not care if our family on the rez die, but actually HOPE they die.
But, we've had the land since 1895, that was given to the Temecula Indians, of which, we belong.

Creeper said...

Yes our land since 1895, our great great grandparents lived on it handed that land down to us, the real Temecula Indians. Those Non Pechanga's and corrupt Tribal Members who disenrolled our families will never stop us from living on our land. We are here to stay and we will regain our inherited rights and our stolen civil rights. Pechanga's Tribal Leader lied to the Reporter in the Video, he is one of the most evil and corrupt Pechanga members. Sitting on the Democratic National Committee?...he fits right in.

Anonymous said...

Look, there are lots of seniors that would be hurt if people quit going to our casino.

Come to Pechanga, you'll be protected by our tribal rangers..

OPechanga said...

Well Munoaboy, the tribal members didn't give a damn about the 50 Silver Feathers they kicked to the curb, so that YOU could get more in your per capita check. YOUR elder, John Munoa NEVER stood up for what is right. Where was HE, when the splinter group started in this direction?

People should be boycottin Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

Current members are scared punks!!
All they care about is protecting theselves from each other. Greedy pigs, what about your HUNTER brothers that were there for you? Fought for you Garboni's?(who have very questionable lineage, at best--you make a deal with the devil?) Long forgotten, huh? No one to trust. What a great tribe!! Go to He_-! Remember babel? Read the bible!!! We live in peace with clear concience. Enjoy your ...

Anonymous said...

Manoa's ur a punk!!!!!!
What about HUNTER elders who trace lineage back to mid 1800's.
You enjoy ur per diem & keep talking S-it. The HUNTERS were played & even though they acted & followed Pechanga law. Pechanga decided to act in greed & hide like coward behind laws that were put in place to protect Indians from the white man. Instead corrupt tribal leaders did anything & everything to get rid of the HUNTERS. All in the name of GREED!! You may be next Manoa watch what you say PUNK, big brother is watching. Don't choke on your check. Go pray for us ALL!!

Anonymous said...

I certainly don’t think that this is the right approach to take. It would be far better to try to educate individuals like munoaboy, and try to befriend members of the tribe rather than to insult them. I realize that you are frustrated and what has happened to you our group is terrible, but the individuals responsible who are on the enrollment committee will not be around forever and it may take individuals like munoaboy in order to get us in some point in the future.

OPechanga said...

Befriend members? Like the stinking Basquez-Masiel family? They don't want to be friends. They want to divvy up the proceeds from the casino for themselves, be it through disenrolling members, or skimming from employee tips, or not telling the truth in their television ads.
Munoaboy and their family HAD a chance to keep the tribe together and they DID NOT. For what reason would they do so NOW?

Anonymous said...

I am not saying it would happen any time soon, but the way I look at it is there are only two things that will get families enrolled. First, if the US government stepped in either through the courts or congress. Second, changes in membership, as the old members die and the younger members move in. In my opinion that is why it is important to make friends rather than enemies; people like this individual from the Munoa family or individuals from the Vasquez or Garbani families.

Something to remember is that families’ were in fear over the disenrollments. An example is the Apis family went first while the Hunters were still members, and the Hunters and other families, because of the numbers of voting members against them, could not change what happened. The fact is we have to work together and having people that can vote on our side will help. I am not saying to befriend the Basquez-Masiel family because I think it is clear they are not interested in that, but at the time if you could make one friend in their family it might help to change future generation’s opinion.

OPechanga said...

I say if we get them put in jail where they belong, they won't have the votes.
If we keep telling the story of what they have done, they won't have the customers either.

OPechanga said...

Of course, Munoaboy was probably just acting under orders from his family elders.

Anonymous said...

You are right about being friends with someone in the Basquez/Masiels

What good would that do as I was friendly with a member of that family and while this one person is not a bad person and he can't help it who his family is, he was still unwilling or unable to do anything about our disenrollment.

Yes, connecting to other families could be helpful, people from the Vasquez (not Basquez with a "B") and Garbonis as well as the Picos did go to bat for us in our disenrollment case but it still had no effect on the outcome.

But if we keep those friendly ties it might very well help us in the future.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is Garboni's joined the dark side to protect their family & looked the other way when Hunter's necks were on the line. Siding with Tribal leaders power to do as they pleased. Vasquez family ? Who really knows. They never stood up for us in time of need. It is really hard to trust any current members except a few Pico's.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the Garboni lady that is on the enrollment committee voted in favor of our (The Hunters) membership and I know for a fact that another Garboni gave us a notarized deposition in support of our membership as did two members of the Vasquez family (again that is not Basquez with a "B").

So some of the people from those two families went to bat for us.

There were also members of the Ibanez Clan that supported us, not Vince of course, but I wouldn't want his support anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think we all know the discision to disenroll the Apis and Hunter families came down to a vote of only a few people, who are mentioned on this site. The problem is there are too many members of the enrollment committee who are directly related or side with that group; currently I think they hold 5 of the 9 filled positions, so it is difficult to make any changes.

Anonymous said...

Yes the families that were against us have larger families, hence more votes.

The actual decisions to clear the other families under investigation including the Masiel/Basquez's family and Francis Miranda's family were made by only three members of the ten member committee.

Those decisions to clear them and have them reinstated to the enrollment committee were illegal as there wasn't a quorum of at least 51 percent of the committee or six members.

The tribe should have voted more people onto the committee so that there were enough for a quorum before any decisions on disenrollment cases were made.

Consider that during the height of the disenrollment mania two family members of the M. Mirandas were suspended from the committee because their family was under investigation for disenrollment, one family member of the Hunters was suspended from the committee for the same reason, one member of the Garbonis also, two family members of the Basquez/Masiels, as well as Francis Miranda were all off of the committee pending the outcome of the disenrollment cases.

That leaves only three members left of the ten member committee that voted to clear the other families who were not disenrolled allowing those members of the committee to be reinstated to vote out the M. Mirandas and Hunters.

Still, even though technically there was a quorum who made the decisions to kick out the M Mirandas and Hunters, there were only seven members of the committee who voted on their cases.

One would think a decision as important as people's citizenship would warrant a full committee of ten members if not legally, then at least morally.

But regarding this faction that stole the tribe, the CPP, since when has morals had to do with anything?

Anonymous said...

Add on to my last post: of course the whole tribe voted to outlaw disenrollment in 2005 but the Hunters were kicked out in 2006 anyway.

Even though Chairman Mark Macarro said,"all means all," when he was asked if the new law included all of the people in the tribe as of that date in 2005 and the tribe's own attorney said the general membership could vote to outlaw disenrollment if they wanted to.

It was the tribe's understanding that anyone in the tribe as of the date of the vote ending disenrollment would remain in the tribe when the tribe voted for the new law.

After all, the general membership is supposed to be the final authority in the tribal government but the powers that be violated Pechanga law in disenrolling the Hunters in 2006.

Anonymous said...

im from the manoa clan, and have nothing to do with that little jerk manoa boy, or is it manure boy!we manoas are a good people. lift the moratorium!

Anonymous said...

Hey Manoa!! What about the "Original Pechanga People", the Hunters, who were wrongly dissenrolled?

'aamokat said...

Manoa, And what about the Manauela Miranda descendants who were disenrolled in 2004?

Their blood relatives, the descendants of Candarlaria Nesecat Flores (Francis Miranda, etc.), were cleared from disenrollment with virutally the same family history.

So some Mirandas are still in the tribe and have been declared original Pechanga Temecula people by the 2009 vote but the other Mirandas are still kicked to the curb?

This is wrong, especially when the Mirandas still in the tribe can't meet the reasoning behind kicking out their blood relatives either.

So either all of the Mirandas should be in the tribe or all of them should be out of the tribe.

So there won't be true justice until the M. Mirandas are let back in the tribe, the Hunters who have documented testimony from elders from the historical period that they are Pechanga are let back in the tribe, and all of the moratorium people are let in the tribe.

'aamokat said...

Continued from my last post: the reasoning behind kicking out the M. Miranda descendants even though it is undisputed that they are Temecula Indians was that M. Miranda alledgedly cut her ties to the tribe when she moved in with an older relative in another city when she was a seven year old girl because her mother had died.

So because M. Miranda was not living at Pechanga when the reservation was created is why her descendants were kicked out of the tribe in 2004.

So who was the older relative the young seven year old M. Miranda moved in with after the death of her mother?

Reportedly it was none other than C.N. Flores, whose descendants were cleared from disenrollment in 2004 and who also wasn't living at Pechanga when the reservation was created.

So the C.N. Flores are now officially original Pechanga Temeucula people but the M. Miranda descendants are not?

An irony is that during the 1890s C.N. Flores is listed as living at the Soboba reservation in two of those years but she was nowhere to be found on the Pechanga census records during that decade, the first census records after the reservation was created.

Also, the first written enrollment application of 1978 had a supplement sheet that came with it that listed ways a person come prove tribal membership and one of those ways was to show descent from a Temecula Indian so the M. Miranda descendants met the requirments of the first open enrollment.

And during a 1996 General Membership meeting none other than Chairman Mark Macarro said that anyone who was investigated for disenrollment would be judged under the rules they were enrolled under, which in the M. Miranda's case were the 1978 requirments not the more restrictive 1996 requirments.

But the enrollment committee said in 2004 that being of the Temecula Band wasn't good enough for tribal membership.

Well the next time anyone walks into the casino look at the plaque on the floor at the entrances that has the official tribal seal on it.

It says, "Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, Pechanga Resevation, Riverside County, California."

Also tribal members, take a look at your enrollment cards and notice that they say that you are an enrolled member of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians.

So being of the Temecula Band is not good enough? That is utter nonsense!