Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Pechanga Base Roll to Include Adopted Non-Indians, EXCLUDE Real Pechanga people

The CPP of Pechanga is looking to cement their people in the tribe, including the man who once tribe to splinter the tribe, Butch Murphy, who was adopted into the tribe. He is not Pechanga blood, yet, this petition below, will have his family name on the Pechanga Base Roll. It will EXCLUDE the name of Paulina Hunter, who, in SWORN testimony taken in the Luiseno language was proven Pechanga. Pechanga's own hired expert, Dr. John Johnson, proved Paulina Hunter was Pechanga, yet, her descendents, including those who STILL live on the reservation, were terminated.

And people think Wal-Mart is bad?

Pechanga Petition for History


Anonymous said...

I like how it says "protect the integrity of the Pechanga Band", it should say to "protect the Band FROM integrity...".

All power is given to the Dis-Enrollment Committee in this one. This is just another opportunity for the mexicans to ensure their names are listed on something, and another opportunity for the Enrollment Committe to pretend they are confused about the outcome of an approved petition and get rid of more legitimate families, reasoning some issue with a family tree or whatever else that comes to mind during their scheming.

Adoptions are not mentioned here. The mexicans just want to get their names, and their kids, and their kids kids on some base role and have an open ended document allowing them to say that in the future they have permission to have their bloodlines continuously enrolled for generations to come. Since, per current Constitution, that allowance DOES NOT exist.

A real petition should be to correctly enforce the existing Constitution and remove all "currently enrolled members" who say they were "adopted" (uh, Jennie, uh utch, etc...), because they certainly weren't accepted the Indian Way prior to 1928. Remember...ADOPTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

CPP, create a different faction in a different tribe because the real Temecula Band of Pechanga Mission Indians does not exist with you part of it.

The Truth said...

Let them put another nail in their coffin. The enrollment committee has no idea of what a Original Pechanga Member is. JM, BM could not prove ties to a Pechanga person from the 1800's no way. LMAO Try and make a base roll after they back stabbed true Pechanga people, that looks real good.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Most recently before his death, Antonio Ashman in a sworn affidavit said he knew Paulina as a member of the Band. He also swore that Paulina stayed at the home of Michelle and Salvador Quiliq and heard they were related. He also stated Paulina was called Aunt by Martin Berdugo, another recognized member of Pechanga. This is recorded oral recognition that the CPP faction says Paulina Hunter did not have.

The enrollment committee also finds that Paulina was given a land allotment on the Pechanga reservation as a Temecula Indian. This confirms Paulina’s status as a Temecula Indian.

The record of decision regarding the descendants of Paulina Hunter says that because John Miller under the Act of May 18, 1928 (45 Stat. L 602), a direct descendant of Paulina Hunter states that his Grandmother “was allotted as a Pechanga Mission Indian, but his Grandmother and Great Grandparents were of the San Luis Rey Mission Indians.”

This statement somehow outweighs hundreds of other documents the enrollment committee has possession of detailing the Hunters as recognized members of the Pechanga band by tribal elders who were alive at the time the reservation was established.

If this reasoning stands true, then the following people have the same problems as the Hunters and should be held to the same standards.

1928 Application Blood Pechanga Descendant

Salazar, Petronilla ---San Luiseno Frances Miranda

Leyva, Maximinio ----Mission- San Luis Rey
Ruth Masiel
Irene Scearce
Jennie Miranda
Raymond Basquez

Casas, Louisa Ayal----- Full blood San Luiseno

Bobbie LaMere

t'eetilawuncha! said...

According to Dr Johnson's report:Mateo Quasicac, Paulina Hunter's father was born at Pechanga (this was before there was a reservation). In fact he is the only Indian listed in the mission records as being born at Pechanga.

The Truth said...

It seems to me that families or clans of tribes were defined by our ancestors. The make of the families or clans defines a tribe. When people disrespect our ancestors by trying to change the make up of our tribes, under the cloak of sovereignty or disenrolling entire clans under the chatter that they are defining their membership, it is no longer a tribe but a club.

Luiseno said...

Just HOW MANY base rolls are they going to have. Havent they already done a base roll for the tribe (of which we were on) ?

'aamokat said...

T'eetilawuncha, since some of the people who were cleared from disenrollment who also had a member of their extended family put San Luis Rey or San Luiseno on a 1928 application for enrollment as a California Indian and that was the reasoning for disenrolling us (the Hunters) in 2006, it is a clear violation of Article V of the Band's constitution against malice or predjudice of tribal members.

Because either everyone who has that informtion in their family histories should be disenrolled or they (including us) should all qualify for tribal membership.

Luiseno, yes the base roll was from the first 1979 open enrollment and also the petition that was supposed to outlaw disenrollment in 2005 said that everyone as of that date and all of their lineal descendants would qualify as tribal members.

But, if I am not mistaken, doesn't an amendment to the constitution and bylaws, and that is what would be needed to change the membership requirments, require the signature of 2/3 of the number of members who voted in the tribe's last election in order for this general membership vote to be legal?

Because the tribal council claimed in its March 2006 letter to the general membership that the membership requirments (even though we maintain we meet them)could not be changed by the petition process, which only requires 20 signatures.

'aamokat said...

“The ancestors of all currently enrolled members have historically been recognized by our Enrollment Committee as original Pechanga Temecula people as they process and approve applications for the membership.”

This is a lie as all currently enrolled (2009) Pechanga tribal members have not been historically recognized as original Pechanga Temecula people as seen by these excerpts from a Special Membership meeting that was held in 1986.

Pechanga Indian Reservation

Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians

Special Meeting

April 20, 1986

12:00 NOON

“The meeting was brought to order by Spokesman Gabriel Pico at 12:30.
Council members present were: Marie Russell, Gabriel Pico, Stella Serna, and Dolly Toomey

Spokesman Pico read the topic of this Special Meeting. The topic is: Heirs of Rose Murphy Enrollment appeal. Discussion. Vote needed.

Marie Russell read and reviewed and explained the By-Laws of the Pechanga enrollment.

Marie also explained WHY THE MURPHY FAMILY WAS DENIED ENROLLMENT. Marie explained.”

And although the minutes left out the reasoning behind turning down the Murphys for enrollment, the title page with the minutes of this meeting says, “ADOPTEE-A Person who is adopted by the tribe.”

Unfortunately the tribe did vote to take the Muprhys in by a vote of 40 yes, 14 no, and 1 abstention.

'aamokat said...

Yes, the Masiel/Basquez family also has questionable ties to the original people from the 1800s and they were never really cleared from disenrollment in 2004 as only three members of the enrollment committee, less than a quorum of the committee which is six or more, voted to stop their disenrollment.

In addition, the descendants of Candalaria Nesecat Flores (Francis Miranda, etc) were cleared from disenrollment in 2004 when the descendants of C.N. Flores' sister Manuela Miranda were disenrolled in that year with virtually the same family history.

So again, either both family lines are disenrolled or they both should be tribal members.

Anonymous said...

Mark Macarro and the enrollment committee have fraudulently disenrolled hundreds of legitimate tribal members and they now want the remaining members to trust them to prepare a new base roll? The membership needs to send these thieves and phonies and their crooked lawyers to jail where they belong before they completely loot the Casino and the Tribe.

Anonymous said...

Who are the undersigned Pechanga Tribal Members?Does anyone know. This is blank at the bottom of the page who are they?

'aamokat said...

It has been the custom for copies of petitions to leave out the names of the people who signed them.

So this is one of the few times where tribal custom and tradition has actually been followed.

But the tribal council, I am sure, would know who signed them so for example, if tribal members took out a petition to recall the council, then the council would know who signed them and retaliate even though it is legal to recall the council.

Before we were disenrolled we were accused of trying to overthrow the tribal government.

The accusation was that we were going to try to recall the council, which as I said, would have been our right to do so and would not have been an overthrow of the government.

But we never had such plans but the powers that be, apparently, were worried that what they were doing warrented them getting thrown out of office.

Too bad we didn't recall the council as they did and do deserve to lose their positions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know 'aamokat.

Anonymous said...

2 bad the Hunters r in tha dark! Or dont want 2 publish the results of the end of the hunters fraudulent legacy! Now u have no pechanga history!! oooooohhhhhh wellllllll!!!!
Go away now pretenders!!!!!

t'eetilawuncha! said...

To bad really? When a tribal elder gets up and tells you the Hunters were illegaly disenrolled at the tribal meeting today, why didn't you get up and say your peace. You are the pretender, but thanks anyways.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

This could all come to an end, are you ready?

t'eetilawuncha! said...

P.S. Anonymous,

how was your drive home after the meeting? Was there alot of traffic on your way home?

Temecula to the Oxnard area.

Alen L. Lee said...

Good news about the Elder speaking up.

Anonymous said...

The poster with the semi-literate cutesy pie grammar should understand that the Hunters have a connection to the reservation that cannot be extinguished by a handful of people headed for long prison sentences for embezzlement, fraud, bribery extortion, and theft,

Mr or Ms 2 Bad, please get some remedial writing help before attempting to post to this, or any other site.

'aamokat said...

Anonymous said...

"2 bad the Hunters r in tha dark! Or dont want 2 publish the results of the end of the hunters fraudulent legacy! Now u have no pechanga history!! oooooohhhhhh wellllllll!!!!
Go away now pretenders!!!!!"

The key words in this poster's passage is, spelled correctly because I don't want to write like I am a fool, "now you (Hunters) have no Pechanga history."

Does that mean that if the tribe voted that only descendants of currently enrolled (2009) members can be tribal members, that we had a Pechanga history before this fraudulent vote?

I thought that supposedly the enrollment committee proved we had no tribal history when we were disenrolled.

The truth is that it was never proven we have no tribal history and no vote can change the fact that we proved, if the process had been fair and unbiased, that we are indeed true Pechanga people and that has not changed.

'aamokat said...

Another thing, in July 2005 the Pechanga General Membership voted to end disenrollments and that all members who were tribal members as of the jusification date of the petition the previous month would remain tribal members.

So even if this new petition supposedly created a base roll couldn't the CPP still have it up their sleeves to get rid some more families?

I understand that some of the CPP has started to turn on their allies and partners in crime so how does our anonymous critic know he or she is not a potential target?

The Truth said...

This is the point that the Elder was trying to make. How many base rolls does it take to define a tribe? The last base roll that was voted on by the Pechanga General membership included all currently enrolled members as of June 19, 2005. In violation of tribal law, the CPP with help from legal council,and tribal council went against the will of the people and continued an illegal disenrollment of the Hunter Clan with ties to Pechanga from the late 1700's and early 1800's. The Elder used this example to help stop this current petition.

please help said...

All investigations of tribal clans need to come to an end. We are not a band of harmonious people, but we need to learn to get along.

Allen L. Lee said...

Good point 'aamokat,
My first impression of the petition
was that someone else was getting "packaged" for dis-enrollment.
My position is that a member/citizen has a tribal history at that moment that they are recognized by the tribe as a member.

Allen L. Lee said...

Also, a revised or new base roll should bring the tribes recogniton status into question with the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I think that all you disenrolled need to take your fight to Congress. You should demand land be put into trust for yourselves, as yours was stolen with the help of the BIA's inaction. Also, ask that your lease lands be given over to you not to be under the jurisdiction of the Pechanga Tribe. A treaty was broken when the USA allowed Pechanga to disenroll you all. All the money and land that was granted to Pechanga off the backs of your ancestors, and federal funding on your ancestors head-count, need to be taken back by the USA as all lands into trusts for Pechanga were fraudulant due to, as Pechanga claims, establishing a rez based on non-ndns. I have always believed that adoptiosn would be an end-all for all tribes. I, for one, never believed in it and never will. You don't have to adopt people to be nice to them.

'aamokat said...

Anonymous of October 19, 2009, Pechanga never declared us non Indians. Pechanga just claimed we are non Pechanga Indians.

But I think you are right that they fraudulently claimed land by inflating the numbers, if one is to believe their claim that we aren't Pechanga Indians, to gain land and profit from that land.

Ironic that some of the Hunters who were enrolled during open enrollment had enrollment cards and official enrollment papers signed by some of the very same people who years later voted them out of the tribe or who submitted statements that the Hunters have never been historically recognized as being Pechanga Indians.

So they approved our membership when they needed the numbers before the casino and then they cut us out once the casino was going strong.

So, according to leaders like Mark Macarro, it has never been about the money but it is about the integrity of the tribal membership rolls?

The Truth said...

In 1933 a man was appointed Chancellor of a country called Germany. He instituted programs that in the end were responsible for the deaths of 17 million civilians, including over six millions Jews. He did this by consolidating his power by removing all who opposed him. He didn't do this all in one day. He started by doing the same thing that is being allowed to be done now. By removing all who opposed him. When any one individual is allowed to deny someone their human and civil rights today, it is the same as saying that what happened in Nazi Germany was okay. IT WAS NOT OKAY! That kind of heavy-handed fascism occuring today is a travesty that needs to be addressed. Please, do not continue to let this happen. If these people, who have been proved beyond a doubt to be Pechanga/Temecula Natives, are not heeded, then what next? When someone else decides to stand up and say, NO, I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN, Will they be banished too? Where will it end? A tribe of ten? maybe six? maybe one?

'aamokat said...

please help said...

"All investigations of tribal clans need to come to an end. We are not a band of harmonious people, but we need to learn to get along."

That is fine and that is what I supported when all of the disenrollment nonsense started. That everyone who was in the tribe at that time could remain in the tribe and that the investigation of clans be stopped.

However, how are you going to undue the damage that has been done to our families?

It has to be fair to all concerned because the people who were disenrolled from Pechanga were kicked out having the same information in their family histories that other families who were cleared from disenrollment have and other families who were not investigated for disenrollment also have.

For example, the Hunters were disenrolled because a member of the clan put San Luis Rey Tribe on a 1928 application for enrollment as a California Indian.

Never mind that a lot of other clans also had family members who put San Luis Rey on their 1928 applications including the Basquez/Masiels who were cleared from disenrollment.

Also; regarding the disenrollment of the Manuela Mirandas, the enrollment committee claimed that their ancestor was not Pechanga because she was not living at the reservation during the time period of the late 1800s when the reservation was created.

However, the descendants of her sibling, Candalaria Nesecat Flores, were cleared from disenrollment even though their ancestor, a blood relative of M. Miranda, was not living at Pechanga during that period either!

In addition, the M. Miranda and Hunter families had their disenrollment papers signed by six members of the enrollment committee and although that is a legal quorum of the committee, other families like the Basquez/Masiels and the C.N. Flores descendants were cleared by only three members of the committee, less that a legal quorum, so those clans' disenrollment cases are technically still open.

So when the process is fair to everyone, then we can stop the investigations of clans.

Article V of the Band's constitution and bylaws forbids malice or predjudice of tribal members and clearly the disenrolled were victims of malice and or predjudice.

So letting us, the disenrolled, back into the tribe would be a good start to healing the division within the tribe.

'aamokat said...

Do people know the reason Manuela Miranda was not living at the reservation when it was created which is why her descendants were disenrolled?

Well her mother died when she was only seven years old and she had to move in with a relative.

And reportedly that relative was none other than Candalaria Nesecat Flores, who as I said in my last post, was not living at the reservation during the historical period either and whose descendants were cleared from disenrollment.

Can we say malice or predjudice against the Manuela Miranda descendants?!

Anonymous said...

"Pechanga never declared us non Indians. Pechanga just claimed we are non Pechanga Indians." So sorry to disagree but if you are not from a federally recognized tribe, you are considered non-ndn, even if you have other ndn blood in you, might as well be white. You are not eligible for any of the federal programs offered to the ndns, you are not from a sovereign nation, you are just a regular joe blow! You people (disenrollees) are stripped of your Native American heritage, you can remain spiritually intact with your native culture, and still practice the old ways. However, America does not recognize you as a Native American!This is what your Tribe did to you, and if you are ndn, go to congress and fight your battle there. Get a congregation to address the whole panal...What do you have to lose.

Anonymous said...

as usual you never once mentioned jhe people in the moratorium! i hate to think what will happen if your let back in, forget the moratorium people, we"RE BACK IN!

Luiseno said...

"as usual you never once mentioned jhe people in the moratorium!"

When my family was in the Tribe we fought vigorously for those in the moratorium. We had several meetings with the enrollment committee and had to deal with being screamed at, and thrown out of the tribal office. One of the reasons for our family being disenrolled was that we were trying to bring to light the wrong doings of the enrollment committee concerning the moratorium!

I don't know WHO you are listening to, but we have been and are still very concerned about the moratorium.

A Hunter said...

As usual, the moratorium person who whines about nobody mentioning the moratorium never points a finger at himself or themselves.

OP has always invited moratorium people to send stories.

There's a link to the Moratorium People JUST BELOW a link about the Hunter Family.

When will the moratorium people STAND up and make noise for themselves? Bring all your family members HERE and discuss your situation. WHAT CAN YOU ADD?

And does moratorium people only mean Tosabol/Rios or ALL in the moratorium?

'aamokat said...

To moratorium person: yes, on this thread of posts we didn't mention the moratorium but we have spoken out about the moratorium many times on this blog on other threads.

The fact is your bloodline, if you have family members who are tribal members, is still considered legitimate by the tribe.

Whereas our bloodline, at least to the current leadership, is officially at this time not considered legitimate.

So technically you have a better chance of getting in, no matter how slim that chance seems, then we do at getting back in.

Besides, one of our relatives who posts here and who has worked very hard for justice within the tribe was also stuck in the moratorium and was never in the tribe himself.

And other family members of ours were also stuck in the moratorium for many years but these folks now have a double negative chance of getting to be tribal members.

Because even if they do at some point lift the moratorium, they sitll would not be able to get in the tribe if our disenrollment still stands.

In addition, I have stated many times, while I was in the tribe and now I will state again, I will do all that I can to end this awful moratorium.

The promise still stands even if I can't do much to back it up now.

As Luiseno said, we did work against the moratorium so you can believe us or not I suppose.

One last thing moratorium person, during the height of our disnenrollment proceedings I went to some tribal elders with the idea of drafting a petition to end the moratorium. So I would say I personally stuck mine and my family's necks out for you.

Again, you can believe me or not that is your choice, but I have no reason to lie to you, my allie.

One very prominent tribal elder told me that we had to stop the disenrollments from happening before we tackled the moratorium problem as he believed the people bent on getting rid of members would not let up and he was right because now I am on the outside looking in.

'aamokat said...

What A Hunter says is true, there is a prominent link, the fifth link on the left side of this blog homepage, that has a story about Pechanga moratorium people.

But if you read the comments that go with this story, there are very few moratorium people that have bothered to post any comments about their plight.

I would like to see the moratorium people start their own blog and link it to this blog so that we can exchange information and increase the rankings of both blogs.

Which would help in further getting our message out there.

Here is the link to the moratorium story for those who don't bother to look at the left side of this blog.

Allen L. Lee said...

Was going over some info, thought I'd share the federal recognition
rules regarding this statement:
" Pechanga's own hired expert, Dr. John Johnson, proved Paulina Hunter was Pechanga, "

"Sec. 83.7 Mandatory criteria for Federal acknowledgment.
Evidence to be relied upon in determining a group's Indian identity may include one or a combination of the following, as well as other evidence of identification by other than the petitioner itself or its members
...4) Identification as an Indian entity by anthropologists, historians, and/or other scholars"

Luiseno said...

"Was going over some info, thought I'd share the federal recognition. "

The federal government already recognizes us as Pechanga Indians. The problem is that certian members of the tribe refuse to accept it, hence the statement "a tribe makes its own membership, not the federal government". They also acept the fact that we ARE Indians (just not Pechanga). So they needed to correct a long time error (read several hundred years).

'aamokat said...

Pechanga chairman Mark Macarro once said that tribes decide who their members are, not anthropologists.

And while Dr. John Johnson strengthens our claims even without his report we have enough evidence (which he referenced in his report on the Hunters)to show that we are indeed true Pechanga people.

By the way, I still support the moratorium people getting in the tribe and one of the reasons I wish I was still in the tribe is to be able to try to end the moratorium.

I guess we have to say that everytime or our moratorium friend will think we forgot about them.

Allen L. Lee said...

For the most part you are correct, Luiseno,
But what the federal government doesn't do at the point of your dis-enrollment is recognize you as a tribal member. If the tribe doesn't recognize you as a tribal member, the feds don't either. The Federal Recognition process sets the federal criteria for who they will recognize as a tribal member.
The point of that excerpt was for some to consider that perhaps the BIA should continue to recognize the dis-enrolled Pechanga as tribal members, rather than merely Indian or Pechanga Indians, based on Dr. Johnson's research. There are other criteria to determine who is an Indian or a Pechanga Indian that has nothing to do with tribal recognition.

Allen L. Lee said...

By the way, 'aamokat,

I read the "moratorium" article again and it does lay a firm foundation for the family in question, based on Jus sanguinis (by-blood) and Jus soli (by-soil)
relationships and history with the tribe. These are the two most common criteria for citizenship in human groups.

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'aamokat said...

Mr. Lee, the Tosabols not only have ancestors listed on the census records from the late 1800's, their family also have allotments of land on the reservation.

They can also show their family was at the Temecula Indian village before the eviction of the people in the 1870's.

But that still isn't good enough for tribal membership?

But they, unlike us now, still have blood relatives who are current tribal members.

The Pechanga constitution and bylaws says open enrollment is the first month of each year so the moratorium that has kept them and many others out of the tribe for going on thirteen years is obscene.

But the real kicker is they have a stronger claim on tribal membership then some of people who led the charge to keep them out of the tribe and who also led the way in kicking us out.

But once again, if a tribe doesn't even follow their own rules, who can make them do so?

Now to our moratorium friend, I going to let this issue drop about you being critical about us not mentioning the moratorium by saying I and others here have probably written more about the moratorium on this and other sites than almost all of the moratorium people have ever written.

Anonymous said...

So Sabobas chief just got arrested for taking pay-offs ...when is Mark going to get his???

JaSinner said...

Who's next? Maybe Pechanga? Mark? maybe Butch? maybe the entire council?

Anonymous said...

does that mean people in the moratorium with realatives enrolled in the tribe will be enrolled soon?

Luiseno said...

I wish, but when you concider that the Tribe refused to enroll even those who had proven that there enrollement papers were submitted before the moratorium says otherwise (and it is a good guess from which part of the meeting hall came the cheers).

Anonymous said...

i was joking, i know ill never be enrolled, those mexicans will never let any one in. may they keep getting fatter, the good lord will take care of everything

Anonymous said...

dont you think Mark and his boys take way more payoffs than the saboba leaders? much more money floating around at Pechanga...lets just hope they all get caught...and why doesnt the IRS check into the giy that was stealing the tips from the employees?..has anyone turned him into the IRS?>...even the tribe couldnt keep him out of trouble with that!!

Anonymous said...

To most grand juries corrupt Indian leaders are like peanuts. You can't stop after indicting just one!

'aamokat said...

I wonder if the cry will go out that the Feds can't, because of sovereignty, do anything to these tribal leaders no matter what federal laws they may have broken?

After all, they cry sovereignty for everything else.

Does anyone think Mark M and company are goint to stand with their buddy Salgado?

Or are they going to leave him twisting in the wind as they may have done something as bad or worse then he alledgedly did.

If there are more indictments coming for some of the leaders of neighboring tribes like Pechanga, then I wonder if the paper shredders are now working overtime?

White Buffalo said...

They sold their souls, so it is "Under the Buss" for him. Could be he did pissed someone off should have paid instead of play. Mark is smart uses wife and others to grease the palms of the man.

White Buffalo said...

Mr. Lee I apologize for my lack of respect toward you and your posts. Your views are what you believe and I had no right to neither misinterpret them nor state that you inferred superiority. I was having a very bad day that day and I used you and your post to for better words vent. I really mean you no harm nor do I have friends who are still in the tribe nor do I know anyone currently affiliated with those terrible/ criminal people, and last if you could see what I look like you would understand why I chose to use "White Buffalo" as a nickname. Again, I apologies to you, to the moderator, and the gentle readers of this site.

Allen L. Lee said...

Thank You
I've learned that one must be a gracious receiver of a gift as well as a generous giver. Apology accepted.

creeper said...

White Buffalo,
we all have our bad days
to acknowlege that is a good thing, I have days like that and I know how you feel.
Mr.Allen Lee,
pls. don't ever stop giving us
your opinions, I like reading your posts.
I am also a direct descendant and one of the persons caught up in the Pechanga moratorium and I will never give up my rightful place in that tribe, I will fight for it as long as it takes.

'aamokat said...

I would also like to point out that Creeper, like me, is a member of the Hunter Clan but unlike me he has been stuck in the moratorium for many years and he now faces a "double wammy" of now being a member of a disenrolled clan.

I made a promise to him and other of our relatives who were stuck in the moratorium that I would do what I could to end the moratorium.

I know there appears there is not much I can do about it at the moment because I now have been kicked to the curb but a promise is a promise "Lieutenant Dan" and maybe sometime, sooner than later I hope, I can be a "shrimp boat captain" again.

Allen L. Lee said...

I don't resent prosperity for others, I usually cheer them on, but if the Casino windfalls had been or were used more for nationbuilding rather than per-caps, I doubt the moratorium would have ever been nessecary. A moratorium would be understandable if the tribe was facing a resource crisis, but at 30k per-person, per- month, that is a hard argument for the tribe to make.
The most valuable resource for any nation is it's human resource. There appears to be a wealth of Pechanga human resource, (traditional knowledge, etc.) in the dis-enrolled and moratorium population that the tribe should incorporate if it is truly going to rebuild the nation.

Anonymous said...

yep its all about the money, some of these so called indians think they will live fore ever! they need to spend some of that unearned money on a treadmill

flowergirl said...

Hi there

I am new and what a crock of crap these so called Pechanga Indians. I have to say that I am ashamed to be part of this tribe. I have on numerous occassions spoke to the cultural and enrollment departments to only get the runaround and flat out ignored. I thought the indians were honorable. I am sad for everyone facing their deplorable actions and attitudes and would love to find a way to get them to wake up and realize that they are behaving as the whites did 100 years ago. Its shameful.

Anonymous said...

They don't call them pigs for nothing. OINK!!!!

'aamokat said...

Mr. Lee, the moratorium was only supposed to last for one year so that the enrollment committee could catch up on the applications that were coming in, at least that is what we were told.

But twelve years is absurd and to say it was to catch up after that first year is a lie.

The tribe has disenrolled hundreds of tribal members in the last five, going on six years, and the tribe claimed they were correcting errors in the rolls.

But this year when appications were found that had been submitted before the deadline for the moratorium the tribe voted not to process those applications.

So they will kick people out supposedly because they were correcting the rolls but they won't let people in even though it also would be correcting the rolls?

The common theme is keeping people out of the tribe.

So how believable is it when tribal officials say it isn't about the money?