Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MASIEL CRIME FAMILY AT IT AGAIN!! $300,000 a year violent offender.

Benjamin Masiel , Masiel Crime family member, out on PAROLE, was arrested AGAIN by the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. YOU WILL NOT find that he is a PECHANGA MEMBER making well over $300,000 per year in the Press Enterprise.

Hemet man was arrested after he ran from a car during a traffic stop and authorities discovered he had threatened the driver, according to a news release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Joshua Farley (apparently ALSO a Masiel Crime Family member) from Hemet was booked on suspicion of criminal threats, possession of a controlled substance, violation of probation and obstructing an officer in the performance of his/her duties, the news release said. He also had an outstanding felony arrest warrant for domestic violence and was taken to the Southwest Detention Center.

According to the news release, officers attempted to make a traffic stop on Pechanga Road and Pechanga Parkway and the passenger immediately exited the vehicle and ran from the deputies. The driver of the vehicle told deputies that the fleeing suspect threatened to shoot him if he stopped for the police, the news release said. A short foot pursuit followed which entered the north perimeter of the Pechanga Reservation, where deputies initially lost sight of the suspect in a heavily wooded area. A perimeter was set around the area where the suspect was last seen.

With the assistance of the Pechanga Tribal Rangers, Sheriff’s Department helicopter, police dogs from Hemet and Murrieta, Farley was located a short distance into the reservation.

During the course of this investigation a second incident took place, the news release said.

While assisting the Sheriff’s Department in securing a perimeter around the initial fleeing suspect, Tribal Rangers observed another vehicle driving erratically towards the southern perimeter. Tribal Rangers attempted stop this vehicle and it fled from them, driving off-road towards the location where the initial foot pursuit took place while the suspect was still hiding from deputies.

The second vehicle was not able to traverse the open field and subsequently stopped. Sheriff’s deputies and Tribal Rangers eventually arrested Benjamin Maciel, the driver of the car. He was booked into the Southwest Detention Center on suspicion of a violation of parole, and obstructing an officer in the performance of his/her duties. Joshua Farley and Benjamin Maciel are related to each other.

See FULL STORY HERE and MORE on the Masiel CRIME family HERE


White Buffalo said...

I read about this the other day, I thought he might be related. The Press Enterprise is a good ensample of what money can buy. It is shameful that self-serving interests of profits cause the truth to not be the truth. I have said it before Pechanga is their bread and butter. I am thinking of canceling my subscription and going with the Desert Sun.

Anonymous said...

At least the tribal rangers didn't side with tribal members and say that they are there to only protect tribal members like they did when a Hunter family member was assaulted as she was taking her children home after they were kicked out of the tribal school after they were disenrolled.

So it is nice to see the rangers on the right side of things in helping arrest the Masiel crime family members.

But at least these thugs will know that they can't run to the Rez everytime they commit a crime.

OPechanga said...

The tribal council was going to banish some folks for loose dogs, but won't banish a violent offender who endangers the WHOLE community?

OPechanga said...

Lets see... wife beater gets busted, then carjacker gets busted...did the attempted murderer get justice yet?

cideways said...

This was not a quick pursuit, it lasted about four hours. Tribal rangers did vehicle searches for everyone entering the Reservation, shouldn't they have searched the vehicles going out? Also if you didn't consent to the vehicle search you were not permitted to return to your home on the Reservation. They also talked about mandatory home searches on the Reservation. Obviously no one has rights on the Reservation. This would never fly in any other gated community, but on Pechanga anything goes.

Anonymous said...

What hold does Jenny (Masiel) Miranda and family have on the tribe?

Her son steals from the employees and reportedly is reinstated to his job at the casino.

Her nephews commit crimes left and right and nothing happens to them (at least within the tribe).

Another nephew, a convicted sex offender profiled on Megan's law, continues to work for the tribal rangers even though he couldn't get a job, with his record, in security or law enforcement anywhere else.

Their family is cleared from disenrollment in 2004 with less than a legal quorum of the enrollment committee despite the fact that they have questionable ties with the Temecula Indians from the 1800s.

And their family members, who showed clear bias against the now disenrolled families, were allowed to be the deciding votes on the enrollment committee in kicking those famlies out of the tribe.

What gives with them?

Anonymous said...

Not to get off the subject of wrong doing but,Does anyone know the out come of the meeting the tribe had a couple of weeks ago what's the verdict did the new rules go through or not? Are they going to have a updated roll?What happened there?

Anonymous said...

The truth is known about the corruption, influence of the Masiel family, unlawful moritorium, theft, bribery, extortion, and abuse of civil right. Soon the law of the land will prevail. Of this we are certain. Aho!

t'eetilawuncha! said...

The justice system works on it's own time. Patience is one thing we all have. Aho!

Anonymous said...

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