Thursday, April 10, 2014

Termination of Pala's Executive Assistant Leads to Incriminations Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto Accused

WOW!  A letter regarding an employee termination leads to some nasty exposing of Pala Chairman Robert Smith and #2 Theresa Nieto.  

Read the full story at: PALA WATCH  which has a LOT of evidence that disenrollment was corrupt.

  • Forcing assistant to use personal phone for tribal business
  • Tiny raises after doing two jobs.  Smith a cheapskate
  • Termination while out on Medical Leave for Breast Cancer
READ the link above for more.    Yes, I agree, Robert Smith is despicable....


Anonymous said...

When are the Pala tribal members going to do something to end Robert Smith's criminal regime? They gave him $20 million dollars that was supposed to be used to buy the Warner Hot Springs Resort and he kept the money after the deal fell through. Now the tribe is on the hook for the Pala Raceway that they didn't vote to open, but were tricked into voting to close. The Laundromat is in his name, the closed Subway will become a deli that is in his name, and the Mini-Mart by the casino is in his name, all paid for by the tribe, and converted to his own personal assets.

Better check out the $100 million dollars Robert Smith used to invest in online gaming. The tribe is on the hook for this money too, but Robert Smith will profit from it somehow, just like the Class 2 slot machines the tribe invested in. He stole the $10 million invested in the San Pablo Lytton Casino, or maybe they are paying it back with interest to Robert Smith. He gets to use the Pala Jets for any trip he wants, or lets family and friend use them at the expense of the tribe. He sells off the used tribal vehicles and keeps the money. He rigged the drawing at the Casino and won the motorcycle. The tribe pays the EC's personal legal fees. He cuts tribal members' per-capita, but gives the Pala EC pay raises and bonuses. The Pala EC gets to use the Casino Hotel for free, and they get $4000 a month to play with.

Just to clue everyone in, there has been a minimum of $100 million stolen from the tribe every year since the Casino opened. Do the math. Robert Smith has stolen over a billion dollars from the tribe so far. He has mansions, property, businesses, offshore accounts, and more all stolen from the people of Pala. Pala members would get double the per-capita if they had an honest chairman.

Instead they have a crook that keeps flaunting his power, and depending on the cowardice of the Pala tribe to stay in power. All Pala members should be on the alert. My guess is that there will be a lawsuit over the closing of the Pala Raceway, and Robert Smith will propose a settlement. You can bet that any settlement he negotiates will include a hefty share for him. After all, he loves to steal money from the tribe and the setup is made to order. Pala members don't have a clue about legal issues, and will trust the biggest liar in Indian Country. The tribe will end up paying twice for a raceway they never approved, and Robert Smith will laugh all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Raceway closing is a good thing,because that Ryan dude has proof that Robert Smith is corrupt, and will most likely make it public when he finds out that Smith turned his back on him.
Also, why hasn't the Tribal Members asked why Dennis Turner gets a kick back from certain areas of the Pala Band. I think Turner is from Rincon. But i have heard that Smith, Turner & Ed Arviso (RIP)were all partners in the Raceway Project. Just like Pam
Arviso owns the postal annex, and even drives a new vehicle that was purchased with Tribal funds.
(Dealer Verified)Pala Band of Mission Indians check. And that sporty Cadillac that Smiths Daug.
drives,it was leased to the Pala
Band also.(Dealer Verified).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.
Shit oh I mean Smith has crossed the line with a federal offense that will bring him down.

O Pechanga said...

Can the Feds get involved if Smith and Nieto violated the FAMILY Medical Leave Act? FEDERAL LAW?

Anonymous said...

@ 7:53 AM
I did a little research on your question, and yes they can be charged. Because its a Federal Law
and not a State Law.
And im sure that it is being looked at as i type this.
It looks like they will be brought to Justice by their own stupidity. KARMA, KARMA.

Anonymous said...

It is a federal law dealing with labor practices, which is legally/theoretically not binding in Indian Country. A couple of cases have addressed unions at casinos, but nothing along the lines of violating a federal law...should be interesting. Remember the US Constitution and federal law do not govern Indian Country, individual tribal law and tribal constitutions hold precedence in Indian Country always will unless Congress terminates this power.

Anonymous said...

I believe that when the compact was signed they agreed to the federal labor laws.

Anonymous said...

It probably is a federal offense that should be prosecuted, but it is relatively minor compared to the rash of allegations that have been presented. He will get a good lawyer, and get off with a fine and a slap on the hand if he is prosecuted. This will not stop his demolition of the Pala Band. He must be removed from office along with his partner in crime Teresa Nieto. Only then can the people find out the truth about the criminal regime of Robert Smith.

I hope the people of Pala recognize that these allegations that are coming forth are not just sour grapes from people upset with the way they have been treated. Pam Arviso can pay for her own vehicle as can Robert Smith's daughter. Why should the tribe provide vehicles for these people?

Conversion of assets is easy to prove. Just look and see whose name is own the ownership. If Pala paid for it and Robert Smith is listed as owner then he converted it to himself. Simple as that. Then he claims sovereignty if there are any legal problems.

This game has been going on a long time. The Tribe invests 15% of its revenue in outside interests in order to diversify the revenue streams. Yet the tribe never derives any income from the outside investments. The reason why is because Robert Smith names himself as the owner or the party to be paid. This is not pocket change either. 15% of the revenue as it is currently reported is somewhere around $60 million a year. All gone. Kiss it good bye.

Greed and stupidity make a bad couple. Pala people better get smart fast.

Anonymous said...

"15% of the revenue as it is currently reported is somewhere around $60 million a year. All gone. Kiss it good bye."

Just think if all of the Tribes revenue in outside interests are bad investments, and only return 10% of the original investments (90% loss of investment). Then he is raking in a cool 6 million dollars a year. That is IF it is true that the tribe never derives any income from the outside investments.

Anonymous said...

Just take a look at the (full of shit)financial report that he and nieto handed out at the last meeting. If you try to ask a question about the air travel that was 1.2 million dollars, he would say, the people passed it, when they passed the budget,thanks to his halfbrother,Andrew and his retarted sister in law, Lizzy Scott. She was so high at that meeting, she kept twisting her lips side to side. I thought that she was trying to give herself a hickie.

Anonymous said...

1.2 million were did he go and how often.

Anonymous said...

@5:35 PM
I really don't know wrere he went but that is a big amount for Private Jet Service. But thats the amount that they claimed in the phony financial report handed out at the last meeting.
Actually it was $1,657,027.90. And to top that off,how about 1,202,105.62 for legal services.

Anonymous said...

They don't break down the report they just give totals wow.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that they "Break Down" is the blood lines.

Anonymous said...

Why do t the Feds get this liar for tax evasion? know they are looking into him....the Feds don't care if he is evasion is what got the old leader at Saboba.

Anonymous said...

The deal for online gaming in New Jersey should also be investigated for fraud. Tribal Chairman Robert Smith obtained a loan under false pretense because the General Council was not notified that the tribe was committing itself to a loan, nor were they informed of the nature of the business, who the partners would be, and how the tribe was to participate in revenue generation from both gaming and licensing the software.

The truth is that it was never the intention of Robert Smith to ask for permission to participate in this venture. He did so without authorization of the tribe and risked $100 million dollars. He also assigned himself to be the receiver of any revenue generated. That is both fraud and conversion.

bookworm said...

Hello, I am not a tribal member. What I am is a racer and for the last few years I have LOVED coming to beautiful Pala to enjoy the wide open spaces, the fun drive from I15 to the reservation and of course the "World Class" Motocross race track that was allowed to be built on your reservation. Did you know that your Racetrack was very famous in our Racing community? Did you know that people from all over the world want to race or even just ride the perfect dirt that Pala has? Yes, it is perfect for what we want; no rocks, lush deep loamy dirt and a huge safe layout. Do you know your location is in the absolute center of the motorcycle racing world here in Southern California? There are thousands and thousands of motocross bikes here in So Cal. Can't the Pala Tribe use these attributes as tools for huge income that could possibly dwarf the Casino revenue? You are a reservation, you can make your own rules and regulations for riding motorcycles off-road. Lets say you charge a yearly $75.00 fee (Pala License) for every off-road vehicle that uses the Pala Racing Facilities. Why can Barona have an operating racetrack for 40 years and not have problems? I really miss taking the children to the racetrack, I miss coming to Pala itself. You have a special place there, one that could be "The" place to race in the whole wide world. Why don't you turn your land into a "Motorsports Mecca" instead of using it to cater to gamblers (yawn) which every reservation does. You are limited by your own imagination here, you have a wonderfully unique opportunity to be different from all the others. Lets turn Pala into the "Las Vegas" of racing. And the people will come with pockets full of $$$...

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