Monday, April 22, 2013

LEGALIZE GAMING IN CALIFORNIA! Tribes have HAD their chance, let the people of CA thrive.

It is PASSED time for California to get into gaming for the STATE.  Many tribal casinos have cheated their own people, which we talk about at Original Pechanga's Blog  .  

Tribes promised that they would help their people and what happened?

Chukchansi has ELIMINATED 75% of their tribe, defaulted on their bonds, expelled their original language speaker.
Pechanga, in two mass disenrollments, has eliminated 25% of their tribe, currently have an apartheid system on their reservation and their former tribal chair stole Class II gaming machines.  

The Redding Rancheria terminated their FIRST TRIBAL chairman, you know..the man who brought INDIAN HEALTH to N. California, but NOT before forcing him to dig up his grandmother for DNA testing that came back 99.6% positive.  They disenrolled 25% of the tribe...his whole family.    THIS is what gaming has wrought.

Remember the expanded gaming propositions?  The ones that were supposed to help balance our budget?  The one that let tribes COOK errr, manage their own books?   How's that helping us?

Reservation shopping is NOT the answer.

It's TIME for CA to legalize gaming, well regulated and take it's FULL SHARE of gaming money in CA.   Tribes have had their head start, and it will take TWO more years to ramp up....Let's GET GOING.

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