Monday, April 30, 2012

Details Coming In On Pechanga's Special Meeting: Hello Internal Revenue Service

Looks like Pechanga's former chairwoman, Jennie Miranda and her tip-stealing son Larry Miranda were in front of the General Council at Pechanga yesterday.

The number that was reported stolen from the tribe is in EXCESS of $50 million.    What is the tax rate on that?    The I.R.S. should be interested.   Just the withholding is $10 million.    And is stolen money taxable by the Franchise Tax Board?    No wonder CA is doing so terribly, if we don't get our criminals paying their FAIR SHARE.

The COMMENTS are OPEN:   What do you think is the proper punishment for stealing from the tribe?

Why is this kept out of the mainstream press?    Was the former chairperson simply being SELF-RELIANT?     When did her tribal council member brother KNOW?
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