Wednesday, June 29, 2011

San Manuel Tribe Donates $200,000 to ARC of Montana for Relief Efforts to Assist American Indian Communities

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians announced today that it has made a $200,000 charitable contribution to the American Red Cross of Montana for its ongoing relief efforts to assist American Indian communities, which have been directly affected by late spring flooding along the Little Bighorn and Missouri Rivers. Initially damage affecting the Crow Indian Reservation grew to include more than one Indian tribe and reservation, including the Fort Belknap Indian Community, and Rocky Boy and Fort Peck Indian Reservations.

In response the American Red Cross of Montana was called into action to provide emergency relief through shelter operations, mass care, and feeding. They remain ready to assist all who need help in the coming weeks. San Manuel’s contribution is intended to support recovery and clean up efforts which continue to be hampered by a limited availability of funds and potential for more flooding as winter snows melt. In the near term, funds will be used to secure on-going shelter and the necessities of daily living

Nicely Done, San Manuel

In other news, the theft of per capita and health care, from tribal members, by the Pechanga Tribe is nearing the $400,000,000 mark.  What a difference between the tribes, eh?
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