Monday, June 27, 2011

Pechanga Tribe Hilariously Gives Recorded Oral History as Evidence in Quarry Battle

The Pechanga Tribal representatives are trying to convince county supervisors that the land that Granite Corp is looking to mine in the Liberty Quarry is sacred, they used, recorded oral history?    All of a sudden, they believe in recorded oral history.   In their own disenrollment actions, they IGNORED, sworn testimony taken in the Luiseno language that Paulina Hunter was a Original Pechanga Person.    They ignored the oral history of Antonio Ashman, our vaunted elder of the tribe.

They ignored written documentation of their own hired historian, and NOW, they want us to believe they give a rat's ass about a mountain?    Remember, the council came to the tribe wanting to BUY the QUARRY to expand our business into....wait for it......GRANITE MINING!

Noting that there are maps, field notes and recorded oral histories that back up the importance of the land to the Pechanga, Petty asked, "Are we that linear that we have to go find something on the site?" The crowd, which included numerous tribe members, applauded him vigorously.

Tribal officials are scheduled to meet Thursday with county officials in Riverside to continue discussing this issue.

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