Friday, June 24, 2011

Cherokee Elections: Smith outgains Bill John Baker

In the race for Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, it looks like the strongarm tactics Smith took in the healthcare industry paid off....

Incumbent Chad Smith has raised approximately $72,000 more than his challenger, Tribal Councilor Bill John Baker, in this year’s campaign for the principal chief seat, with most of his funds stemming from donors listed as executives.

After analyzing campaign financial disclosure reports, the Cherokee Phoenix categorized donors into the categories of legal/lawyer, health/medical, small business owners, educators, executives, administrators, retired and “other.”

Overall, Smith’s donations totaled $244,649.86, with $147,134.14 coming from executives and $29,525.26 (ANY WONDER?) from health/medical. Contributions from “others” totaled $27,195.49, while administrators donated $16,361 to his re-election bid. Legal/lawyer donations totaled $12,433.97, while $11,335 came from retirees and $665 from educators.

Baker’s donations total $172,314.75, with most coming from small business owners at $57,018.61. Retirees have given the challenger $36,561.85, while “others” have given $34,889.18. Legal/lawyer donations total $32,013.51, and health/medical donations total $8,850. Educators have given $2,787.70, with executives giving $193.90. Also, Baker loaned his campaign $115,018.

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