Friday, May 28, 2010

Tribal Casino Takes Back Car Won in Drawing: On a Technicality

Sounds like they need a new PR person. Announcing a winner, then taking away the prize? Over THIS?

Linda Marasti nearly fainted when she heard her name announced as the winner of a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu in a casino drawing.

"My legs were weak. I was pale," she said.

But Marasti's euphoria quickly turned to bitter disappointment Sunday evening when she was told by managers at the Chicken Ranch casino that she would not get the car after all because she could not produce an original Social Security card.

Ironically, Marasti, 65, had always carried the card with her until she lost her wallet last month. When a new card was issued May 4, it came with the following warning from the Social Security Administration in capital letters: DO NOT CARRY THIS CARD WITH YOU.

"The woman at the Social Security office told me not to carry it in my wallet. She said to make a copy of it and carry that with you instead," Marasti recalled.

Marasti presented her driver's license and a photocopy of her Social Security card when she went up to claim the car, but after a brief discussion, she was told she was being disqualified because of the photocopy


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