Friday, May 14, 2010

Letter To Editor on Picayune-Chukchansi Civil Rights Violations and Disenrollment

Here is a letter to the Fresno Bee on an article we posted a couple of weeks back.

Letter to Editor of Fresno Bee:

Regarding the Bee's recent front page story of Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indian's latest business venture.

I find myself wondering once again when the paper genocide of our Chukchansi People and so many other Indian People throughout California will cease? Tribes such as Picayune continue to blatantly violate the tribal, civil and
human rights of hundreds of their own People through disenrollment and moratorium
without consequence.

Tribal council member Alberta states "a healthy economy will allow money to be pumped back into tribal programs". This same promise was made to 1600 Chukchansi People prior to the establishment of Chukchansi Gold. Since that time, over 600 tribal
members including elders and future generations, language keepers and
babies have had their very birthright stolen from them by a PRCI
government who swore to protect the People and their rights.

Chukchansi ancestors have been disrespected and history rewritten--a once proud Chukchansi Nation replaced instead by a greedy corporation whose members have chosen to forget the Indian way of respect and caring for one's People. Programs? Ask currently enrolled tribal People about housing, education or health insurance
for all...then ask of talk of future audits and disenrollments.

PRCI tribal what the Creator planned for our People. Bring the
People--ALL thePeople--home to Picayune!

While this letter was unpublished, writing newspaper editors is critical to getting the word out. The Fresno Bee as well as the Riverside Press Enterprise depend heavily on the advertising revenue of local gaming tribes. Anyone wonder why some news and letters don't get printed?
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