Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 25th, Cherokee Freedmen Meeting

The Freedmen Band of Cherokee nation of Oklahoma will meet Saturday July 25, 2009 at the West Side Community Center, 501 S Bucy, Bartlesville Oklahoma at 12 noon. The meeting is free and open to the general public. We ask that meeting attendants bring a covered dish to share with other meeting attendants.

Why is this important to black Cherokee freedmen people?

Come hear about how join the fight to protect your legal treaty rights from being demolished by Cherokee freedmen leaders. Learn the latest about ongoing actions in Congress to protect the freedmen peoples rights, the Vann and Nash lawsuits, tribal services, tribal voting, etc.

Who should come?

Any registered Cherokee freedmen, unregistered Cherokee freedmen, or any member of the general public who is interested in hearing more about the racial discrimination suffered by the black Cherokee freedmen people cased by actions of the Cherokee nation leadership. The meeting is open to people of any race, creed,

Protect YOUR treaty rights to tribal membership, as well as associated services and economic rights. Join the Fight against Racism. Dont let your history be rewritten.
For more information contact:

Marilyn Vann 405-818-5360 or 405-227-9810 email:
Vicki Baker 918-798-0771
Ruth Nash 918- 333-9683
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