Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How the Picayune (Chukchansi) Indian Terminations Came About

21st Century genocide of Chukchansi Indians

From For All Nations, a regular contributor at www.pechanga.info and the forum there. Come take a look.

Sad to say, most of the tribes violating the tribal, civil, and human rights of their people through moratorium and/or disenrollment ARE violating their tribal constitutions... for instance, at picayune there is no clause for--or mention of--disenrollment at all in the constitution...and even though the tribe was required to hold quarterly meetings of the membership according to the constitution, the tribal council just quit holding these meetings at all...this allowed a very small and vocal (read threatening and intimidating) group of tribal members who attended the monthy tribal council meetings, in this case the distributees and their descendants designated in the tilley-hardwick decision--to control every decision that was made.

these people demanded those they decried as "illegal aliens" be disenrolled...and they were.... following the disenrollments, the "new" enrollment committee at picayune then illegally enrolled at least 70 people early this year--even though these people were supposedly in moratorium, and were without approval of the tribal council (which is also required by the constitution)--and these 70 people remain illegally enrolled today while over 600 legally enrolled, BIA record verified as chukchansi, (previous) tribal council approved tribal citizens remain disenrolled....

It seems that any tribe desiring to violate their members simply twists their tribal constitution interpretation against them when it is convenient, and then ignores or blatantly violates that same tribal constitution whenever that suits their purposes as well... and each change within the tribal council at election time brings the possibility of a different interpretation of the constitution, interpretations which tribes are increasingly utilizing in an ex post facto manner in order to steal the very birthright of their own people...their own blood... not to mention that virtually all of the tribal constitutions were written by cils (california indian legal services), and have absolutely nothing to do with the customs and traditions of the tribe itself...just another tool of genocide which the tribal governments themselves are too blinded by greed to realize that they are actually uilizing in truly destroying their own culture and history...
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