Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Leaders have FAILED to LEAD. Pelosi Failed to get the Democrat Party in Line

Much like Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's failure to lead and direct the tribal to follow the Pechanga Constitution and Bylaws in the termination of 25% of the Pechanga tribe, Nancy Pelosi has failed to lead the Democrats in voting for today's bailout bill.

Fully 40% of the Democrats were not on board with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats had enough votes to pass this alone, yet the Republicans spotted them 65 votes and she STILL couldn't get it together. First, she tried to ace out the Republican House members, and then started blaming them after her failure. FIVE of the Democratic Committee leaders DID NOT vote for the bill.

We need ALL our leadership to work together to bail the system they let get away with (or more likely were directed to) bad loans. While we got here on different ships, we are ALL in the same boat NOW. Loan money wild dry up. The markets are losing their value and we need to get the ship righted.

Email your congressperson and tell them to DO THEIR JOBS.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking maybe Obama's not so good at this multi-tasking thing.

Anonymous said...

If the bill was not good enough to vote on, Pelosi should have done a better job getting her people to come up with a bill that is needed.

How much did your retirement funds lose yesterday?

It's about main street and we are ALL investors now.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Harry Reid help to TANK Insurance stocks today?

He's a buffoon.