Friday, September 5, 2008

Denver Police Statement on Death of Pechanga's Gabriel Pico: 3 vs 1

A newly-elected California tribal leader fell and lost consciousness during a fight with three Denver strip club security guards and died two days later, police said Thursday.

Gabriel Pico, 41, of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, had attended the Democratic National Convention as a guest days before the 1:45 a.m. Saturday confrontation outside the Diamond Cabaret at 1222 Glenarm Place. He was taken by ambulance to Denver Health Medical Center where he died two days later.

An initial police report characterized the clash as felony aggravated assault and described the unnamed security guards as "suspects" who used "bodily force" against Pico.

"The investigation revealed that the victim and the . . . suspects were involved in a physical altercation," the police report said. "During the altercation the victim fell on the ground and lost consciousness."



Creeper said...

Goes to show you how reporters get things wrong "newly elected tribal leader"? There must have been other pechanga tribal's with him, why do we not hear the truth from them? The story does not add up. I DO WANT TO EXPRESS MY CONDOLENCES TO THE PICO FAMILY. RIP

Unknown said...

Actually there was only one female with him at the time. I got there to pick someone up after the majority of it happened and only in time to see him hit the ground, but he was with a single female and that was it.

From what I heard it started as an argument over who was waiting on a cab first. Then it escalated and unfortunately, he ended up on the ground. The saddest part of it all is the cops arrived and not one person checked his vitals as he lay on the ground without any movement for over fifteen minutes.

My condolences to his family and tribe.

Anonymous said...

The police are covering up something. The altercation was not between three bouncers of the club but three customers leaving the club. The three bouncers were trying to save him from the three guys trying to kick him while hes was on the ground. Not one of the police checked him for over ten minutes. They just walked over him trying to get statements of what happened. Sonny Jackson is a moron and didn't read one of the statements befor giving his statement to the press.

Creeper said...

Like i said, conflicting stories do not add up. Can the Denver cops tell us what really happened or do we have to wait 50 years to know the truth?

Anonymous said...

My apologies to the night club staff if I am wrong about them being negligent in their duties.

It is beginning to sound like a police cover up for them being negligent in their duties for not coming to his assistance.

Was anyone actually arrested?

Anonymous said...

What the heck was a "tribal leader" doing at a strip club in the first place? What a great role model!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pico was on his way back to his hotel room after a night out with his girlfriend, Just so happened it was in front of a strip club that he did not go into.