Saturday, November 6, 2021

Nooksack Tribe of Washington Serve 80 Year Old Elders EVICTION NOTICES.

For the second weekend in a row, this Nooksack goon (who was recently fired by Lummi for police misconduct) is arriving at the Nooksack 306's doorsteps to terrorize them with eviction notices that could much more easily be delivered by certified mail. It's NOT going to be a good Thanksgiving holiday.

Nooksack officer
Jeremy Hoyle

Here are the Elders who got a visit from this goon tonight. Olive Oshiro, age 85. Cisco Rabang, age 80. Mike Rabang, age 79. Norma Aldredge, age 74.  Here are several of them gathered not long ago (Mike in the middle, Cisco at right, Ollie seated).

Remember when Nooksack attacked the children?  I do
We've continuously reported on their progress, their trials and tribulation and the abuses by those in power.

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