Thursday, August 1, 2019

What is the CHUKCHANSI WORD for CHUTZPAH? Bear Spray using Tribe To Hold Seminar on Violence

We may never know if they keep disenrolling their language speakers before they walk on.   The Chukchansi tribe, which used bear spray and burning logs on their elders, will hold a  seminar on "VIOLENCE is NOT OUR CULTURE"!    My friend Cathy Cory says:    Tribal disenrollment is the worst kind of domestic violence and lateral violence against one's own kin. The furthering of generational trauma to self-decimate one's people beneath the guise of self-determination and the abuse of sovereignty to the detriment of all our native community

From 2014
  • Lewis' group is even accused of going as far as hiring armed security guards to intimidate the other group.
  • Lewis said his officers do carry stun guns.
  • Madera County Sheriff's Spokeswoman Erica Stuart says a woman threw a rock at a fire engine, as the engine and deputies were responding to an initial call of shots fired.
Sounds cultural, right?  But these people draw the limit at wife beating? 

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